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My Shower Speakers

TrebLab HD55 Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker Review

No Music No Life

Whether in your shower, in your bath or even everywhere outside, if you are like me a fan of music, you probably want to be able to listen to your favorite tracks anywhere with an irreprochable sound. So a simple shower speaker may not be enough to meet your sound requirements. So you’re going to turn to more high-end speakers, like the TrebLab HD55.

TrebLab is a company located in Florida. It produces Bluetooth headphones and speakers. Enjoying a good reputation for headphones, the HD55 is the first portable speaker produced by the company. Does it meet the company’s moto: “No wires, no hype, pure sound”? Let’s see…

In the Box

The box contains the speaker, two interchangeable facades, a 3.5 mm jack cable, a water-resistant carrying case, a USB cable and a user manual.

Getting Started

The speaker is cylindrical in shape, about 10 inches long. On one side are the volume and song selection buttons. The other side is occupied by a subwoofer. Along the speaker are the power button, a selection button for indoor/oudoor mode and a microphone.


The pairing process is very simple: you just have to press the power button until the Led starts to blink. Activate the Bluetooth on your mobile device, then you should see “TrebLab HD55” available for pairing. Once paired, the Led stops blinking.

You also have the option not to use the Bluetooth, but to directly connect it to your phone with the jack cable included.


Its two speakers of 12W each and its mini subwoofer deliver a rich sound, well defined, with bass well present. TrebLab took advantage of the cylindrical structure of the device to place the speakers around it, which allows to obtain a 360 ° sound.

An interesting feature of the HD55 is the outdoor mode. As the name implies, this mode is designed when you want to use the speaker in a noisy environment. The volume is then mounted slightly, the sound still remaining clear.

Battery and Bluetooth Range

The TrebLab HD55 is equipped with a battery of 4000 mAh, which allows him to display a comfortable autonomy of 10 hours. This figure is of course heard if you listen to the music at a reasonable volume, otherwise count on about 8 hours. The full charge lasts about 4 hours.


  • Durable design
  • High-fidelity and 360° sound
  • 10 hours battery life
  • Built-in microphone
  • Effortless to use
  • Lifetime warranty


  • No battery charge indicator
  • Only splashproof (IPX4), not waterproof


The TrebLab HD55 can be considered as a high-end Bluetooth speaker, with an incredible sound and a smart and durable design. It sure will be your everyday companion, indoor or outdoor.

The built-in microphone will let you take calls anywhere, provided your mobile phone isn’t too far from you!

Moreover, it has a long-lasting battery life and the pairing process is painless.

On top of that, TrebLab offers a lifetime warranty, proving the confidence they put into their products.

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  1. I have been amazed ever since those shower speakers came on the market just how they are safe in your shower, I have not bought any to try them out but I think many people would be interested in the outdoors bluetooth speakers for sure.

    With so many loving their music this is one product I am sure most of your readers will be interested in checking out. I like your recommended products, it sounds like a real good deal.

    1. Thanks Jeffrey! You should try one someday, especially this one, which has an incredible sound and that you can take anywhere with you, not just in your shower!

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