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Why Listening to Music While Showering Is Good for You

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Listening to music is a completely pleasurable activity that relaxes our body and transmits enormous pleasure to our brain.

One of the best moments to devote to listening to music, whatever the style of your liking, is during the shower, since at that moment we are completely dedicated to pampering our body.

In previous articles I mentioned the different devices that make it possible to listen to music in the bathroom, so this article will be exclusively focused on the benefits that listening to music brings to the body and to the mind.

Benefits of Listening to Music While Showering

Listening to music while showering brings enormous benefits to the body and to the mind, let’s see:

  • Releases stress after a busy day, whether it is work or meeting the multiple obligations of the home.
  • By combining water with music, both become a source of positive energy that invades the body and spirit.
  • Listening to music and humming or singing strengthens the immune system as the brain begins to generate endorphins that are the hormones of happiness.
  • Listening to music in the shower allows you to put your mind to the wind, move away from the problems that may afflict you and enjoy your sound while the water falls on your body.
  • Listening to music during the shower helps to relax and puts you in a better mood.
  • Jodi Picoult said: “Music is the language of memory“. And this is true because music can help you learn and remember better all the information. This will depend on how much you like music, and how much you enjoy it.
  • Listening to certain types of music such as classical or sounds of nature, produces a feeling of well-being that activates the segregation of nitric oxide in the body and this begins to act in the body as an anticoagulant, in addition to reducing cholesterol harmful to health .
  • If you are a woman and you are pregnant, the shower is extremely important and enriching for the baby, although it does not appear that listening to music while pregnant contributes to the baby’s cognitive development.
  • It has been scientifically proven that listening to music stimulates the neural connections located in the brain’s abstract reasoning center, which makes people smarter.
  • The moment of the shower is the occasion where you are completely alone with your inner self, being able to devote time to consent the mind and the body.

What Types of Music to Listen to

Music thoroughly enjoyed produces many positive effects on the body as mentioned in the previous title, however, what type of music is it convenient to listen to while showering and what effect does this have on the body?

Below I list some styles of music and their influence on emotions:

  • Classical Music: It is the ideal rhythm when it is required to develop ideas, create, invent, that is to say think, because it allows to re-establish neural connections and helps concentration by optimizing learning processes.
  • Pop: Along with techno music, it stimulates the body, encouraging joy and distancing the media and fears.
  • Jazz and blues: Helps in obtaining tranquility and facilitates reflection, which allows to free concerns and worries.
  • Hip hop and electronic music: If you like to perform previous exercises before showering, these are the recommended rhythms, since they stimulate the brain so they are considered appropriate for the practice of physical exercise.
  • Salsa: Helps in the release of stress, producing physical, emotional and mental benefits by encouraging the production of dopamine and adrenaline.
  • Reggae: Recommended as hip hop and electronic music for the realization of exercises.
  • Metal: This style of music is very particular because initially it generates an explosion of different stimuli and sensations (euphoria, happiness, anxiety, etc.) and once it is turned off it becomes reflection and nostalgia.

As you can see, even the style of music you hear during the shower is important and brings some benefit to your body and mind, take advantage of it, that is your moment, dedicate quality time to yourself.

A good shower with its respective dose of music before going to bed helps you to get a good night’s sleep, mainly due to the relaxing properties that the combination of water and music has for those of the flow of energies, the recommended music for that moment must be soft and relaxing regardless of the style you prefer, there are romantic type sauces, ballads, etc.

What Is the Best Time to Listen to Music While Showering

In this regard there are several positions. Some think that the best time is early in the morning, others that it’s at night. Let’s see the benefits of each.

  • In the night: In the night you do not have time limitations, the duration will be indicated by your body, you can enjoy without time pressures of your favorite music and when you leave you will be completely relaxed, rested and ready for a good night’s sleep.
  • Morning: Although it has a time limitation due to the time of entry into employment or having to take the children to school, it has the benefit of activating it and preparing it for a new day.

Did you know that singing in the shower was also very good for your health? Check the Top 9 benefits of singing in the shower.

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