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Devialet Classic Phantom Speaker

The Devialet Classic Phantom speaker is another masterpiece coming from the stables of Devialet, a French speaker company universally acclaimed by musicians and audiophiles for their manufacturing quality speakers that produce the most pristine and audible of sounds.

It is, of course, no surprise that the Devialet Classic Phantom has been crowned the loudest best sounding Bluetooth speaker with the most minimal fuss possible.

The truth is the purchase of a Devialet Classic Phantom  WILL create a dent in your wallet, as it is one of the most expensive speakers in the market. However, it will be worth every cent when you feel the sound course through your veins as though injected.

Devialet Classic Phantom - High-end wireless speaker - 1200 Watts - 101 dB
102 Reviews
Devialet Classic Phantom - High-end wireless speaker - 1200 Watts - 101 dB
  • Best wireless speaker in the world: This speaker from Devialet emits an ultra-dense sound with physical impact. No distortion, no saturation, no background noise and features our exclusive analog...
  • High performance: 1200 peak watts is enabled by 108 patents produces, an aluminum tweeter offers an unparalleled frequency range of 14Hz to 27kHz and 101 dB
  • All your sources: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, airplay, Spotify connect, TV, web radio
  • Multi-room: connect phantom in your kitchen, bedroom and living room filling your home with sound, using our dialog (smart-hub) and app to control each room

The Devialet Classic Phantom speaker is designed to look like a component of Grandpa Rick’s spaceship from a Rick and Morty episode, what with its sleek and next-gen looking design.

Of interested in seeing how the sound is actually produced, the speaker can be opened up to show components such as the audio compartment and acoustic drivers that work in tandem to create the audio wonder.

With a surprising heaviness which is a testament to the quality of the speakers, the Devialet Classic Phantom comes in a very nice box which opens up quite easily and forms a platform for the speaker to sit on.

A True Audiophile Sound

One can never get over how good the sound produced by this speaker is. The Devialet Classic Phantom produces a sound that packs a punch, with a full physical impact. However, there is no cease from 16hz to 25khz.

Also, the bass produced is low and rich and doesn’t distort. Listening to certain genres like rock and EDM will feel like you are present at a live concert, with well-structured minds and mind-blowing highs.

The sound separation is also quite detailed, as there is a clear division between the left and right channels.

Vocal performances are absolutely surreal, with beautifully adept sound reproduction that feels incredibly crystal clear and thoroughly well defined.

An important feature of the sound produced by the Devialet Classic Phantom is how realistic it sounds. A singing voice will sound as though it is being sung in the very room where you are, as all the instruments come out in sync and emit a sound that is naturally reproduced.

It should, however, be noted that the speaker is not capable of the supernatural, as the sound it produces is in accordance with the quality of the recording. It does its magic in accordance with its input.

Even though the speaker is best effective at a very high volume, it is also capable of producing a very sensual sound at low and medium volumes. To be totally honest, the Devialet Classic Phantom  might just be perfect when being run to play music at a moderate volume because on this mode, with the highs being crystal clear and the midrange and bass response being incredibly smooth and frame worthy.

In that case, you will be literally obliterated when playing the speaker at a high volume, and this mode is usually not recommended for healthy hearing reasons, except it is being used in a very large room.

So, having already ascertained the fact that the Devialet Classic Phantom speaker is the loudest best sounding Bluetooth speaker, what are the pros and cons, if any, of owning the Devialet Classic Phantom speaker?


  • The sleek design gives off a futuristic vibe which is aesthetically pleasing in this modern day.
  • This speaker also has an aforementioned natural sound production with an extremely detailed midrange, crisp highs, stunning low-frequency reproduction, and bass output. That’s not all, however, as the speaker boasts of lifelike sound and sound production with nil disruption on its output.


  • This speaker is hugely expensive, if not the most expensive Bluetooth speaker in the market today. Some will argue it is the price for being the best. Still very expensive. Also, given its amazing quality, it is sure to produce equal quality sound only on a high-quality audio file. Using low-quality files will detail out all the flaws on the file.
  • Furthermore, heavy equipment requires heavy electricity use, so that might also be a deterrent.

Final Thought On The Devialet Classic Phantom Speaker

The Devialet Classic Phantom speaker  is arguably the best in the market and has been proven to outperform even more expensive speakers in the market. Audiophiles or music lovers, this is definitely the speaker for you.

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