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SoundX Bluetooth Shower Speaker Review

SoundX Bluetooth Shower Speaker Review

Bluetooth technology might sound old to you because of the latest Wi-Fi technology. But they actually might be better in shower speakers. Why?

Bluetooth shower speakers can be taken outdoors while Wi-Fi shower speakers are only intended for a limited local area network (at home or offices, for example). Being able to bring it anywhere is the main essence of having a wireless shower speaker.

Bluetooth shower speakers provide good quality sound. They can work even with splashes of water or submerged in it. They have controls to adjust volume, power on/off, turn the loudspeaker on, and others. Some brands even come with built in mics where you can actually receive phone calls on loudspeaker mode.

Companies have come up with different models of shower speakers. It might be a good thing but choosing which one can be difficult. That is why we have created a comprehensive review of the SoundX Bluetooth Shower Speaker.

This is one of the best sellers in stores today. It has a funky design and practical features at a very affordable price.

Here are the features and advantages of the SoundX Bluetooth Shower Speaker. Also listed below are the drawbacks which make this product review an honest one.


The first thing you notice in SoundX Bluetooth Shower Speaker is its unique design. It is white and green in color and has a shape like a bottle. It can be carried anywhere, placed on top of the table, or hung on the wall. You can also answer phone calls with it even when your hands are wet.

It is splash proof, shockproof and waterproof. So go ahead and get wet while you use it. It is meant to be used in activities that include water and getting wet.

You can listen to music or receive phone calls with the SoundX Bluetooth Shower Speaker. It has Bluetooth technology that can pair up with many devices without using any cable connection. It is convenient and easy to use.

It is very portable. In fact, its dimensions are 6.9 x 4 x 2.9 inches and its weight is 3.2 ounces. Carrying it with you on road trips or biking is easy and won’t take much effort.

It is energy efficient too. It operates on 3 AA batteries and on 1.5 watt sound output power. It also has a Bluetooth pairing color indicator to guide you on pairing your devices.

The SoundX Bluetooth Shower Speaker comes with a strap and built in microphone.


  • Very lightweight and compact; ideal for outdoor use
  • Can easily pair with many devices
  • Waterproof, shockproof and splashproof
  • Easy to use
  • SoundX Bluetooth Shower Speaker is operates on low energy
  • Has a built in microphone and strap
  • It can be hung anywhere
  • Has a Bluetooth color pairing indicator
  • It can receive phone calls or turn on a loudspeaker mode


  • The sound quality of the SoundX Bluetooth Shower Speaker has yet to be tested


Shower speakers are great for outdoor use. They can withstand water splashes and accidental shocks. Even though Wi-Fi shower speakers provide higher audio quality, Bluetooth shower speakers can be brought anywhere. They are great outdoor companions for any kind of activities.

When looking for the best Bluetooth shower it is smart to consider the important factors: the sound quality, Bluetooth specifications, functionality, range and portability. All these factors should be in one shower speaker.

All these criteria can be found in the SoundX Bluetooth Shower Speaker. It has everything that you look for in a Bluetooth shower speaker. It is light and compact enough, can be easily carried and placed in your desired spot.

With the SoundX Bluetooth Shower Speaker, you can also receive phone calls while having a shower. It is meant to be splashed with water so no need to worry about it getting wet. It operates on low energy so you save power; it works with 3 AA batteries which are replaceable.

The Bluetooth of the SoundX Bluetooth Shower Speaker works well with most devices. It pairs easily with your mobile gadgets so you can play your favorite songs or talk with your friends or family whenever and wherever you are.

One thing that has to be tested yet is the sound quality that the SoundX Bluetooth Shower Speaker provides. It is assumed, though, that it is clear and crisp and loud enough to be heard by everyone.

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