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Waterproof Shower Speakers with Bluetooth

Waterproof Shower Speaker with Bluetooth

A waterproof shower speaker with Bluetooth is becoming popular nowadays. If your hobby is to sing in the shower, well, this device is the best for you. It works even if it becomes wet. It does not have any cables or wires and can pair up to most mobile devices.

Compared to Wi-Fi shower speakers, Bluetooth shower speakers are cheaper and preferred by most people. Depending on the type, waterproof shower speakers with Bluetooth can produce good sound quality with superior bass and stereo sound.

Waterproof shower speakers with Bluetooth have a shorter transmission distance of up to 50 feet. They can pair with different devices such as iPhones, tablets and android phones. They can be used for listening to music or as a loudspeaker for phone calls and video calls.

The best thing about Bluetooth shower speakers is their ability to be conveniently brought anywhere. They are compact in size and lightweight. Wi-Fi shower speakers are for specific local area network use only but Bluetooth shower speakers are more flexible when it comes to changing locations.

Shower speakers top choices

Here are some of the top choices for waterproof shower speakers with Bluetooth:

Zanya Outdoor Speaker

One of the smallest and lightest Bluetooth shower speakers today is the Zanya Outdoor Speaker. It provides good sound quality that last up to 10 hours of playtime and 21 hours talking time. It is built with a mic which is protected against dust and water by its TPU cover.

It has Bluetooth 4.0 technology that pairs up easily with different gadgets such as iPhones, macbooks, PC laptops, tablets, android phones, and other Bluetooth devices. For older gadgets, Zanya Outdoor Speaker can connect them via cable.

It comes with useful components such as a user manual, micro USB charging cable, audio cable and carabineer, among others which come in the package. Users can enjoy crisp, clear sounds.

ShackJoy Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

ShackJoy Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker is a great waterproof shower speaker that offers premium sound, bass and power. It provides a clear and loud sound even though it is just five watts, and is as light as 9.5 oz. It can play music up to 12 hours at high volume and be recharged as fast as three hours.

Shackjoy Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker is equipped with Bluetooth 4.1 connectivity that pairs up with all devices. It can also serve as a loudspeaker phone for phone calls and video calls. This advanced Bluetooth connectivity is super easy and universal.

SoundX Bluetooth Shower Speaker

What could be more stylish than a waterproof shower speaker with Bluetooth that comes in a very unique design? This SoundX Bluetooth Shower Speaker can stand on its own or be hung with the use of its strap. It can wirelessly stream audio from tablets or smartphones with its Bluetooth connectivity.

It is powered by three AA batteries. It is low in power with just 1.5 watt sound output power. It can also be used for hands free phone calls. It is a durable waterproof shower speaker with Bluetooth.

ELight Portable Wireless Shower Speaker

This portability shower speaker is shockproof, water proof and dustproof. It has a rugged construction and resists any water or dust ingress. While it can prevent water from coming in, ELight Portable Wireless Shower Speaker is not an underwater speaker.

It is equipped with Bluetooth 3.0 function that easily connect with many mobile devices. It can reach up to 10 meters depending on the environment and pairing device. Like other shower speakers, it can also support a loudspeaker for phone calls.

Criteria for shower speakers

Among all the brands of shower speakers in the market today, it is difficult to determine the best and most durable. Therefore, if you are planning to buy a new shower speaker, consider the following criteria.  Always check these criteria for each shower speaker you are interested in buying:

  1. Sound quality. No matter how small or light a shower speaker is, it should not compromise the sound quality it provides.
  2. Shower speakers are intended for outdoor use. They should be light and small enough to conveniently carry anywhere.
  3. Shower speakers should be equipped with reliable connectivity such as Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Their range should be far enough to make it worth it and flexible.
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