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Monoprice Hi-Fi DJ Style Pro Over-Ear 8323 Headphones

When it comes to buying outstanding quality sounding headphone products at cheap prices, Monoprice is the best option.

Monoprice have yet released another good product, this time a headphone known as the No products found..

The headphone sells at an insanely cheap price, comes with magnificent features and are designed to withstand heavy use. If you are on a tight budget and love quality sounding headphones, this is one product you do not want to miss out off.

Equipped with earcups that swivel from side to side, this headphone is designed to make sure the padded ear cushions remain in line with your head shape. Having a black closed-back design, this headphone has a rugged feel to it that protects it from heavy use.

Along with its great build, this device has an inbuilt Bluetooth technology that is compatible with all smartphone devices. Users are given the option of using the Bluetooth or audio cables to connect to an audio device.  Here are some notable features that make this product stand out.

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Sound Quality of the Monoprice Headphones

This is the most important feature of every headphone. The Monoprice Hi-Fi DJ Style Pro 8323 are tuned with both sub-bass and low-bass frequencies with highs that have been reduced in order to improve bass sound in loud environments. Those with an audiophile taste would love this device as it has a nice, smooth and balance bass-midrange-treble. Usually, for a headphone with such a low price attached to it, the midrange would have sucked but the mids in this device are fine-tuned to minimize bleed-in to the lowest from the bass frequency. Though this may be a good headphone, I would not recommend this to be used for movies.


This headphone comes with a built-in-microphone which ensures clear conversation when on call or game chat. The build of this headphone is just awesome. Unlike other headphones that come with a built-in-microphone that protrudes outward, this headphone does not have that. Rather has its microphone placed within the headphone.

Bluetooth Technology with aptX

Monoprice 8323 features Bluetooth version 4.1 that allows for up to 33 feet wireless connection range.

This Bluetooth technology comes with a Qualcomm aptX audio codec that ensures a smooth and best audio quality when streaming to enhancing the user’s experience.

Body Build and Design

No products found. are made to last, the body being equipped with lightweight brushed aluminum and plastic around. They can be adjusted to 1.5” on each side to fit the head, the earphone is packed with earcups and padded on the inside just enough to help keep external noise out. Not just that, the headphone also comes with two 3.5mm cables in case you want a more manual connect to any device.

Pros and Cons of the Monoprice Headphones

Despite its low price and quality sound, there are still some features about these headphones that we do not like.


  • Low price (price ranges between $17 – $27)
  • Good bass systems
  • It is foldable
  • Built-in-headphones
  • Rechargeable battery with a running time of 6 hours when fully charged
  • Nice body build designed to withstand heavy use (durable headphone)
  • Bluetooth technology with Qualcomm aptX
  • Noise proof


  • Leather padding – could sometimes cause sweating over prolong use


Are They Good Headphones?

Well yes, for such a price this is the best headphone you’d want to get. Regardless of the price this headphone still stands out among other high-priced headphones. Has good noise canceling feature, great body build with top of the shell Bluetooth technology.

Are They Good at Noise Canceling?

Yes, they are and this is due to the nicely padded earcups. Even in the absence of music playing, they can isolate noise.

Are They Good Compared to Beats?

Yes, they are. If I can get such an awesome sound quality headphone for such a cheap price, why would I go for a higher priced headphone that offers exactly the same? Highs, mids, and lows are all well rendered, combined with a balanced bass-midrange-treble. This earpiece is every audiophile’s dream.

If you are in the market with a fixed budget (whether high or low) and want a quality headphone I’d recommend going for this headphone. It offers just too much and is worth every penny and more.

No products found.

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