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My Shower Speakers

Loud Shower Speakers

Loud Shower Speakers

Summer is fast approaching. Here comes the most active season of the year when the entire family spends the whole day outdoors. You do the same activities as last year. So to create something new for this year’s summer, why not add some music to your outdoor activities?

Many companies are coming up with different equipment to make life better and more fun. One of the most awesome inventions is the loud shower speaker.

The shower speaker lives up to its name. It is a kind of wireless speaker that can be used in bathrooms, hence, it is waterproof. Instead of cables, shower speakers receive audio signals through radio frequency waves.

Loud shower speaker: Criteria to consider

Shower speakers can be used not only in the bathrooms but also in parks, pools, boats and other outdoor places you could think of. They can also be used as loud speakers during video conferences in meetings or family communications. They are very convenient because they do not require cables or difficult installations.

Are you planning to buy and experience a shower speaker? Here are some criteria to consider when looking for a loud shower speaker:

Sound quality

Since you are buying a speaker, check its sound quality if it is good and is not broken. It must provide high quality audio consistently and without any distortion at a high volume. You do not want to damage your ears or irritate your sense of hearing for buying a low quality shower speaker.

Water resistance

A loud shower speaker is rugged in construction and at least splash proof so it can withstand water. It is intended for wet conditions. If a shower speaker you bought becomes damaged, you bought a low quality type.


Shower speakers are generally small in size and light in weight. They are portable enough for you to carry around at your relative comfort.


Functionality refers to the number of controls you can use to adjust the shower speaker depending on your preference. The more controls it has, the better the shower speaker is. Most shower speakers allow you to answer phone calls, play songs, control the volume, talk to Siri, and more.

Winning loud shower speakers

Today, there are vast array to shower speakers to choose from. All of them seem to be perfect and are of excellent quality. But among this wide selection, only a few are portable, loud, functional and water resistant. Check out the following winning loud shower speakers listed below:

Mimoday Bluetooth Speakers

Mimoday Bluetooth Speaker is a one pound waterproof speaker that produces superior sound quality. It can play up to eight hours of music and comes with a very portable, rechargeable battery. It is equipped with Activ8 shock proof and IPX5 splash proof technology.

It has a built in speaker phone which can be used as far as 33 feet. It is built with Bluetooth 4.0 microphone so you can receive calls anywhere you are. There are a lot of features with the Mimoday Bluetooth Speaker.

SoundX Bluetooth Shower Speaker

SoundX Bluetooth Shower Speaker has a pretty, unique design. It has splash proof IPX4 approved build making it durable and waterproof. You can operate it with its hand free controls. Smartphones, tablets and other devices can be paired with it.

It can be conveniently brought outdoors anywhere. Whether you are having a good shower or having fun under the sun, SoundX Bluetooth Shower Speaker can provide you hours of quality sound experience.

There are more types of shower speakers that come in different sizes, shapes and features. But not all promise high quality construction and sound. Therefore, it is always a good idea to check on the abovementioned criteria, portability, functionality, water resistance, and sound quality, when buying.

Loud shower speakers are always the best choices. They provide sounds that do not break even at the highest volumes. They come with quality bass and power that make the party or any other activity lively and more fun.

Once you have your own shower speaker, summer will be more fun and lively and showers will be more musically enjoyable. Truly, this modern era has brought devices that make life better and worth living.

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