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5 Bluetooth Speakers with a Cool and Classy Design

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It is not because we listen to music in the bathroom that we should not do it with class… The Bluetooth shower speakers in this selection have all an original, cool and classy design, though it’s not their only quality…

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Tribit XSound Go Portable Bluetooth Speaker


  • IPX7 rating: fully waterproof
  • 24-hour playtime
  • Built-in microphone
  • Dual drivers and passive bass radiator
  • Bluetooth 4.2
  • Bluetooth range: 20 meters
  • 2x6W output power
  • Dimensions: 6.7 x 2.3 x 2.2 inches
  • Weight: 0.84 lb

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As we already have to know, and who does not know will suppose it, in the world of speakers there is a great amount and variety of models of all shapes, colors and sizes. However, very few offer such a high sound quality and are as portable as the Tribit XSound Go, which is a portable speaker that has characteristics that make it extremely special, which is why it is so sought after by buyers from all over the world.

When we talk about the different models of portable speakers we are aware that there is an immense variety of these in terms of their characteristics, sizes, shapes and colors, however, very few offer us such dynamic designs as the No products found., which has a design based especially on simple curved lines that give it a special dynamism, in addition to its size is so small that it fits perfectly in the palm of our hand and offers us the possibility of hanging it with a cord practically anywhere without that this indicates fall risk.

The Tribit XSound Go is so light that you can hang it inside a tent without its weight compromising the stability of the structure of it, plus you can also place it in the strips of your bag and you will hardly notice it if it is off; its resistance to shock, sand and water is extremely high, in fact, its classification in terms of levels of waterproofness is in the IPX7 position which indicates that you can use it without problems in the shower, the pool or even if you you find yourself running or playing under heavy rain, since contact with water is not a danger to it.

The performance of the Tribit speaker’s battery is much higher than that of most portable speakers, because a full charge of it can last 24 hours of continuous playback, so we can assure you that it will allow you to choose a band sound that can last all day and night. In addition to this, the recharge time is extremely short if compared with the playback time that this offers us, reaching a maximum of 5 hours of recharge duration. This is why this portable speaker model is so sought after by people all over the world.

But this is not all that the No products found. has to offer, if you think that because it is so small, lightweight and with such a high battery performance this portable speaker will have a poor sound quality, let me tell you you’re wrong, because this small speaker is the holder of one of the highest qualities and definition of sound, offering a range of perfectly modulated and defined sounds, very rich and deep bass tones, surround sound, perfectly adjusted means and sharp completely clear and without distortions created by the level of volume used, which is a lot for something so small.

In addition to its enormous quality in terms of performance and its very high definition of sound, the Tribit speaker has, as we have mentioned much earlier, a great resistance to sand and dust, which makes it perfect for outdoor walks and days of beach or pool, thanks to this small portable speaker is ideal not only for closed sites but it has a great performance in outdoor places, without the sounds from the outside prevent us from enjoying our favorite music completely or being able of diminishing said enjoyment of it.

As if it were not enough the Tribit XSound Go offers us the possibility of being always connected, because thanks to the Bluetooth technology that it has, it can be connected to our mobile phone and other devices in a matter of seconds, it also has a built-in microphone that will allow us to to be able to make and answer calls even if we have our mobile phone at a distance of 66 feet.

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Vava IPX5 Bluetooth Speaker


  • IPX5 rating: splashproof
  • Triangular prism design
  • 2 passive subwoofers
  • Bluetooth 4.2
  • Up to 24-hour playtime
  • Dimensions: 2.56 x 6.69 x 2.56 inches
  • Weight: 1.06 lbs

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For those of us who like to spend a full day listening to our best playlists and favorite songs, traveling listening to music or just enjoying it anytime, anywhere, portable speakers are one of the best options, however, not all portable speakers they offer us a time of music reproduction like the one offered by the Vava shower speaker, which offers us to be able to have a good soundtrack for longer than the most common speakers.

In the world of sound reproduction there is an almost infinite number of products destined to the production and enjoyment of music, among them portable speakers are one of the most sought after options by many people around the world, in this sense there is many models, each with its own characteristics, however, the best model so far is the Vava shower speaker which offers a number of functions and advantages that most portable speakers can not give us, such as , a duration of reproduction beyond the usual.

The performance of the No products found. is thanks to its battery, which has a load capacity of 5200 mAh, which gives us a maximum duration of 24 hours of continuous playback using up to 100% of its volume level. This battery is rechargeable and the recharge time does not exceed 5 hours to achieve a full recharge of the battery; In addition to this, we can highlight the high resistance to water that this portable speaker can have, in fact, its level of impermeability is within the IPX5 classification which indicates that it can withstand splashes and even a soft rain.

In addition to its resistance to water, the Vava speaker is also very resistant to sand and dust, which makes it ideal for listening to music while we carry out outdoor activities such as walking in the mountains, exercising or simply spend a day of beach or pool. Thanks to its sound quality and the high volume levels that the Vava speaker can reach, it can be used perfectly in closed or open places without the external sound affecting our enjoyment of the music, since the volume level of the same does not affect no way the quality of the sounds emitted.

With regard to the sound quality offered by the No products found. we can say that it has one of the highest sound definitions, offering a very deep bass, perfectly defined midtones and high-pitched sounds with an incredible sharpness, the quality of the sounds low is due to the fact that this portable speaker has 2 passive subwoofers that are oriented to the sides, in addition to that it should be noted that the volume used does not have a negative effect on the quality of the sound, as no distortions are created if it is used 100% of the volume that this speaker can reach.

The design of the Vava speaker is quite particular and different from most portable speakers, since it has a triangular shape that makes it suitable for being placed on a flat surface, besides that it helps to a perfect distribution of sound, this speaker has a very small size, which can be checked since it can be placed even inside a cup holder, without counting how light it is, its weight is so small that it could perfectly be hung on the strips of your bag without you noticing any difference as to the weight that this can add to the load.

The Vava speaker has a Bluetooth 4.2 technology, which makes it able to connect to different types of devices that have this technology in a matter of seconds, plus it also has the ability to connect using a 3.5mm auxiliary input which is suitable for devices that do not have Bluetooth.

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Comiso Waterproof Bluetooth Shower Speaker


  • Dual 6W drivers
  • 24-hour playtime
  • 360° surround sound
  • IP65 rating
  • Pair 2 devices for a stereo sound
  • Dimensions: 3.2 x 3.2 x 10.5 inches
  • Weight: 1.2 pounds

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This particular waterproof shower speaker has a rounded shape which allows a 360º sound propagation, then the characteristics that make it attractive:

It has means and treble, in addition to two precision acoustic controllers that allow it to provide an excellent stereo sound.

Improved basses with which a crystal clear sound is achieved, even at high volume.

The most severe sounds at maximum volume have no distortion.

Ideal to enjoy music or your favorite sport while showering.

Compatible with most devices with bluetooth technology.

It has TWS technology (quick start) which allows you to pair your shower speakers very quickly to devices such as Ipod, Ipad, Iphone, tablet, computer, etc.

Completely waterproof splash proof, dust, sand.

Ideal for the shower, bathtubs and jacuzzis. It can be placed on the surface of them.

Double enhanced stereo sound.

Classification IPX5 which guarantees besides the protection to the dust the protection of the same of jets to pressure which makes them ideal for its use under the shower.

It should not be submerged partially or completely in the water, so it does not admit its use under the bathtub.

Super lightweight weighing less than 368 grams (13 ounces).

Reduced dimensions: 16.5 centimeters (6.5 inches) of high and 7 centimeters (2.8 inches) of diameter.

High capacity battery: 44000Mah (thousand ampere hours).

Maximum playback time from 36 hours to 2/3 of its volume at full load.

Without square edges.

Round base that allows greater stability in the place where it is placed.

Due to its dimensions, it is easy to transport.

Requires two lithium-ion batteries

Available in black, white and pink.

Built-in speaker that allows you to take calls when you are connected without needing to take your smartphone just press a button on No products found..

Due to its manufacturing design, its acoustic signal is omnidirectional, which allows it to distribute the sound uniformly, without dead zones, which guarantees a greater sound.

Minimum vibration during sound reproduction.

Amazon offers a 15% discount for the purchase of a second Comiso.

Buyers’ Opinion

This is one of the most popular shower speakers marketed through Amazon, then the perception that some of the users have:

Incredible sound in such a small speaker.

It allows you to pair No products found. and get double the sound, excellent.

One is great two turns out fabulous.

Super easy to set up charge, pair and listen.

Your hook allows you to easily place it in the shower.

Clear sound both to listen to the spoken word and music.

Lovely and elegant color.

It impressed me how it sounds.

Well builded.

Great product for the price.

Great companion while I shower.

Incredible power and battery life, allows its use for 3 to 4 hours a day for 12 days without the need to recharge it.

Excellent sound, no problems to link it with the Samsung Note 5.It has a blue light that stays on while the device is in use

These are just some of the 167 opinions issued on Amazon regarding the Comiso shower speakers.

80% of buyers give them 5 stars.

The box includes the Comiso speaker, a manual, a USB cable and a carabiner.

It is in the top 100 of shower speakers with bluetooth technology marketed on Amazon, ranked 57th.

The value of this beautiful speaker regardless of the color you want is $ 29.99

Comiso is by far one of the favorite shower speakers of the users of this technology.

Its characteristics make this speaker one of the most advanced in terms of technology and versatility.

If your intentions are to acquire a shower speaker do not stop considering Comiso which is very easy to program and easy to pair.

It guarantees an enveloping and clear sound, due to its rounded shape.

Practical hanging in the shower with a hook, its lithium batteries guarantee maximum durability during use.

You can combine two Comiso speakers and get double the sound with excellent quality, you have three colors to choose from, its sound is clear both for the spoken word and for the music so you can listen if you want your favorite sport.

It is a device that matches perfectly with most devices with Bluetooth technology, you can use it immediately upon receipt since the manufacturer ships it fully charged.

Extremely lightweight weighing less than 600 grams, which makes it very easy to transport, with ample reproduction capacity of up to 36 hours.

No products found.

Meidong QQChocolate Bluetooth Shower Speaker


  • 2x5W speakers
  • Compact size
  • 10-hour battery life
  • IPX5 rating
  • Dimensions: 4.7 x 1.47 x 1.8 inches
  • Weight: 11.2 ounces

No products found.

If you want to enjoy the music in your bathroom while you shower, Meidong QQ Chocolate is your main choice when choosing a wireless device for sound reproduction.

Let’s see why:

It can be connected wirelessly with your smartphone, tablet or any other device with Bluetooth technology.

It has a built-in speaker that allows you to answer calls if you wish.

It has an amplifier with advanced IC patent that allows you to improve your speakers up to 50% by increasing the volume to the maximum.

Super compact fits in the palm of one hand.

4 x 2 watt speakers with low impedance level.

Dual high-performance drivers with a unique spiral bass port.

Power higher than 10 normal watts.

Low balanced with a large passive subwoofer for improved performance.

Volume up to two times higher than most speakers on the market.

Its compact size allows you to transport it easily, ideal to place in the shower.

It has the latest version of Bluetooth 4.0 A2DP, connecting quickly and keeping the connection stable.

Designed even for computers through bluetooth or 3.5mm auxiliary cable.

The package includes: 1 No products found., charge cable, micro USB, auxiliary cable, user guide and 18 month warranty.

Built-in microphone.

German high-end manufacturing and classic design.

TF card port and auxiliary input line.

Digital buttons placed on top of the device.

Available in blue, green and gray.

Available in two sizes.

Impermeability IXP5 so it supports being under the shower, more should not be submerged in the bathtub.

Continuous playback time of 1 hour maximum.

What Do the Users Think?

Currently the Meidong QQChocolate is one of the best selling wireless shower speakers in the entire web through the Amazon page with 763 buyers.

Let’s see some of the main opinions:

The Product delivers what it promises.

Flexible system that allows to alternate Bluetooth technology with USB port cable.

Fantastic clear and undistorted sound.

Excellent gift for Christmas.

Extremely small.

The mid frequencies are sweet.

Grants super performance for such a low price.

Battery life is long.

Incredible quality and sound levels.

Rapid load only 30 minutes.

Simple to pair.

Very nice better than expected.

Better than most small speakers.

Awesome speaker lasts hours at maximum volume.

I use it in the shower sounds much better than many.

It is one of the most economical devices on the market with an excellent cost-benefit ratio.

Of the 724 people who have purchased the product, 68% have given it 5 stars.

They come in two sizes which gives you the option to choose the one that best suits your needs.

It is a really small and lightweight device which makes it ideal for installation in the shower area.

The digital buttons are easily accessible as they are located on the top of the device. It can be used as a telephone if desired.

It has a volume of sound far superior to other similar devices, you can place it in the shower or on the bathtub its shape provides great stability. Its bass is balanced and has a great subwoofer.

Its power exceeds the 10 watts that normally have devices of this type, handles the latest version of Bluetooth 4.0 A2DP. It has an advanced IC patent which guarantees an excellent frequency.

Once paired the connection remains stable, which is not the case in most equipment of its type.

The manufacturer gives 18 months warranty.

Its speakers have a low level of impedance which allows an excellent quality in the reproduction of sound.

Its IXP5 waterproofing makes it possible to use it even under the shower, not in the bathtub.

Compact design, which fits in the palm of a hand, design and technology sales leader.

For the reasons mentioned throughout the development of this article the shower speaker Meidong QQChocolate should be considered as an option when choosing a device with Bluetooth technology to use while showering.

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Bongo Bluetooth Wood Portable Speaker


  • Made from natural bamboo wood
  • Designed like a vintage analog radio
  • 15-hour battery life
  • Dual passive subwoofers
  • 360° sound
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • Dimensions: 7 x 2.5 x 3 inches
  • Weight: 1 pound

No products found.

Bongo goes out of the traditional standards of Bluetooth shower speakers, especially for its dimensions, which make it a bit big to place inside the shower, but not in the living room.
Here are the features that make Bongo an option when listening to music in the shower, let’s see.

Specially designed for those who like the Booklyn design.

Bongo is manufactured entirely by hand, which makes it a handmade speaker.

Made of natural bamboo wood with the design of an analog radio.

This speaker is not impersonal at all, with cotton tweed covers and brass screws.

Its wireless range is approximately 30 feet. (9 meters).

Battery with a maximum duration of 15 hours of constant use.

It has high quality drivers and dual passive subwoofers on the back allow you to provide a 360º sound.

Very light but strong.

Bluetooth 4.0 technology, compatible with Ipone, Mac, smartphone, computer or Chromebook, quickly.

Lithium battery.

Elegant design.

Warm and natural sound since bamboo resonates better than metal or plastic.

Below the exterior are two 1.5-inch drivers (3.8 centimeters) and two 1.75-inch (4.3 centimeters) bass woofers.

The device is not waterproof.

Available in colors: green, blue and black.

Control buttons located on the front perfectly visible

Ideal to be placed in the bathroom above the toilet.

Each design is inspired by a great city of the world (Geneva, Oslo, Cartagena, Sao Paulo).

Built-in speaker function.

The packaging includes a Bongo travel bag, a micro USB charging cable and an AUX cable.

What Do the Bongo Users Think About It?

No products found. was included in Amazon in December 2016 and since then more than 115 people have acquired it.

81% of buyers granted five stars to the product. The price ranges between $ 39 and $ 112.

Although it is not a waterproof speaker it can be perfectly placed on top of the toilet or in another area of the bathroom where it does not reach the water, due to its design and manufacturing material, the sound propagation is excellent.

Relatively light and of regular size compared to its similar plastic and metal.

A completely handmade design, very beautiful and aesthetically pleasing, guarantees the propagation of the sound in 360º.

Because of the material in which it is manufactured, it facilitates the propagation of sound, compatible with most devices with bluetooth technology.

100% stable design due to its square shape, which gives stability when placed on a flat surface.

It has a microphone included.

Excellent finishes with aluminum screws that give it a cool look. Lithium battery of long duration, you have 15 hours of continuous playback the subwoofer are located in the back allowing you 360º sounds.

At the moment Amazon is offering an attractive discount over 50% with a price of $ 39.85 which makes this product extremely attractive.

As always before deciding which is the best model for you, check the different alternatives existing in the market.

Review the characteristics you want your speaker to have, write them down so that you do not miss them. Then compare your demands with the different styles found in the market, always taking into account your budgetary capacity. I suggest you do not review shower speakers that are out of your budget as this could frustrate you and negatively impact your final decision.

Not necessarily the most expensive is the best, there are very economic models with excellent features.

No products found.

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