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Schitec LED Portable Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker Review

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At this point in the 21st century, high-tech devices are more widely available than ever before. Yet despite the hundreds upon millions of electronic products lining the shelves of supermarkets across the world, gadgets you can trust are frustratingly hard to come by. Bluetooth speakers, for example, are released in the thousands daily, but very few of them do what they are supposed to do. A quality portable Bluetooth speaker becomes even more difficult to find if you are trying to stick to a small budget and aren’t in a position to drop upwards of $50. Thankfully, for thrifty audiophiles, there is the surprisingly impressive Schitec LED Bluetooth speaker.

The Schitec LED Bluetooth Speaker falls on the lower end of the price spectrum, although you’d never guess it from its performance. With the appearance and sound quality of a far more expensive model, this speaker makes it possible to enjoy all of your favorite songs regardless of your financial situation, no earphones or toilet paper roll amplification required.


Many so-called speaker enthusiasts avoid the Schitec LED Bluetooth Speaker because they believe its low price means it doesn’t have a whole lot of useful features. Those people are acting on impulse and cast this speaker aside without giving it a fair hearing. When you take the time to research the Schitec LED Bluetooth Speaker and examine its various functions, what you find is a feature-rich portable Bluetooth speaker that can hold its own against almost any more expensive model you compare it to. In this section, we will be looking at the features that have made the Schitec LED Bluetooth Speaker so popular among those who have tried it out.


Schitec likes to say that its LED Bluetooth Speaker has “unlimited ways to carry or hang.” While this isn’t entirely true, this speaker does boast multiple mounting options. With its super flexible rubber tail, it can be hung from a variety of places, including backpacks, showerheads, and door handles.


Most of the portable Bluetooth speakers in the price range of the Schitec LED Bluetooth Speaker don’t offer waterproofing, or, if they do, it struggles to hold up against any significant rainfall. This speaker, however, boasts a level of waterproofing that would put some more expensive models to shame. With its superior waterproofing, the Schitec LED Bluetooth Speaker gives you everything you need to enjoy your audio in the shower, in the bath, or even in a swimming pool.

Low Price

We’ve made multiple references to the low price of the Schitec LED Bluetooth Speaker throughout this article, but just how much will the speaker set you back? Obviously, the price of the product will vary depending on where you purchase it, but it generally goes for in or around $15. It’s rare to find a speaker of this quality going for under $25, so if you have the money to spare right now you should definitely give some thought to purchasing it before retailers get wise to its popularity and raise its cost.

Pros and Cons

Every product, whether it’s something as expensive as a smart television or something as insignificant as a magnet for your refrigerator has its pros and its cons. The important thing, of course, is that the pros of the product outweigh the cons, thereby justifying its cost and instilling confidence into all those who purchase it. Do the pros of the Schitec LED Bluetooth Speaker override its cons? We believe they do, but we’re going to let you decide for yourself in the following section.

Below, you will find the most notable advantages and drawbacks of purchasing this speaker.


The Schitec LED Bluetooth Speaker is portable even for a portable speaker. In designing this speaker, the good folks over at Schitec chose to use rubber rather than plastic to form its outer shell, which gives it a unique lightweight finish. Weighing in at just 7 ounces, this speaker is ideal for travelers who don’t want to add to the load they lug with them from hostel to hostel.

If you hate having to wait for a speaker to recharge so you can start listening again, you’ll no doubt appreciate the fast charging function of the Schitec LED Bluetooth Speaker. This device can be fully charged in less than 2 hours, so you can get back to listening to your favorite music in virtually no time at all.

It seems that technology is getting more and more complicated with every new device. If you’re buying a Bluetooth speaker for somebody who struggles to adapt to the overly-complicated gadgets of modern times, the Schitec LED Bluetooth Speaker is the way to go. It comes boxed with easy-to-follow instructions so the listener can get it up and running in just a couple of minutes.


Although the Schitec LED Bluetooth Speaker boasts a quick recharge time, its battery life is annoyingly short when compared to other portable Bluetooth speakers on the market. One full charge is equal only to about 4 hours of performance.

This speaker produces crystal-clear sound when played at medium volume, so it shouldn’t give you any trouble if you’re listening to it in a quiet place. However, its sound becomes increasingly distorted the higher you turn it up, so if you need a speaker you can use for house parties and other large gatherings, you should probably take your search elsewhere.


With hi-fi stereo systems, Spotify premium, and concert tickets, listening to music can get pretty pricey these days, though you also have some free options available. However, it doesn’t have to be. With a single purchase of the Schitec LED Bluetooth Speaker, you can enjoy your music in an intimate atmosphere without having to spend hundreds of dollars on sound equipment.

While it may not be perfect for parties (where artistry tends to take a backseat in favor of thumping bass), this speaker is perfect for the lone audiophile who wants to relax with a cup of coffee, a comfy chair, and their favorite album.

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