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My Shower Speakers

Waterproof IPX7 Shower Speakers


Technology has made significant progress in all areas of work, studies and recreation. In the area of the sound industry the advances have also been of leaps and bounds, for example, in the 80s it was common to see a young man with a large sound box, heavy and uncomfortable, but 38 years later, we can go to the shower with a speaker the size of an orange and step, water resistant.

Water Resistant Shower Speakers

For most people who are “addicted to music” we find it difficult to do something without music, since it makes everyday tasks more enjoyable. The large number of people who use horns today, is very common, since every day the manufacturers are responsible for ensuring that they have practical characteristics, sound quality, durability and resistance to elements such as water (main enemy of the electronic devices).

That’s why all the speakers in this selection have an IPX7 grade. For more informations on the IP grade system, see this article.

What Were the Most Common Fears Before the Arrival of Water Resistant Shower Speakers?

The experience of owning a speaker that is resistant to the water element, is something that allows you to be sure of being able to go exploring open spaces, without the need to take extreme care with the device and visit places like a pool, lake, beach or river, without the worry that if an unfortunate accident happens (as it usually happens) the device is damaged, because we are frank, that nobody likes or even want to go to sleep without background music.

Technology and Materials for Its Manufacture

Previously the loudspeakers were manufactured in wood for their acoustic resonance, but, with the passage of the years of account of the little tolerance to the liquids that the material shows and of how much the users complained about it. The countdown began with the search for materials that were economical and resistant to water and other elements that help deteriorate them.

The first thing the acoustic engineers were given the task of finding was a material or several that allowed to have a clear and quality sound. It was there when advances in technology helped them find a flexible, resistant material, such as rubber. Also over time experimenting with similar materials to make them lighter.

After having found this material, the experts looked for the way not only to make it resistant, but also, that it was a functional and decorative piece, that would match with each combination of the home and that simply goes according to the personality of the owner.

These new devices have similar peculiarities among them, the most common are:

  • Connection via Bluetooh 4.2
  • 3.5mm auxiliary audio cable input
  • Removable memory micro-SD input
  • Volume control

Bugani Mini Diver Speaker IPX7

The best sound you can find for a reasonable price. Using ecological materials as a fantastic option for the environment. Ideal for cyclists who love to go for a walk listening to music.

In the races, in a Baracoa with your friends, you must have this speaker that is connected by Bluetooth with your mobile devices. The IPX7 is one of those models that allow you to have a deep bass sound that we look for in these sound devices.

The Bluetooth 4.2 connection allows you to have a matching range of 66 feet without losing or interfering with the signal thanks to its state-of-the-art technology. It also has a built-in microphone that allows you to answer incoming calls without having to unlink the speaker to answer.

Its processing with rubber materials allows you to carry this speaker without fear to the shower, pool or river sprayed with low pressure water currents. Well, you don’t have Bluetooth? Do not worry or be more mortified, since the IPX7 also has a 3.5mm auxiliary audio input port that allows you to connect it not only with a mobile device.

The Bugani Mini Diver Speaker IPX7 has a long-lasting battery, which allows you to enjoy its sound quality for hours. It also offers a stereo sound quality that positions it as the first of its kind for now, a prolonged period of time, ensuring praise as, a supreme experience in sound.

Ideal to Give Away

Since this new sound device is easy to use, anyone of any age can be happy using this speaker. Conscious of your loved ones, friends and close friends, either in their birthday, Valentine’s Day or Christmas, giving them the Bugani Mini Diver Waterproof Speaker as the perfect complement for their lives in movement, this device is big and small in the maximum sense of both words for all its powerful characteristics compressed into that little musical box.

What Can Not Be Done With These Speakers

These speakers are not 100% waterproof, it is recommended not to submerge them in water or some type of liquid, since it penetrates and unfortunately the speaker stops working.

It is also recommended to keep it away from acidic or corrosive fluids, because these corrode the rubber material that cells the electronic components of the spray of liquids, also, it is recommended to keep it away from the fires, since, after certain temperatures the flexible material It starts to melt.

With nothing more to add, I invite you to use this amazing and funny speaker.

Let the fun begin!

Aneerx Waterproof Portable Speaker

This is a very good choice when it comes to paying for a mobile speaker, its technology and resistance promises us a great durability and quality of the product as well as the reproduction of completely clear sounds and melodies, as well as a quite dynamic bass system which perfects considerably the fitness of the sound, a comfortable and practical design so that this little one is an indispensable travel companion.

Everything We Need to Keep in Mind With the Aneerx Portable Speaker

The Aneerx horn has a considerable resistance, resistant to falls in water, mud, blows and extreme temperatures, giving us a reliability on the horn, without having to worry that it is an extremely delicate product for which we must worry about not prolonging its sudden damage.

This device is considered as one of the few that meets absolutely all the needs of a true adventurer, in addition to the comforts that its design and its level of resistance offers us, essentially practical if we want to take it to our trips, either to the bay, the field, a picnic or camping with our friends in the forest, we must also know that this device is practical not only for its design but also for the distribution of its functions! Based on the connection to play what we want as well as the on / off, the increase and decrease of the sound itself.

Its design belongs to the small group of companies that manufacture loudspeakers in the form of cylinders, being quite dynamic and fluid when it comes to distributing the sound power depending on the place where it is executed, if it is in an outdoor place this factor makes it in something quite convenient for us, since the sound is not focused in a single direction with a mono-horn, which considerably reduces the power and sharpness of it, however in the Aneerx the horn is distributed across the entire surface cylindrical device.

It also has a solid frame which is the main support of its structure, receiving most of all the blows that the Aneerx receives when it falls accidentally, protecting what is the zone of the switches and the horn in general, as well as to audio ports and energy load.

It is important to highlight its great resistance to snow, which makes it a very convenient and ideal device for athletes when it comes to skiing, it can stand up to three feet under the snow as it can also support three feet of depth in the water, more than ten minutes of resistance if it accidentally falls to the pool or the beach while floating on the surface, thanks to the impenetrable limed fabric that shields the speakers from its rubber and resistant silicone cover.

The Aneerxis the ideal choice for music lovers, because many like to enjoy music while enjoying a good and warm bath, however, many times they fear that their speakers suffer some kind of damage due to the possible splashes of water, however… with the Aneerx speaker we should not worry at all about this kind of problems and inconveniences.

Characteristics of the Great Aneerx

As we have said before, the Aneerx speaker is made of a very resistant and waterproof woven material mesh, in addition to a solid structure with a rubber and silicone safety inside that is the main detail that prevents the entry of water and dust that could completely damage the device.

The battery has a long durability, but of course, if used with an approximate 85% of audio power to further reduce the download time of it, twelve hours of life has the power source of the Aneerx speaker and for its recharging it is estimated that it takes from 4 hours to 4 and a half hours to complete.

It is fully compatible with all types of portable devices via Bluetooth, even with projectors and smart TVs, however, there are always small details that are resolved as devices that do not have Bluetooth technology, however, this speaker has an audio port for auxiliary cables with a size of 3 and a half millimeters.

We have highlighted and detailed the most important features about this magnificent speaker, however, below, we will find a small list of the remaining features that we should consider according to the speaker:

  • Your wireless connection has a range of up to 10 meters away.
  • It has a total weight of almost 400 grams.
  • At the moment in which the product is obtained, it is accompanied by a device that facilitates the user to answer calls and voice messages while the cell phone is far away and in connection with the loudspeaker.
  • In addition, it has integrated a guard tape to one of its ends, to prevent its fall.

Pros and Cons of the Aneerx Speaker

Very well, one of the most striking features that the product has is the performance of twelve hours it has, in addition to its versatility in terms of design and level of resistance. However, like other types of speakers, this speaker has no other type of ports, if not only audio, many users consider that it would be useful to integrate a USB input, including inputs for micro SD cards.

Riodo All-Terrain Waterproof Speaker

Who have carried out the design and creation of this great product is not very outstanding or known in the sound equipment market, the corporation is known as Riodo, offering us this time a compact and portable horn that has anti-noise technology. -water, becoming a new companion in our bathrooms, visits to the pool, enjoy the sea with our friends without running the risk of suffering a sudden death from water.

All About the New Riodo Speaker

This speaker, baptized as the model VF-BTS02B, promises to music lovers a fairly good experience in terms of sound quality, since it has 10W of audio power, not many cornets have a capacity and design as comfortable as we would like, to put it this way, a pocket device, since normally a portable bugler has an approximate size of twenty centimeters onwards, however the device launched on the market by Riodo has a very comfortable and versatile size.

Thanks to the great advances that have been made by the various corporations that create loudspeakers, the management and use of certain devices has been greatly facilitated, benefiting users who want to afford a portable audio device as well as achieving a remarkable increase in as for sales, because it is quite comfortable at the time of taking them with us, however, there are some models not so versatile that their transport tends to become a bit annoying and cumbersome, but this horn is very comfortable for its pocket size .

The device attracts a lot of attention from the young market public, due to its great versatility, a very powerful portable speaker that can be easily carried anywhere so that we can enjoy our favorite songs, as well as being perfect for excursions and departures based on in its great resistance to irregular temperatures, the entrance of dust by the horns and connection ports does not harm the bugle either, also that the water … could last more than fifteen minutes under water without suffering any type of damage!

Its structure can also withstand falls and blows thanks to its hard frame, which protects all the technology inside, however, the cornet does not have a level of power and gravity as high as others on the market, nor is it that the sound quality is very short and bad! In exchange for the reduction of sound power, Riodo makes it easier with its design as well as its great all-terrain resistance, it has a wireless connection which greatly benefits users who want to enjoy the company of this device at the moment to perform some sport or adventure, needing only our cell phone or laptop, the battery well charged to enjoy.

Characteristics of the Riodo Speaker

Then we will explain in detail the most important features that has this speaker, has a lithium battery, completely changeable and rechargeable which makes it even more practical for trips and excursions, with approximately half a day of life, the battery takes about 5 hours to recharge completely so that the same cycle of use can be carried out again.

It has wireless technology for pairing with all kinds of smartphones, laptops, desktops and tablets, becoming a very practical point but very common in the world of mobile speakers, since most of each type that we would get in the market have this technology, the connection via auxiliary cables is considered as old, however in case the wireless connection has some kind of complication or problem this device has an audio connection port with a size of three millimeters and a half, in addition to the provision of an auxiliary cable.

This point is quite important and must be taken into account when acquiring this Riodo shower speaker, is that the corporation gives its word to the buyer about the warranty for the product, which has a valid month, if the device has some type of failure without any reason in the period of time mentioned above, the company promises the consumer a full refund of their money, we present a list of the rest of all the features and functions that this Riodo speaker has:

  • IPX7 waterproof and resistant coating
  • Wireless technology to answer calls while the cell phone is connected to the speaker
  • Pairing via Bluetooth
  • Speaker attached
  • Safety device to avoid any type of accident or fall.

What Benefits and Inconveniences Can the Riodio Speaker Bring Us?

Very well, this device does not have a great power in its speakers besides not having a large number of functions like those of other audio devices, however, it is a very useful speaker for those who want to go for something more practical without much complication, easy to use and versatile, as well as a good resistance in terms of falls, dust and water, being the perfect companion for athletes, hikers and young people who want to enjoy music while enjoying.

The most striking of the Riodio speaker is its compact design, since many speakers do not have a size that is compact enough to be used in extreme activities or simply to improve the comfort of the person, has very little weight and an extensive time lapse of battery.

WZK Portable Wireless Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker

The speaker known as WZK is one of the most practical on the market, resistant to water and all kinds of exteriors, its size makes it a very practical device when transporting it to different places. The WZK speaker can be used even while walking by bicycle for its very good audio power, as well as in an environment like the beach or the river while we enjoy the company of our friends.

A Shower Speaker Resistant to Everything!

In general, the technology of these devices that have greater resistance to all kinds of situations and environments give us that great point in favor, giving us a vote of confidence when wanting to acquire one, based on their level of resistance in falls, dust, air, water and heat. The WZK promises us all this and more with a good cover that protects all the entrances and buttons very conformably, making it a very practical device for adventurous people.

This type of devices and technology mainly have a wireless connection, so you can connect the speaker to your cell phone, tablet or even computer. This makes it quite comfortable at the time of use, also, if we want to take our speaker as a companion of travel and adventure extreme we should not worry at all about the amount of cables and connections that need other types of speakers for use, whether we are in the mountains, the desert, the lake, the beach or a party we should only have our cell phone and speaker to enjoy our music.

Not everything is about how much this model can resist, but also the quality of the sound since it is the most important factor that we must take into account when going to the store and decide to acquire it. The anatomy of this great speaker makes it one of the most functional, in addition to its great strength as we have explained before, has a cylinder shape which makes the sound is distributed in a very fluid to their environment, not in one direction like most speakers.

Characteristics and Technology of the WZK Speaker

This magnificent device promises us satisfactory experiences when it comes to testing its wide range, giving us powerful sounds in terms of range and bass, it offers us a lot of clarity in terms of reproduction of all kinds of songs… with speakers that have a total power of 10W, a sufficiently effective level for our meetings and outdoor festivities. In addition, Bluetooth connection technology has a maximum range of up to ten meters away with our mobile device, be it our phone, tablet or computer.

It also has a portable microphone that would benefit us enough to answer calls or record all kinds of audios in any space, with a power of approximately 5W, until now, we get a satisfaction thanks to the devices that preserve a very good stereo sound with high technology. definition, the quality of the subwoofers that the WZK speaker possesses is incredibly tenuous and passive, performing a not so dirty sound quality and with a very high level of sharpness.

This aforementioned microphone has the appearance of any hands-free, which makes it a very useful tool offered by the WZK, which can facilitate the convenience of answering all types of calls while driving in cars, motorcycles, bicycles, trotting or we are carrying out some kind of action that does not allow us to answer incoming calls to our phone.

The power source that has the WZK has a life time more or less than ten to twelve hours, this also depends on how much is going to require the device in its lapse of use, for the battery to perform satisfactorily is advisable to leave it at rest in intervals of ten to fifteen minutes, the amount of milliamps that this device has is 2200, fully rechargeable at the time of exhaustion.

It also has an audio input, just in case the wireless connection system has some type of failure or error, an auxiliary connection point to link it, the cable for recharging the power source that has the WZK, which has a universal input in addition to a kind of support in which a security strap is placed, also contains three buttons, the on / off in addition to those whose function is to increase the power of the audio or decrease it.

Next, we will make a list of the remaining features of the WZK device:

  • The WZK is available on the market only in black.
  • Contains an access to auxiliary with a thickness of 3.5 millimeters.
  • The power source of the WZK speaker is completed in four and a half hours.
  • Contains an approximate surface of 73.6 millimeters with 70 millimeters and 169.6 millimeters.

This speaker as we have said throughout this writing, we must take it into account as one of the most optimal, versatile all terrain horns, because not many have a good range of sound despite its versatility, however, something that does not benefit us very much when buying it is that it does not have other types of channels and ports, it contains only one audio port.

Mix Hero F013 Wireless Waterpoof Bluetooth Shower Speaker

The Mix Hero company launched a perfect prototype for lovers of adventurers, presenting to the public an extremely practical speaker with a youthful design, which meets all the expectations of athletes. Its versatile design makes it easier for each of its buyers to experience comfortable in terms of sound quality in addition to its easy portability, currently can be achieved in the market with a price of 24 USD.

What Does This Shower Speaker Offers Us?

We can say that each portable speaker that has methods of endurance to liquids are very practical and useful artifacts for each person because many of us like to enjoy great music while we enjoy a barbecue, on the beach, the forest , a bonfire or a small party, the company Basspal designed and carried out the manufacture of this device taking into account the durability that not many horns have, wanting to revolutionize the world of the speakers.

The F013 model has a considerable resistance in terms of dust, accidental falls and water, this also means that if we are enjoying a good shower we can use without worrying at all this speaker, specifying its great resistance to water, this speaker can tolerate more than half an hour to one meter deep, which is very attractive for lovers of swimming in the sea.

If we know someone who is a lover of good sounds, the Mix Hero speaker, model F013 is perfect for giving it to you, it is like a small box of surprises, that when you turn it on and set it in motion it offers us very good clear sounds, the Mix Hero speaker becomes a perfect companion for adventurers, promising them a comfortable experience without the absence of their favorite music.

We must be aware that the association promises to each of its loyal buyers a fixed bond, with the reimbursement of 100% of all the money that was spent acquiring this great product, the guarantee manages an approximate time lapse of one year of a systematized technology via customer service e-mail by which the customer can resort to presenting some type of problem or problem with the product.

What ends up attracting the attention of the buyer by making it clear about its great portability and versatility is that it does not need any type of connection through ports and cables, this speaker works wirelessly through Bluetooth technology. It is strongly simultaneous with all kinds of technologies such as laptops, smartphones, mp3 devices, even tablets, however it is always good to have a trick up your sleeve just in case this type of connection presents some kind of pairing problem, the F013 has an audio port with a size of three millimeters and a half.

The speaker was created in very resistant plastic, distinguished as acrylonitrile, with certain parts as details formed by rubber and silicone, comes only in two presentations, military green and electric blue, also has a suction cup that makes the device fix in any type zone, regardless of whether it is dirty or wet, something that also calls attention is the LED technology, with lights of different colors that animate any type of situations and eventualities in which the speaker is used for ambience.

Characteristics of the F013 Shower Speaker

The speaker has a wireless pairing technology via Bluetooth, with a range of up to eleven meters. In addition, this speaker comes with a small wireless device that is also paired with the cell phone which facilitates the use of the cell phone without the need of interruptinging the production of music. For example, if a cell phone call comes in, this device makes it easier for us to attend to it without any inconvenience, taking into account whether the mobile phone is a bit out of reach.

The method that protects all the technology that has the speaker of splashes, blows, falls in the water or even the entrance of sand and dust is known as IPX7, in addition to having a very strong adherent pacifier, which would prevent the device from slipping in any wet surface, also has an insurance so that it can be hooked in any kind of place or can even be carried like a keychain.

The source of power that the Mix Hero has this device has up to eight hours of life, of course, forcing its use with the whole volume level to the maximum, if this modulates a bit could achieve a nine to ten hour lifespan , it takes two and a half hours to recharge, the battery is removable lithium.

It has a fidelity level in terms of the very high sound quality, known as HI FI, this technology completely avoids any kind of distortion in the sound, which no matter that the speakers do not have such an extreme level of strength, offers a sound clear, clear and without distortions, below, we will show a list of the rest of each of the specifications and features of this device:

  • The battery is six hundred and fifty mAh
  • Energy charging source via USB
  • Very eye-catching gift box
  • Small catalog of instructions and guide for its use

Finally, we highlight as something a little negative the material with which the speaker was made since the plastic is not 100% resistant, as well as the very small level of mAh that the battery has, but, the good boom and the ability to link what it offers is great!

Douni A3 Outdoor Bluetooth Waterproof Speaker

We will talk this time about one of the outstanding speakers of the corporation known as Douni. They usually bring to the market a fairly large number of speakers, that each have a rather outstanding feature, lovers of good sound love a speaker that is comfortable of transporting in addition to having a technology that complies with the thought, that offers a good level of clarity and sound.

Well, what could be more striking than an attractive speaker in addition to having a very comfortable and versatile design? Jointly have a good method in terms of the reproduction of rumble, with a lot of power as well as bass that rumble our ears. It is not only if this model that offers us this time Douni, is completely resistant to water, accidental falls, sand and dust, becoming an even more striking device for each of those interested in acquiring it, an athlete could consider acquiring the Douni A3 due to its great resistance and beauty, in addition to its great strength when playing music.

Each device that belongs to Douni’s extensive catalog has a feature that makes it unique, they have desktop speakers with a very high level of strength and clarity in everything that the reproduction of melodies covers, however the line of speakers that have the technology of Resistance to all types of risks is the most attractive for the public, because they always want to enjoy good music while celebrating various festivities, whether outdoors or in a locality, this factor does not alter at all in Hifi of each of the prototypes that Douni offers us, making their loudspeakers with the latest technology, with good bass, demonstrating to the market their excellence in terms of quality.

The wireless methods that the A3 model possesses are very effective in terms of pairing and file exchange. It can be paired with all kinds of technologies, be they computers, smartphones, tablets or smart TVs. However, wireless pairing is absolutely essential, for this reason the A3 model has a universal size audio port.

Douni promises to each of its clients a period of one year to be able to carry out the reimbursement of 100% of their money in case the device presents some type of problem or problem, in addition to 24 hours of attention to the client using the mail address of the Douni power station, this design has been created with a very strong material and also has an internal insulating cover that absolutely protects everything from any danger, the water will not be able to penetrate this artifact.

Characteristics of the A3

As we mentioned before, this model of Douni was designed with silicone insulators that protects it from absolutely any type of material that may interfere with its operation, greatly extending its life time, the A3 model can withstand snow, water, sand, any type of dust and heat, also has an energy saving technology that while the device is in continuous use this is placed in sleep mode for every 40 min to extend its life time, if the device is used while it is if it is deactivated, the energy life time is up to half a day.

Like most of all portable buglers, this also includes a wireless device with a built-in microphone that makes it much easier to answer calls if our cell phone is playing music and is at a distance, the speaker is also capable of charging the energy source of our mobiles, which is very convenient if we are doing some type of excursion or trip where we need to have charge in our mobile.

It is estimated as a loudspeaker with new technology since it can be handled through what we know as Siri, Android or S-voice, the vigor it possesses in the sound is incredibly fluid because the output power is 10w, the position of both makes the sound go in two different directions and not be stuck only to a single site, now… we will continue with a small list about the rest of the features that the Douni A3 has:

  • A small access where you can find a micro SD card reader
  • Includes an auxiliary audio access
  • USB access
  • Small instruction booklet and device management

What Positive and Negative Things Does the A3 Model Offer Us?

This model is incredibly striking, since it does not have many things that we should worry about, there are many more benefits than negative things, a point for the buyer is that it works like an emergency charger, we can connect our mobile using the universal cable for USB access and voila! We can revive our cell phone, the material is extremely resistant which takes away that poignant headache we have left when something delicate accidentally falls off.

Another positive point that we must highlight is the great idea of incorporating an energy saving technology, because many times the speakers run out of battery and the fun is over, this time no… This speaker is kept in sleep mode every 40 min lengthening its life time.

Liboer IPX7 Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

This time Liboer offers us a magnificent prototype that is one of the first of its line of versatile speakers, the IPX7 model is an alternative for lovers of extreme sports, in addition to young people who like to enjoy adventures either in the mountain, the bay or a barbecue in the pool, without running the risk of the device suffering some kind of deterioration.

This model has a striking and practical presentation, which is very similar to the shell of a land turtle, hexagonal, this completely avoids all kinds of damage that the device may suffer when falling, if it had a conventional square or rectangular shape all in direct damage to the corners, however, this form avoids this at all costs.

The battery is very powerful, its functionality could have a useful time lapse of ten hours approximately if it is used continuously and with all the audio power, this battery is internal however it has a universal input for recharging, the internal battery has a power of four thousand milliamps, however … if used with a 70% audio power level your life time could be half a day, with continuous use.

The company of this speaker is specialized in designing portable speakers, however not all have this all-terrain technology that turns these devices into faithful companions of adventures, very practical for an athlete who practices hiking, swimming, public that enjoys camping in the mountains, skiing and go to enjoy the sea in the company of their friends, as it is also a manufacturer of desktop speakers, which have a very large power compared to these small and versatile.

The Liboer IPX7 is practically a pocket speaker, very comfortable when traveling or going for a walk, also has a base in the form of a screw that fixes the speaker to the steering wheel of the bicycle, it also brings a kind of hook or endurance that get it hooked anywhere like our keys or a keychain, if we like to enjoy music while we get a rich and relaxing shower, Liboer IPX7 is our perfect singing companion.

This device connects through wireless technology, via Bluetooth, is compatible with all types of equipment, whether cellular, smartphones, desktop computers, laptops, tablets and even smart TVs… the speaker also has an audio port available with a thickness of three and a half millimeters in addition to an auxiliary double-ended audio cable in the event that our device does not have Bluetooth technology or some type of error occurs when matching them.

Characteristics of the Liboer IPX7

Most portable speakers include an additional device that makes it easier for the subject to answer a phone call, regardless of whether the phone is at a large distance, without problems, this device works without any problem, it is paired by Bluetooth with the cell phone avoiding at all costs the sudden interruption of the reproduction of the music, answering a call through this device does not interfere at all with the multimedia use that is being given to the telephone.

The battery that has the speaker is internal, lithium, with a power of four thousand milliamps, with a useful life of approximately ten hours while it is of a forced and continuous use, is able to charge our cell phone through the universal input USB, something well thought because in these times it is extremely substantial to maintain a minimum level of energy in our phones, but if we have plans to venture.

The sound that has this speaker is quite satisfactory, we must bear in mind that most of all portable speakers that have all-terrain technology and water resistance do not have much wattage, however, with ten is enough to achieve a sound enough clear and good, the speaker also has hi-fi technology which completely avoids a type of distortion in the sound, which satisfies buyers a lot.

Without a doubt, it is a speaker that lovers of good sound should take into account when wanting to buy one, with a very versatile design, comfortable and with a very high level of resistance in terms of factors that could damage it completely, such as the entrance of water, dust and falls.

Positive and Negative Things that Liboer IPX7 Offers Us

One of the things that most attracts the attention of the Liboer IPX7 speaker is its very comfortable presentation that attracts a lot of attention due to its hexagonal anti-shock form, in addition to the great power of energy it has, which is a benefit for the buyer because it not only works as a loudspeaker, but we can use it as a kind of emergency battery for our cell phone when we go on a trip or we are encouraged to carry out an adventure in the mountains or at sea.

Something that is striking for athletes are the accessories they have, such as the base in the form of a screw that helps to keep fixed on the steering wheel of the bicycle if it practices cycling, in addition to a safety device, a kind of hook that facilitates the placement of the speaker anywhere, we can even carry it in our backpack as if it were a nice key ring.

Lobkin TWS IPX7 Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers

In the market you can find a variety of speakers of different sizes and quality, so you can choose the one that suits you best or more. Most of the time you’ll look for one that is economical, but works perfectly. I will now recommend a speaker that you will love, since it is very practical, works great and you can take it wherever you want to go, even in the shower.

This speaker of excellent quality is what you need at all times. You will enjoy it wherever you are, thanks to its resistance and its small size, which makes it easy to pack when you are traveling or when you go out on a trip, which is what we often look for to save space and do not want to carry a lot of weight.

The Lobkin TWS speaker has IPX7 technology, which means it is water resistant, to avoid any accident when you are on the beach, in a river or it starts to rain.

Its handling is very simple and practical, in addition to its materials which make it resistant to falls, dust or sand. In this small device you can find a variety of advantages. Which makes it durable and a good investment.

What About the Sound?

This is one of the most important points when buying these equipment, since we always look for the best. And with these speakers we talk about quality and excellence.

Among its features we have:

  • 5W x 2 controllers
  • SoundBox XS
  • Perfect blend of sharp highlights
  • IPX7 technology

As for sound, this speaker has very good standards, has a very clear sound, strong media and deep bass well marked. What will generate a great sound experience, that everyone will want to hear.

If you want to create a superior sound experience, connect two TWS speakers and enjoy a 360 degree stereo experience. Thanks to this you can count on a clear and strong sound for the exteriors and interiors. This being a very good option when you want to make a small impromptu party. You will not rumble the windows, but you will create the right atmosphere to enjoy.

How to Listen to Your Music on These Speakers?

Well, this is very simple, since these speakers have Bluetooth, which makes it very easy to connect. Your Bluetooth is compatible with different devices.

If you are going to connect for the first time you must synchronize it, then you only need to turn on the Bluetooth and that’s it. In case you do not have a device with Bluetooth you can connect it through its 3.5 mm audio cable, allowing you to use it at all times.

You see it is very simple to use, easy to mobilize, durable and enjoy the best sound, all this in a small speaker. It is a great investment for those of us who enjoy music at all times and places, and we like the quality of the sounds, where we are.

How Long is the Battery’s Duration?

For those of us who like to always be with background music, this is a frequent question. But with the Lobkin TWS loudspeaker you will not have a problem switching it off at the wrong time, thanks to a battery that lasts 12 hours. If you are going on a long trip, or going camping, it will be perfect because its battery will yield enough to not leave us bored halfway.
In addition to listening very well, being durable, waterproof and with a high battery charge time, it also has an added microphone, so you can answer your calls without having to take your phone out of your pocket, working perfectly as a hands-free . All this in a compact and simple to carry speaker.

Pros of the TWS Speakers

  • Compact size
  • Excellent sound quality
  • Easy to use
  • Battery durability
  • Bluetooth connection 4.2
  • Built-in high-quality microphone
  • IPX7 technology resistant to water and shock

Cons of the TWS Speakers

  • Before putting the speaker in the water, you must press the rubber cover, and then you must dry the speakers
  • Some devices are not compatible
As you can see, this speaker has very good benefits, so that your music does not miss you anywhere you are, and even when you are taking a shower. It is a sound experience that you will not regret having acquired, and that you will use very often, especially if you are a music lover.
Although it is also a very good option to use it to watch a movie, you will ask yourself how? But remember to tell you that you could connect using its 3.5 mm cable to devices that do not have Bluetooth, the TV is one of these devices. So the movies or series that you are watching you will also enjoy them to the fullest thanks to an excellent sound.
This speaker can be purchased for you, but you can also give it to a special person to enjoy the excellent sound efficiency of the Lobkin TWS. It is a gift that you will be grateful for and will enjoy to the fullest. You will not regret acquiring this speaker thanks to all the advantages it brings.

Tribit XSound Go Portable Bluetooth Speaker

With the passing of the decades, a generation of speakers arrived that revolutionized the industry of multi-use gadgets. The Tribit brand has in its power the design and production that, to tell the truth, is the best speaker I could see. I’m talking about the Tribit XSound Go Portable, a small speaker with a great sound, ready to go wherever you want!

Music lovers can breathe a bit more calmly, because a little friend has arrived, as is the XSound Go, since, within its most remarkable properties is, which is resistant to dew and splashing water, so much so that neo-music lovers and not-so-new ones can safely take those speakers to their shower.

Design and Sound Quality

The design of this innovative speaker aims to bring users a product that is easy to move and requires as little space as possible on their desk, suitcase, garden table or others, taking into account that these compact speakers are designed to be small and with a powerful sound.

The Tribit company has found a successful way to compress the quality of studio sound with the resistance of an umbrella and with everything and that, fit in the palm of the hand. For now the brand has in its sound arsenal only two colors to showcase and take music lovers, blue and black.

The advance of technology has allowed this device to have a range of 66 feet of distance 100% free of cables, something that no other device of previous generations offered, allowing the user to move freely within 66 feet of distance.

Popularity and Comments

Currently this type of products have reported a significant boom and faster growth in sales, thanks to its versatility and pleasant appearance to almost all tastes. Its minimalist design allows it to show that sometimes less is more. Its compact size captivated its owners since it can be carried without any problem in a female handbag or in a travel bag.

The comments of the owners agree that it is a very affordable device with a quality that exceeds its monetary value and that they have even developed an almost unconditional attachment to this little speaker.

The popularity of this speaker ranges from very young children to gentlemen and ladies of the third age who are not very familiar with the technology of the East, our 21st century, extending the acceptance range of the product in a very, very high margin , almost always getting the best opinion from users.

This product has a 2 year warranty from the moment it reaches the hands of the user, taking into account that this new product is designed to withstand the inclemency of the weather elements, it is important to emphasize that this speaker should not be exposed to fire or high temperatures and should not be submerged at long depths nor should it go completely into the water for more than 30 seconds under any circumstances, as this could completely void the warranty coverage.

This speaker has the unique ability to 24 hours of enjoyment of its functions with just a load which means that you can take your favorite music wherever you go sounding day and night.

Optimized with 2x6W stereo controllers, this speaker provides and guarantees surround sound with a powerful bass in depth, sharp treble and mid-range, just as customers love it to sound.

The IPX7 rating against water suggests that you can enjoy your music easily in any environment, beach, pool or even playing in the rain.

To be always connected and at all times, the XSound Go has a connection to Bluetooth 4.2 that allows you to connect to pair your mobile devices in the blink of an eye, in the respectable range of 66 feet. Also having a built-in microphone for automatic use when calls come in and the phone is connected to the speaker, also having compatibility with Siri and Google now.

In case you do not have any device that works via Bluetooth, do not worry, this super gadget also has an auxiliary audio input via a 3.5mm double-ended cable.

The Best Option to Present

The Tribit XSound Go Portable is a wonderful option to take into account when thinking about giving a gift to that person you appreciate so much. Its easy use, its compact design and the high quality of sound it possesses positions it as a highly desirable product.

Giving an XSound Go to a person can mean that your life can take a 360 degree turn, because it would mean that daily tasks will stop being boring to become something totally pleasant and productive.

Ensuring that you can have all your favorite tunes at any time or place, the Tribit brand continues to seek to improve its products and thereby improve the preferences and demands of the world market today.

I invite you to try the benefits of the Tribit XSound Go Portable and discover the endless activities that you can do now with a powerful and powerful speaker of last generation. I assure you that you will not see or hear anything better than Tribit.

Poweradd MusicFly Indoor/Outdoor Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Do not worry about your speaker when you’re outdoors!

For many leaving home and not having music to listen to can be very frustrating, as we feel bored and discouraged. The equipment to listen to music has evolved too, from its size to its materials. Summer is already approaching, so many of us are already thinking of looking for a device that has a high quality sound, be small to be able to take it anywhere and be durable.

In recent years, a large number of speakers have come on the market to enjoy music everywhere, without having to carry a large device. This is the best since you can store them in a bag, without any problem and without occupying much space.

As summer is approaching, many people are finding the loudspeaker that best suits them. If you are one of those people who like to enjoy the heat in the open air you will find the MusicFly as the best option to enjoy your favorite music, without worrying about the fact of entering the water with this speaker, or that you are swimming and you have to take the speaker with wet hands.

Excellent, right? You may be thinking that it may not be possible, but you are wrong, thanks to the advancement of technology. The experts who are responsible for the creation of these speakers have devoted themselves to studying all the materials for the manufacture of these devices to make them resistant to water without being too big or heavy and that meet all the requirements to have the best quality.

How Can You Know That the Speaker You Are Acquiring Is the Right One?

To know which is the best speaker one does not need to be a genius, you just have to read its specifications, and if you are a quality lover, you will recognize what really meets your expectations and even more if you hear how it sounds.

This particular speaker meets high-quality standards, both sound and in terms of materials and technology. These are products of excellent manufacture, created by experts in this area.

These speakers have:

  • 2 x 13 W stereo controllers
  • 5W passive subwoofers
  • 1% harmonic distortion

You can enjoy an excellent sound, although you have the volume at the top, with which you will be very satisfied. In addition to its sound quality, the speaker is IPX7 water resistant. (You may not know what the IPX7 is, this is the highest waterproof rating, offering total impermeability) so you will not have to worry about it getting damaged if for some reason you have to enter the water and carry the speaker with you.

Most speakers today only offer an IPX5 rating which only protects against splashing or light rain. With the IPX7 protection, it is completely waterproof, besides you will not have to be alarmed if you go to the beach and the speaker falls to the sand.

You Worry That the Battery Runs Out Very Fast?

Maybe you’ve had a bad experience with other equipment because they do not have enough battery, to reproduce what you want for long periods, while you are on an excursion or you are enjoying the day at the beach and they leave you with nothing to listen if you do not have a battery at hand extra.

With these speakers, this will not be an inconvenience for you since you will have an extensive playing time. You will have up to 24 hours of reproduction if you keep your volume at 20%, and if you want a higher volume of 50% you will have 12 hours of reproduction. With these times you get an idea of everything you can enjoy throughout the day. And to improve your day, this speaker can be used as an emergency power source for your mobile device.

But How Is the Speaker Going to Play Your Music?

The MusicFly is very simple to use and to play your music. It has Bluetooth 4.2 technology with which you can easily synchronize it with any mobile device or tablet, and listen to what you like most. In addition to that, it was easily linked with the device with which you have already connected before. You can also connect it to a cable on any TV, PC or any other device that does not have a Bluetooth connection.

You will also have the ability to receive calls and be able to answer as if you had a hands free, thanks to the speaker that has a built-in microphone, which is perfectly heard.

With this speaker, you will enjoy your experiences, always with your favorite music, so that you relax to the fullest and do not miss anything in your adventure. So just go for a drink with some friends sitting on the beach, with your music in the background, and the sound of the waves of the sea.

It is a speaker that you will not have to worry about if you go to a river, to the beach or to the pool. Or if you go on an excursion and you have to pass some stretch where a lot of water splashes, or while you enjoy your day it starts to rain. You will not have to run looking for a place to save the speaker. And not being able to continue with your musical environment, staying silent. It will be perfect for you, when you need it or want to use it.

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