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IPX7 Rating Explained

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IPX7? What’s that?

When you decide to buy a shower speaker, or even any other Bluetooth device you want to take outdoors, one of the most important things you should not overlook is its protection from intrusions of liquid elements such as water, especially if you plan to use your speaker in a wet environment such as the pool or the shower.

Indeed, it would be a real shame to irreparably damage your beautiful and cool Bluetooth speaker, wouldn’t it?

Fortunately, the manufacturers have thought of everything and you can easily check the protection of your device.

In general, the statements explained below are printed on the product box.

The IP System

The IP rating system (IP stands for “International Protection”. The term “Ingress Protection” is also used) expresses in a simple way the resistance of a product to the intrusion of solid (such as dust) or liquid elements (generally water).

The system has several levels, marked from 0 to 9. Often, 2 numbers are indicated: the first one expresses the level of protection against dust, the second one the level of protection against water. If one of the 2 elements has not been tested, the number is replaced by an “X”.

On this subject, if you want to have more details on the IP rating system, you can consult the full article dedicated to it on this page.

What Exactly Does IPX7 Mean?

If you refer to the table on the article mentioned above, you will notice that the IPX7 rating means that the device is protected against immersion in water at a depth of 1 meter. This one must have been in the water for half an hour.

More clearly, an IPX7 certified device is called “waterproof”. So, if you see the words “waterproof” on the packaging, make sure that the device is at least IPX7 certified, like this one from BassPal.

Sometimes, manufacturers abuse the waterproof mention and apply it to devices certified at levels lower than IPX7, such as IPX4 for example (like this shower speaker).

However, an IPX4 device is designed to resist only splashing water. It will not survive total immersion. It is therefore more appropriate to speak of “splashproof” for IPX4 certified devices.

Better Than IPX7: IP67

As mentioned above, an IPX7 protection also means that the device has not been tested against dust intrusion. If such protection is important to you, consider buying an IP67 certified device instead.

Bluetooth speakers can be IP67 certified. On the other hand, shower speakers are never. Indeed, what is the point of protecting a device that will be used exclusively in a bathroom? 😉

Even Better: IPX8

The IPX8 standard goes further, even if its specifications are a little more vague. IPX8 means that the device can be immersed in water “under the conditions specified by the manufacturer”. Here’s an IPX8-certified Bluetooth speaker: Kinps SoundCircular.

In fact, this means that the manufacturer has tested the device under conditions adapted to the product. The tests will be stricter for diving equipment than for a simple Bluetooth speaker for example.

In practice, you can consider that the device can be immersed in water at a depth greater than 1 meter for more than one hour.

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