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SoundBot SB210 HD Bluetooth Beanie Review

Blue And White Beanie
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This article is dedicated to an object that has recently appeared and is becoming a must: the Bluetooth Beanie.

Listening to music in everyday life has become a commonplace occupation (even in the shower), but being able to listen quietly to your favorite music while isolating yourself from the surrounding noise is not always easy.

Headphones are a solution, but you often find yourself entangled in a pile of unsightly wires. Wireless transmission technologies are an answer to this problem but also have disadvantages, the main one being the quality of transmission.

To solve this problem, manufacturers had a simple idea: integrate the headset and Bluetooth chip directly into a cap. No need to carry a headphone with you, it is integrated into the garment!

What seemed at first to be more of a gadget than a really useful object has gradually become the essential accessory for any music fan who is constantly on the move.

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What Is a Bluetooth Beanie?

It’s simply a cap with an integrated headphone and buttons placed judiciously to control it.

This funny hat is also equipped with a microphone so that you can make and receive phone calls, just like an ordinary Bluetooth speaker.

It also has a battery that charges like its big brothers via USB.

Its Bluetooth chip allows it to connect with your smartphone to play music or make calls.

Of course, you can easily remove the entire electronic part in order to wash it (don’t forget to do so before putting your beanie in the washing machine!).

Are Bluetooth Beanies Safe?

Just like Bluetooth headsets, Bluetooth beanies emit waves. But their radiation level is extremely low: it is estimated that a Bluetooth headset emits a thousand times less radiation than a cell phone. Indeed, Bluetooth has a very low range (about 33 feet).

In addition, many studies have been carried out and none have been able to demonstrate the correlation between diseases such as cancer and radiation emitted by mobile phones. So you can use your Bluetooth Beanie without any fear!

SoundBot SB210 HD Bluetooth Beanie Review

SoundBot is a brand well known to mobile music lovers. This manufacturer has made several models of Bluetooth speakers, including shower speakers such as the one we have reviewed here.

One Size Fits All

The hat is made of polyester and acrylic: don’t wear it in summer, you’ll get too hot! On the other hand, it will keep you warm in winter. It is perfectly stretchable: adults and children alike can wear it without any worries. It is soft to the touch and very comfortable to wear.

Easy Controls

The electronics are cleverly hidden in a kind of leather label, which makes them completely invisible and will not cause discomfort when you wear the hat. You can easily unzip it to remove all the electronics when you want to wash your beanie.

On this label are the control buttons: they are easily identifiable even without looking at them. You can play/pause songs, adjust the volume/skip songs. The play button is also used to pair the beanie with your phone.

Bluetooth 4.1 And Long Battery Life

The hat is equipped with Bluetooth 4.1, whereas one would have expected 4.2. However, this version is sufficient to ensure perfect signal transmission over a distance of 33 feet, as well as easy pairing with any mobile device nearby thanks to A2DP technology.

In addition, this version of Bluetooth guarantees you a 5-hour battery life with a single charge. Appreciable! The battery is charged via a micro USB port.

Don’t Fear The Water!

No products found. is water resistant: you can walk in the rain without fear of damaging it. On the other hand, do not immerse it in water, it would not resist! And remember to remove the electronic part when you put it in the washing machine…

A Great HD Stereo Sound

The sound delivered by the SoundBot is stereo and of quite high quality for this type of device: the basses are present and the mid and high frequencies are very well rendered.

Colours And Shapes

The No products found. is available in 4 different shapes and many colours. You will easily find the one that suits you best!

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SoundBot SB210 HD: Questions & Answers

Does it have speakers on both sides?

Yes. The right side is the one that has the controls. Both speakers are attached with Velcro, which makes them easily adjustable.

Can you hear the surrounding noise when you turn up the volume loud enough?

Yes. Even with the volume pushed hard, you can still hear what’s going on around you.

Is the hat suitable for a large head?

Yes, absolutely. The material is extensible, so the SoundBot HB210 adapts to any type of morphology.

Is the SoundBot SB210 HD Bluetooth beanie compatible with the iPhone?

Yes, absolutely.

Can people around you hear the music you are listening to?

No. You won’t disturb others with your music.

Can it be worn under a motorcycle helmet?

Yes, if you remove the headphones, but you may feel pain if you leave the headphones in place.

Is the beanie reversible?

No, because the audio part is inside the hat.

Can two hats be connected to the same Bluetooth device?

If your device allows it, yes. It doesn’t depend on the hat.

How do we recharge it?

Charging is done through the mini-USB port on the leather label.

Can you control the music from your phone?

No. The controls are carried out exclusively from the beanie.

How is it washed?

Simply detach the speakers and battery with Velcro and put the cap in your washing machine!

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