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ShackJoy Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker Review

ShackJoy Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker Review

There are many people in the world that are divided by race, ethnicity, beliefs and geography. But there are some things that unite us all. One common thing about the people in the world is a favourite hobby – singing in the shower.

In the shower, people are able to sing their hearts out. They can even set up their own concert while having a shower or preparing for the day.

People love singing in the shower. That is why companies have invented a waterproof speaker that can provide high quality sounds: the shower speaker. What is a shower speaker? Why do people buy it? What do people love about it?

Not only for use in the shower, shower speakers can also be used outdoors, in parks, pools, backyards, etc. and can also be loudspeakers for conferences. Therefore, a shower speaker can connect easily to any gadget. Is there any shower speaker that has all these features? If there is any, is it affordable?

Good news, there exists a shower speaker that is equipped with all these features and more – the ShackJoy Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker.

This article features the ShackJoy Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker. It is one of the best sellers and most positively reviewed waterproof speakers today. What are its features and advantages?


One of the most important things in a shower speaker is the quality of sound it provides. Even though it is small and lightweight, a shower speaker should still be able to produce a good sound.

The ShackJoy Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker has superior sound, power and bass, which are all enjoyed by music lovers. In fact, it is loud and clear enough for parties.

This small shower speaker lasts for up to 12 hours of continuous music at 80% volume. Plus, the battery gets recharged in only three hours.

The ShackJoy Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker can also be used as a loud speaker for video conferences and laptop music. It connects with almost every devices such as Android phones, Iphones and tablets with its 4.1 connectivity.

Unlike other shower speakers, the ShackJoy Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker comes with a premium mount. It is a great attachment to any shower or bath environment as well as a car window. Therefore, it can be used anywhere – parks, beaches, pools, travel, etc.

Secure your money. The ShackJoy Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker is backed up by a 12 month warranty.

It comes with a tough, rugged shockproof resistant green casing to protect it from accidental bumps and drops. It is sand proof and weatherproof too.

It weighs 15.8 ounces, which is lightweight enough to carry outdoors.


  • Great sound quality with bass and power
  • Long lasting battery that lasts up to 12 hours and can be recharged in just 3 hours
  • Comes with free premium mount
  • It can be used anywhere – bathrooms, pools, gardens, parks, cars, etc.
  • Can be used as a loudspeaker for laptops
  • Comes with 4.1 connectivity – this means that it can pair up with many devices such as iPhones, iPads, tablets and Android phones
  • Comes with 12 month warranty to secure from accidental full immersion in water, etc.


  • Short range Bluetooth


You can find in the ShackJoy Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker every characteristic that you want in a shower speaker.

Despite its small size, it provides high quality sound with bass and power that’s great for parties and meetings. Yes, this awesome shower speaker can also be connected to laptops or PCs and serve as a loudspeaker for video conferences.

Another important thing in a shower speaker is durability. The ShackJoy Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker comes with a sturdy, shockproof, green casing that protects it from dust, water and accidental drops.

It also keeps the party of relaxation for hours because the battery has a very long life and can be recharged quickly. Many people are satisfied with its sound quality, build, and portability; but few are not contented with the range of Bluetooth.

The ShackJoy Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker comes with a 12 month warranty to protect it from any accidents. The company truly considers consumers’ rights and safety.

Among all the features and pros of ShackJoy Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker, it is one of the best sellers in stores today. Ask your local gadget stores today about it and get it at an affordable price.

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