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My Shower Speakers

Zanya Outdoor Speakers Review

Zanya Outdoor Speakers Review

Transform your outdoor activities to another kind of experience. One of the most popular portable devices today is the shower speaker. It can be used for any outdoor activity to listen to music and even receive calls. There are many models of it in stores today but not all of them promise ultimate performance and superior durability.

If you are buying a new shower speaker, there are some important features to examine. These include the portability, sound quality, durability and battery life. The shower speaker should be light and small enough so you can conveniently bring it anywhere without compromising the sound quality.

To help you with looking for a high quality shower speaker, here is a comprehensive product review of one of the best sellers today. Introducing, the Zanya Outdoor Speaker. It has a military design that is as tough as it looks.

What more can you ask for from this speaker? Here are some of its features and advantages. Also listed below are also its drawbacks.


The Zanya Outdoor Speaker is very portable; its dimensions are 13.3 x 6.9 x 4.6 inches and its weight is 9.17 ounces.

It will provide you quality sound anywhere you go and make your place more fun and happier. You can take it anywhere – pools, beaches, parks, camping, mountain biking, showers and more.

It can withstand dust and water with its IP66 that protects against dust and water spray from any side.

If you spend the night camping, the Zanya Outdoor Speaker can play music nonstop. The battery can last up to 10 hours at 70% volume. It can also support up to 21 hours of talking time.

It has a very low power consumption equipped with advanced CSR8635 Bluetooth 4.0 technology. The range can be as far as 33 feet distance. Its Bluetooth can be easily paired with any mobile device.

The Zanya Outdoor Speaker has a built in microphone with superior sound quality. This built in mic has a TPU cover to protect it from dust and water.

Paired with the mic is the CSR chipset and two audio drivers which support clear and crisp audio quality and super bass stereo. It is a perfect audio device for hand free talking with friends and family.

It is a complete package. The Zanya Outdoor Speaker comes with waterproof speaker, audio cable, micro USB charging cable, iPad mini triple sealed waterproof bag, carabineer and user manual.

The Zanya Outdoor Speaker is an ultimate outdoor speaker that can be immersed in the water all day so you can have fun, worry free.


  • Waterproof, dustproof and shockproof with its IP66- protection against dust and water
  • Safe for outdoor use including pool, camping, climbing, hiking, biking, showering and more
  • Comes in complete package that you need including the battery charger, waterproof bag, user manual and more
  • Very portable
  • Has built in mic with good sound quality
  • Its Bluetooth 4.0 technology can be easily paired with different mobile gadgets such as Macbooks, tablets, iPhone, PC laptops, and more
  • The battery can last up to 21 hours
  • Can support up to 21 hours talking time
  • The Bluetooth works up to 33 feet range distance
  • Superior sound quality
  • Comes in complete package


  • Sound a little quiet


This Zanya Outdoor Speaker is a great companion for every outdoor activity. It has a rugged build that withstands shock, water and dust. You won’t worry if it ever gets drowned in water or carried along dusty, rocky roads.

It is equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 technology that has a range of up to 33 feet. It is paired with different devices such as iPhones, Macbooks, tablets, android phones and more. Other devices can be connected to it too using a cable.

The Zanya Outdoor Speaker has low power consumption. Its battery can last up to 21 hours of continuous playtime and 21 hours of talking time. Though it has a good sound quality plus a built in mic with good sound quality, some users who reviewed the product complain about its not so loud sound.

The best feature of the Zanya Outdoor Speaker is its ultra-portability. It is very small and light so it can be conveniently carried along. It can even be hung on belts, bicycles, or bags with the carabineer that comes with the package.

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