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IPX4 Rating Explained: All You Need to Know

Water Splash
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If you’re reading this page, it’s because you want to know which shower speaker is best for you, right? Of all the criteria to be taken into account, one of the most important is not the way the speaker looks, but the protection against water. This seems logical for a device intended for use in a wet environment….

IPX4 (we also often find the term IPX7) is very often used when talking about shower speakers, as with all devices designed for outdoor use (Bluetooth speakers, solar powered speakers, headsets, tablets, smartphones…).

Before choosing which shower speaker to buy, it is very important to make sure that this term is clearly indicated.

But what is the definition of IPX4 exactly? Well, you’ll know if you read this article to the end!

The IP Rating Standard

First and foremost, what is an IP rating (or IP code)?

IP stands for “Ingress Protection” (we can also find the term “International Protection”). It is a standard established in 1989 by the International Electronic Commission (IEC). IP ratings were subsequently adopted by the European standard EN 60529 (Source: Wikipedia).

It indicates the degree of protection of a device against the intrusion of solid or liquid bodies.

It therefore consists of two digits: the first indicates the degree of protection against intrusion by solid bodies (dust protected for example), while the second digit indicates the same thing but for liquid bodies.

When one of the two elements is not necessary, the number is replaced by an “X”.

This is often the case for shower speakers, for which it is considered that only water protection is sufficient: the first digit is often replaced by an “X”.

In this case, only the water resistance is tested. The device can not be considered resistant to the intrusion of solid objects (dust, fingers…).

By the way, if you want to know more on the IP Standard, feel free to go to this page.

And if you’re too lazy to read, you can watch this video that explains the IP rating Standard:

Okay, But What About IPX4?

To establish each degree of protection, tests are carried out to subject the device to intrusion by solid or liquid elements.

To ensure a level 4 protection against a liquid element, water is sprayed from all directions towards the device for 5 minutes. If the device resists, it is IPX4 certified. So we can say that it resists water jets (or splashing water).

The higher indices of the standard are more demanding: for example, an IPX7 rating means that the device can be completely immersed in water to a depth of at least 1 meter for 30 minutes.

If the device is IPX4 certified, it can, therefore, be said to be “Splashproof” (water jets resistant).

If it is IPX6 certified, the device is protected from powerful water jets.

If it is IPX7 certified, it is “Waterproof”.

You will find a complete selection of IPX7 waterproof shower speakers on this dedicated page of the site.

We recommend that you do not purchase a shower speaker if it is not at least IPX4 certified. The lower protections are not sufficient. For example, IPX2 protects only from dripping water.

But don’t worry, the latest speakers are all certified to at least IPX4 (water resistant), like this one from Victsing. For example, the AYL SoundFit has an IP code of 5. Some are even IP68 certified, like the Kinps SoundCircular.

In any case, it’s absolutely necessary that the device is provided with an IP rating (Ingress Protection rating).

Victsing SoundHot C6 Shower Speaker
The Victsing SoundHot C6 is an IPX4-Rated shower speaker – Source:

Which Devices Use the IPX4 Certification?

Of course, it is not only shower speakers that use IPX4 certification.

Generally speaking, all devices that can be used outdoors must be tested for water resistance.

Bluetooth speakers, Bluetooth earphones (which must be sweat resistant), but also flashlights, diving watches… Even smartphones are now certified IPX4 or even IPX7.

IPX4 Or Higher?

IPX4 is a minimum for the choice of a shower speaker (or any other Bluetooth speaker for that matter).

Indeed, if you plan to use your speaker inside your bathroom, it must abolutely resist water jets.

So why should you be interested in higher standards? Indeed, there are many IPX7 (up to 1 meter immersion) certified shower speakers for example.

The first criterion is your budget: IPX7 certified speakers tend to be a little more expensive than IPX4 certified speakers, although there are cheap and good quality IPX7 certified speakers.

The second criterion is the use you will make of it: if you use the Bluetooth speaker only in your shower, IPX4 is sufficient. B

ut if you also plan to take your bath with it, you should prefer an IPX7 certification. Indeed, if your speaker accidentally falls into your bath, it may no longer work.

On the other hand, IPX7 certified speakers are often designed to float on the surface of the water. Practical!

Are you sure these iPhones have an IPX4 rating?
Are you sure these iPhones have an IPX4 rating?

IP44 Rating Explained

The IP44 rating is not found much in the world of shower speakers or Bluetooth speakers in general. Rather, it applies to lighting equipment used in bathrooms or outdoor lighting fixtures. It indicates that the device is protected against the intrusion of solids larger than 1 mm and against water intrusion from all directions.

For bathroom lights, you will find a detailed explanation on this page. For garden lights, you can visit this page: The Sparks Direct Blog.

What If There Is No IP Code Indicated?

If no such statement is indicated, it does not mean that the device is not waterproof. It simply means that the manufacturer has not tested it according to the IP standard.

It will simply indicate “Waterproof“, “Splashproof” or “Dustproof”. It is therefore advisable to check with the seller before purchasing such a device.

Beware of Incorrect IP Mentions!

Be careful when you come across an IP mention written in a strange way: IPX-4, IP-44… This is most likely a misleading mention. The product will probably not have been tested against water intrusion.

Avoid buying a product that tries to mislead you. This one is likely to be of poor quality…

Make sure that you buy products with an IP code without separation: IPX4, IP44…

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