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IPX Rating Explained

Drops of Water

Waterproof, splashproof, water-resistant… these mentions can sometimes be confusing for the shower speaker buyer. Indeed, these are just vague appellations put there for commercial reasons.

On the other hand, you have probably already noticed mentions such as “IPX7” or “IP69”. These statements indicate the actual degree of protection against intrusions.

The International Protection Marking

The IP code (International Protection Marking, sometimes called Ingress Protection Marking) is an international standard of the International Electrotechnical Commission published for the first time in 1989. It is adopted by the European standard EN 605293.

This index classifies the level of protection offered by a material against intrusions of solid and liquid bodies.

The format of the index, given by the IEC 60529 standard, is IP XX where the characters XX are two digits and / or one letter. The figures indicate compliance with the conditions summarized in the table below. When no criterion is met, the digit may be replaced by the letter X.

A shower speaker is often rated IPX followed by a number. This means that only its water resistance properties have been tested.

Level Protection Against
 0  No protection.
 1  Protected against vertical drops of water.
 2  Protected against drops of water up to 15° from the vertical.
 3  Protected against falling water up to 60° from the vertical.
 4  Protected against splashing water from all directions.
 5  Protected against jets of water from all directions (nozzle: 6.3 mm, distance: 2.5 m to 3 m, flow: 12.5 l / min ± 5%).
 6  Protected against strong jets of water from all directions (nozzle: 12.5 mm, distance: 2.5 m to 3 m, flow: 100 l / min ± 5%).
 7  Protected against the effects of temporary immersion (up to 1 m) and for 30 minutes.
 8  Submersible equipment under conditions specified by the manufacturer (prolonged immersion) beyond 1 m.
 9  Submersible equipment under conditions specified by the manufacturer (extended immersion) beyond 1 m and Protection against high pressure cleaning.
 9K  Protection against high pressure, high temperature cleaning from multiple directions.

Splashproof or Waterproof?

In summary, it can be said that a device is splashproof from the protection index 4 and waterproof from the protection index 5. From the index 7, the device can be completely immersed in water, and from the index 9, it resists high pressure cleaning.

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  1. A few days ago I found a similar speaker product website. On this website, more importantly, the price is very cheap, but in China sellers, I am very worried about quality problems, please give me some advice. Here is the link to the site:

    1. Hi Katie, thanks for stopping by. The site you’re talking about is similar to mine: it doesn’t directly sell the product but redirects customers to an online store (AliExpress, whereas my site redirects to Amazon). If you live in the United States, I wouldn’t recommend buying from a chinese site such as AliExpress: you will pay taxes and shipping costs. And if you compare prices with Amazon, there aren’t so much differences. Hope this helps!

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