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Should You Buy A Jam Speaker?

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Jam Audio is a young company founded in 2012. Its acronym means “Just add music”. Jam only sells Bluetooth devices: speakers, but also headphones and earbuds. Their prices are more entry-level, with prices ranging from $15 to $70.

In this article we will examine the different Bluetooth speakers marketed by this company. These are available in two ranges: the Chill Series and the Hang Series.

Jam Chill Series Bluetooth Speakers

Zero Chill Bluetooth Speaker

The latest addition to the range, the Zero Chill is an oblong shaped speaker available in 5 different colours. It features an incredible 22 hours of continuous play and an IP67 certification, making it completely waterproof (you can even immerse it in water!) and insensitive to dust.

The Zero Chill also has an interesting feature: when you receive a phone call, it automatically pauses the music while you answer the call. When you hang up, the music continues from where it left off. It also works when you make a call. To our knowledge, this is the only Bluetooth speaker with this function.

Another advantage: the USB cable is integrated! It fits at the base of the speaker. All you have to do is take it out when you need it. No need to look for it everywhere when recharging your speaker!
On the sound side, the Zero Chill has two speakers, which allows it to deliver true stereo sound, as well as 2 passive radiators for punchy bass and presence.

Chill Out Bluetooth Speaker

The Chill Out is the smallest speaker in Jam’s Bluetooth speaker range. As expected, it is not designed to sound like an entire outdoor party, but rather to complement your smartphone’s speakers.

On the sound side, the Chill Out offers an output power of only 3W in mono. Even if it is correct, don’t expect the sound prowess that only a larger, more powerful speaker can provide.

The control buttons are very simple: they are two large buttons “O” and “X” placed just below the fabric loop. These buttons are placed on the cover that hides the location of the USB cable. This way, you will no longer risk losing the precious cable. On the other hand, it should be noted that the cable is not included as standard with the speaker.

If you do not wish to use Bluetooth, a 3.5mm jack cable is included. This way you can considerably extend the battery life, which is already quite comfortable (8 hours of continuous play).

One of the great advantages of the Chill Out is the exceptional long range of Bluetooth: 100 feet, instead of the usual 30 feet of the vast majority of the Bluetooth speakers on the market. This way, even at long distances, you will no longer have to suffer unwanted sound cuts or significant sound degradation!

Thanks to its integrated microphone, you will be able to receive and make phone calls. But the nice thing about the Chill Out is that it will automatically stop the music when you receive a call and pick it up where you left it when you hang up.

Double Chill Bluetooth Speaker

The Double Chill is a kind of compromise between the Zero Chill, which is bulkier but offers stereo sound, and the Chill Out, which is smaller but only offers mono sound.

Like the Chill Out, the Double Chill has an output power of 3W. It’s not a big deal, but the speaker is equipped with a passive radiator speaker, which allows it to produce a deeper sound than just one simple speaker.

Like all other members of the Chill family, the Double Chill is IP67 certified. It is therefore completely waterproof. You can take it with you to the pool, the beach, in your shower or bath without any worries. It can even be completely submerged in water for half an hour.

As for the use, everything has been designed to make it as easy as possible. A fabric loop attached to the top allows the speaker to be placed anywhere. The USB cable used to charge it is integrated into the base of the speaker and hides in it when you no longer need it. The Double Chill automatically switches to the hands-free mode when you make a call, stops music when you receive a phone call and continues when you hang up! It couldn’t be easier!

As for autonomy, its battery offers 12 hours of playing time, a record! Obviously, it depends on the volume at which you listen to the music, but these estimates given by the manufacturer are rather accurate.

The Bluetooth chip it is equipped with offers a range of 100 feet, which is quite comfortable compared to the usual 30 feet of most other Bluetooth speakers. And if you don’t want to use Bluetooth, you can use a 3.5mm jack cable to connect it to a music source. In short, you have the choice!

When it comes to sound quality, don’t expect wonders with only 3W of power. This speaker will not be suitable for an audiophile! On the other hand, you can connect two Double Chill units together to enjoy real stereo sound and boost the power of the unit.

A good little speaker that will follow you everywhere, thanks to its very good portability and the exceptional life span of its battery.

Jam Hang Series Bluetooth Speakers

Hang Around Bluetooth Speaker

Don’t be fooled by its size, because the Hang Around speaker has it in its little stomach! Its two drivers and two passive speakers allow it to deliver a very well defined sound, especially at low and high frequencies. However, the midrange frequencies are slightly lower. Nevertheless, this speaker is suitable for both rock and electronic music lovers.

If the sound doesn’t suit you and you want a real stereo sound, you can pair two Hang Around together to boost the volume. This way you can easily sound your apartment or your next outdoor party! On the other hand, do not push the volume too high because the sound tends to degrade at too high a volume.

The battery seems to be the strong point of the Jam speakers: this one offers an autonomy of 20 hours! This is simply unheard of in this price range! Another highlight is the very long range (100 feet) of Bluetooth. No more fear of being disconnected unexpectedly or having the signal degraded when you listen to your favorite music.

Like all the brand’s speakers, the Hang Around is IP67 certified, which means you can immerse it completely in water for half an hour. It will come out intact! It is also dustproof: it will not fear dust either. Perfect for picnics in the country with friends!

The Hang Around is very easily controlled with 3 buttons on the top of the device. No need to say more!

Finally, Jam’s Hang Around speaker is available in 4 colors: Cream Soda, Blue, Grey, and Black.

Hang Up Bluetooth Speaker

At less than $20, the Jam Hang Up will be the perfect shower speaker for those who like to sing in the shower!
The mini-USB cable is included in the box to recharge it. On the other hand, if you want to use a 3.5mm jack cable instead of a Bluetooth connection, you will have to buy it separately.

The Hang Up is made of a strong and durable plastic material. It is IP67 certified like all other Jam Bluetooth speakers. This means that you can subject it to small shocks or drop it on the ground, it should not come out without too many problems. On the other hand, don’t drop it from the top of a building! Moreover, it is completely waterproof: it will not only not fear splashing water, but you can even immerse it in water for half an hour. It is therefore perfect for showering or bathing!

Another strength of the Hang Up: it sticks everywhere! Where many shower speakers tend to peel off and fall to the ground regularly, the Hang Up is covered with a very sticky material that makes it stick firmly to any type of surface.

The battery has a life of 8 hours with a full charge and it only takes 2 hours to fully recharge. It should be noted that the Hang Up automatically turns off after 2 minutes of inactivity.

However, the sound quality is not the strong point of this small shower speaker: it is not powerful enough to cover the noise that the shower makes when the water flows. Moreover, the basses are really lacking in depth and the midrange frequencies are not very precise: you won’t hear every detail of the song you’re listening to clearly.

For less than $20, the Jam Hang Up is a good little shower speaker that is solid and well made. If you’re not looking for perfect sound quality, this may be the one for you!

Hang Tight Bluetooth Speaker

The Jam Hang Tight is a compact Bluetooth speaker whose moderate price makes it more suitable for entry-level speakers. It shares many of its features with other Jam brand speakers: it is dustproof and waterproof (IP67 certified), has a 100-foot Bluetooth range, an integrated USB cable and an integrated loop to hang it easily anywhere.

The sound quality is not really there, as you would expect with a speaker in this price range. If you push the volume too high, the sound degrades sharply, the basses are not very present and the midrange frequencies are just right. But at this price, it’s not really a surprise….

Like all its counterparts, the Hang Tight is controlled by 2 large buttons: an “O” which is used to increase the volume or move to the next song, while the “X” lowers the volume and moves to the previous song. Not really very intuitive at first sight….

The Hang Tight is available in three colours: blue, grey and black.

If you have teenagers at home, they will probably like this small speaker with its rounded shapes and bright colours. Its characteristics make it an interesting and innovative product compared to similar products in the same price ranges. A gift that will delight your friends or family members. So…. Hang Tight!

So Should You Buy A Jam Speaker?

The Jam Audio Bluetooth speakers offer many interesting features that are generally not found in this price range: IP67 certification (dustproof and waterproof), a Bluetooth range three times greater than usual (100 feet instead of the usual 30 feet), a battery life of up to 20 hours, not to mention the USB cable integrated into the device, something I had never seen before.

Of course, these speakers will never offer you the sound quality of a JBL, Bose or Ultimate Ears, but these cost 3 times more! And you don’t necessarily want to spend a fortune to sound your shower or living room….

In conclusion, I would say that Jam speakers are leaders in entry-level speakers. They are robust, well thought out with very interesting features and fun colors that will wake you up in the morning. So… go ahead with your eyes closed!

Questions And Answers About Jam Speakers

Are Jam Speakers Good?

If you are looking for high sound quality, Jam speakers are not the best choice. But if you’re looking for speakers that are practical, durable and portable everywhere, go for it!

How Much Costs a Jam Speaker?

Prices vary from about $15 to $50 depending on the model.

Are Jam Speakers Waterproof?

Yes, all Jam speakers are IP67 certified: they are waterproof up to one meter deep.

Are Jam Speakers Dustproof?

That’s right. Jam speakers are also dust resistant.

How to Pair 2 Jam Speakers?

It’s very easy. Keep the ignition button pressed on the first speaker, then keep the ignition button pressed on the second speaker. Once both speakers are paired, you can send music from your mobile device to the first speaker.

How to Pair a Jam Speaker to my Bluetooth Device?

Once turned on, the speaker searches for a nearby Bluetooth device. The LED flashes blue, then alternately red and blue. Activate Bluetooth on your mobile device. You should see the name of the speaker in the Bluetooth menu of your device (e. g. “Chill Out”). When the 2 devices are connected, you will hear a tone and then the blue light will remain fixed for a short while, then start flashing blue.

How to Unpair a Jam Speaker to my Bluetooth Device?

Simply press the button marked with an “X” and “play/pause” for 2 seconds to unpair your devices.

How to Pair a Jam Speaker to my iPhone?

See “How to pair a Jam speaker to my Bluetooth device?”.

How Do I Take a Call While Listening to Music?

Briefly press the “Play/Pause” button to answer the call. The music will automatically stop. To hang up, briefly press “Play/pause” again.

How Do I Reject a Call?

If you do not wish to answer, press “Play/pause” further. The call will then be redirected to your mailbox.

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