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Wi-Fi Shower Speakers

Wi-Fi Shower Speakers

A wireless, waterproof speaker is good news for all music lovers. It is a special kind of speaker that can be used inside the bathroom, in the pools, parks and other outdoor places. It has a rugged construction that withstands water ingress and bumps.

A wireless speaker works by receiving audio signals that utilize radio frequency waves instead of audio cables. The most popular radio frequencies used in wireless speakers are wireless and Bluetooth.

Hence, companies have come up with two popular wireless speakers: the Wi-Fi shower speaker and the Bluetooth shower speaker.

What are Wi-Fi shower speakers?

Wi-Fi shower speakers work via Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11 connectivity. They have more superiority than Bluetooth shower speakers. They deliver the best features and most advantages. These include access from different multiple sources such as NAS storage devices and media servers.

Wi-Fi shower speakers transmit better quality sounds and audio transmission compared to Bluetooth shower speakers. They do not come with any mobile interventions while you listen to music. Also, Wi-Fi shower speakers have longer connectivity which ranges up to 200 feet.

But among these features and disadvantages, Wi-Fi shower speakers are not ideal for outdoor use and are only perfect for home use. They are only limited to a specific local area network. They are more expensive too, compared with other kinds of shower speakers.

Are Bluetooth shower speakers better than Wi-Fi shower speaker?

Generally, Bluetooth shower speakers are preferred by most people. They are easy to use and provide high quality, undistorted sounds. They stream music straight in the shower. They have become more popular when they reached the market, and today, Bluetooth speakers are the best sellers in the market.

Even though Bluetooth shower speakers have a limited range of up to 50 feet, they can connect to modern devices such as iPhones and computers.

They easily pair to these devices without any technical configurations. Plus, they can be used anywhere including outdoor or indoors, compared to Wi-Fi shower speakers which are limited to a local area network.

Bluetooth shower speakers are more affordable compared to Wi-Fi shower speakers.

There is no right or wrong answer to the abovementioned question. The personal choice of the user depends on how and why he wants to listen to music. It depends on the activity and preferences, and also the budget.

Here are some questions to ask yourself when deciding between Wi-Fi shower speakers and Bluetooth shower speakers:

  • Do I love outdoors or do I prefer to stay at home?
  • Which shower speaker will make pairing more devices more convenient for me?
  • Do I have a limited budget?

It is easy to identify which of the Bluetooth shower speakers or Wi-Fi shower speakers are best for you.

How to evaluate shower speakers

To evaluate which shower speaker is best for you, certain criteria should be looked into. These criteria are the following:

  • Sound quality

Sound quality should always be the first thing to consider. You do not want to listen to a distorted sound because it will kill the good mood. A shower speaker should produce good quality sound even at a high volume.

  • Portability

A shower speaker should be light and small enough to carry anywhere you go. However, it should not compromise other features such as sound quality.

  • Range

This is a subjective preference. Shower speakers have different ranges depending on which kind – Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Some people prefer to have a longer range while others are okay with a shorter range because it comes with more features and advantages.

  • Cost

Generally, Wi-Fi shower speakers are more expensive than Bluetooth shower speakers. Identify your budget and other preferences and decide which suits you best.

  • Durability

Shower speakers are built differently from others. They are also made of different materials. It is important to identify how a shower speaker is made of and which material it is made of.

A shower speaker should be able to withstand accidental bumps. It should also resist water. Shower speakers intended for outdoor use should have a rugged design to withstand outdoor activities.

Manufacturers are coming up with a wide variety of shower speakers. Each of them has unique features and advantages which make one model better than the others. Research each product wisely to come up with the best shower speaker.

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