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Top 9 Benefits of Singing in the Shower

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Every morning, it’s the same thing: your bathroom becomes a privatized concert area where your vocal performances have nothing to envy to the last concert of Beyoncé.

But did you know that this privileged moment is as beneficial to your health as your self-confidence?Here are all the reasons that will give you a good excuse to sing (even out of tune) in the shower!

Singing in the Shower Reduces Stress

Singing in the shower is all about reducing stress: you work your lungs and inhale more oxygen. By oxygenating your blood, you reduce the level of cortisol, the stress hormone. Singing increases the production of endorphins and other hormones of happiness.

Singing in the Shower Is Good for Self-Confidence

In a shower, we all feel like the new winner of The Voice. Yet, the voice is not for much: the walls of the shower cabin always cause a certain acoustic effect! They amplify the volume of your voice without you even noticing it. Given the ratio between the volume, the surface and the absorption coefficient of your shower cabin, the sound is reflected intensely, and the acoustic effect rivals that of a cathedral! So naturally, you trust yourself, you try notes that you usually consider as not being accessible…

Singing in the Shower Is Good for the Immune System

According to a 2004 German study, singing boosts the immune system through increased antibody production. To reach this conclusion, the researchers analyzed a blood sample taken from each member of a choir before and after a rehearsal of Mozart’s requiem. As a result, the immunoglobulin A level was much higher after pre-repetition. These proteins work as antibodies against infections, especially mucous membranes and skin.

Singing in the Shower Improves Breathing Abilities

To be able to sing an entire song and keep notes, you have to breathe through your stomach, which we do naturally when we are a baby or when we sleep. However, over the years, we replace this breathing with another, more artificial, with the rib cage.

Singing allows us to re-educate, without any effort, the whole of our respiratory system to the practice of abdominal breathing (inhale by inflating the belly, exhale while deflating, as during yoga exercises). We have more breath. We breathe more deeply.

Singing in the Shower Relieves Back Pain

Like breathing, posture is a fundamental element of singing. To be able to sing, it is necessary to stand straight, to stretch one’s neck and relax one’s shoulders.

When we sing, our vocal chords start to vibrate. A phenomenon of resonance that is not limited to the ENT area. The larynx vibrates the sounds inside our whole body, especially in the spine, allowing our back to enjoy a delicious vibratory massage.

Singing in the Shower Keeps the Heart Healthy

According to researchers at the University of Gothenburg (Sweden), singing has the same effect as breathing exercises and every time we exhale, the heartbeat slows down, sends a signal to the brain that everything is fine, and that activates the natural mechanisms of relaxation.

Moreover, the song oxygenates the blood, regulates the blood pressure and cleans the airways.

Singing in the Shower Is Good for the Memory

Singing promotes some of our cognitive functions by entering into a process of continuous learning because we must remember the texts or melodies.

Singing in the Shower Gives to Your Skin a Natural “Lifting” Effect

To sing well, you have to articulate well, which makes all the facial muscles, lips, cheekbones, chin, stroke and forehead work.

An excellent facial gymnastics to fight against the sagging of the face and maintain the elasticity of your skin!

Singing in the Shower Is Good for Your Health in General

A British study says that singing in a choir allows cancer patients to increase the chances to heal, but also to prolong remission. Dr. Ian Lewis and his team, who conducted the study, performed salivary swabs after an hour of choir to compare them to previous samples: the level of stress (measured cortisol-related) had decreased and the immune system of these Singing patients were boosted by significant cytokine production.

In another register, singing could improve certain sleep disorders such as snoring and sleep apnea. The vocal exercises muscling the tissues related to the breathing – the muscles of the throat and the palate -, which can allow an improvement.

You now have the best excuses in the world for humming, chirping, vocalizing and yawning!

Top Songs to Sing in the Shower

Don’t know what to sing? Here are a few ideas:

  • Queen – Bohemian rhapsody
  • Gene Kelly – Singing in the rain
  • Daft Punk – Get lucky
  • Toto – Africa
  • Oasis – Wonderwall
  • AC/DC – Highway to hell
  • Survivor – Eye of the tiger
  • Europe – Final countdown
  • Pharrell Williams – Happy
  • Whitney Houston – I will always love you
  • Mariah Carey – Hero
  • Gloria Gaynor – I will survive
  • Katy Perry – I kissed a girl
  • Miley Cyrus – Party in the USA
  • Cyndi Lauper – Girls just wanna have fun
  • Shaggy – It wasn’t me
  • Justin Bieber – Sorry
  • Ariana Grande – Dangerous woman
  • Queen – We are the champions
  • Al Green – Let’s stay together

And if you run out of ideas, you can still listen to this playlist on Spotify or this one on YouTube, rich of 400 songs!

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  1. I really found this article unique and scientifically accurate. #3 was my favorite because I had no idea that singing in the shower could increase your immune health. I also loved the good for the memory part. I found it informative that you supplied a list. I’m going to have to try singing highway to hell and eye of the tiger.

    1. Thanks Nathan! I personally love to sing while in the shower! First of all it brings joy to me, and that’s a very crucial point to me to start the day right!