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Tikaton Musician Noise Reduction Ear Plugs Review

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If you are a musician or like to go to concerts, you probably like music when it is played at full volume! I can’t blame you, I’m in the same situation!

Be careful though: listening to music too loud for a long time can cause irreversible damage to your ears. To convince yourself, you can read this article on the blog: Hearing Damage from Loud Music.

So you need to protect yourself, but not just any way. Before, I used simple silicone protection, which was not enough to protect the ears permanently, especially when you go to metal concerts regularly!

Recently, I discovered noise protections specially designed for music and marketed by the Tikaton brand. By the way, you can visit their site here:

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Tikaton Musician Noise Reduction Ear Plugs
  • Protect your ears in noisy areas without compromising sound quality
  • Extremely soft and with good breathability. They won’t cause itching or pressure pain
  • Fits most normal to large ear sizes
  • Elegant aluminum-box for easy storage
  • 6-month satisfaction guarantee

Good Protection Against Harmful Sounds

Tikaton ear protectors consist of an acoustic filter that reduces noise that is harmful to the ear without compromising the quality of the surrounding sounds.

During a concert, you will be protected without your sound experience being degraded.

Very Comfortable and Adaptable to All Ears

These protections are made of medical grade TPE material, which makes them very soft and comfortable to wear. They will not disturb you and will allow you to enjoy your concert in the best conditions. You will simply forget that you are wearing a noise reduction ear plug! They are designed to fit all ear widths. A truly universal product!

Very Easy to Maintain

To clean them, simply detach the plugs and rinse them in water or with mild soap. That’s all! However, be careful not to expose the acoustic filter to liquid intrusion.

Elegant Packaging

The ear protectors are delivered in a small aluminium case that will protect them from moisture or any intrusion of foreign bodies. You can even hang this box on your key ring to take your ear plugs everywhere with you!

Satisfied or Refunded

Tikaton is so sure of the quality of its products that if you are not satisfied, simply send them a message and they will refund or send you a replacement product. You have six months to change your mind!

You can also check out this other product from Tikaton:

Photo by Vidar Nordli-Mathisen on Unsplash

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