Jam Speaker: Should You Give It a Try (Or Even Buy It)?

Jam Audio is a young company founded in 2012. Its acronym means “Just add music”. Indeed, if you buy a Jam speaker, you buy it for music!

Jam only sells Bluetooth devices: speakers, but also headphones and earbuds. Their prices are more entry-level, ranging from $15 to $70. In this article we will examine the different Bluetooth speakers marketed by this company.

These are available in two ranges: the Chill Series and the Hang Series.

So Should You Buy a Jam Speaker?

The Jam Audio Bluetooth speakers offer many interesting features that are generally not found in this price range: IP67 certification (dustproof and waterproof), a Bluetooth range three times greater than usual (100 feet instead of the usual 30 feet), a battery life of up to 20 hours, not to mention the USB cable integrated into the device, something I had never seen before.

Of course, these speakers will never offer you the sound quality of a JBL, Bose or Ultimate Ears, but these cost 3 times more! And you don’t necessarily want to spend a fortune to sound your shower or living room…

In conclusion, I would say that Jam speakers are leaders in entry-level speakers. They are robust, well thought out with very interesting features and fun colors that will wake you up in the morning.

So… you can buy a Jam speaker with your eyes closed!

Questions and Answers About Jam Speakers

Are Jam Speakers Good?

If you are looking for high sound quality, Jam speakers are not the best choice. But if you’re looking for speakers that are practical, durable and portable everywhere, go for it!

How Much Costs a Jam Speaker?

Prices vary from about $15 to $50 depending on the model.

Are Jam Speakers Waterproof?

Yes, all Jam speakers are IP67 certified: they are waterproof up to one meter deep.

Are Jam Speakers Dustproof?

That’s right. Jam speakers are also dust resistant.

How to Pair 2 Jam Speakers?

It’s very easy. Keep the ignition button pressed on the first speaker, then keep the ignition button pressed on the second speaker. Once both speakers are paired, you can send music from your mobile device to the first speaker.

IPX5 Rating Explained: How Water-Resistant are Your Devices?

How to Pair a Jam Speaker to my Bluetooth Device?

Once turned on, the speaker searches for a nearby Bluetooth device. The LED flashes blue, then alternately red and blue.

Activate Bluetooth on your mobile device. You should see the name of the speaker in the Bluetooth menu of your device (e. g. “Chill Out”).

When the 2 devices are connected, you will hear a tone and then the blue light will remain fixed for a short while, then start flashing blue.

How to Unpair a Jam Speaker to my Bluetooth Device?

Simply press the button marked with an “X” and “play/pause” for 2 seconds to unpair your devices.

How to Pair a Jam Speaker to my iPhone?

See “How to pair a Jam speaker to my Bluetooth device?”.

How Do I Take a Call While Listening to Music?

Briefly press the “Play/Pause” button to answer the call. The music will automatically stop. To hang up, briefly press “Play/pause” again.

How Do I Reject a Call?

If you do not wish to answer, press “Play/pause” further. The call will then be redirected to your mailbox.

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