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iFox iF013 Bluetooth Shower Speaker Review

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Portable speakers like the iFox iF013 are designed to be lightweight and compact; everybody knows that.

However, it seems that some portable speaker manufacturers get so caught up in producing small speakers that they completely neglect the actual sound quality of said speakers, which ultimately results in an almost microscopic speaker incapable of producing anything more than a barely noticeable bleep.

In fairness to the manufacturers of portable speakers, it is remarkably difficult to find the perfect combination of compactness and sound quality.

Thankfully, with the iF013, it looks as though iFox Creations has done just that.

Controlled by its hands-on leader Michael Shinnick, iFox Creations is dedicated to producing premium-quality goods for the “difficult to buy for” types, and the iF013 speaker is definitely one of them.

Ranked among the brand’s best-selling products, the iFox iF013 will make the perfect gift for the audiophile in your life.

In fact, you should probably buy two, because there’s a significant chance you’ll like this speaker so much that you’ll want to keep it for yourself.

In the past we reviewed the iF012, which was also a high-quality shower speaker.

Features of the iFox iF013 Bluetooth Speaker

As mentioned in the introduction, iFox Creations’ primary focus is producing goods that people can give to their “difficult to buy for” family members, which means the brand doesn’t deal exclusively in Bluetooth speakers.

Because of this, some audiophiles may be quick to write it off. However, the iF013 performs to the standard of a speaker produced by a far more experienced manufacturer and offers a number of useful, unique, and maybe even game changing features. You will find some of the most notable listed below.

100% Waterproof

As even the least qualified marketing associate will tell you, declaring your supposedly waterproof product to be “100% waterproof” is a bold and possibly ill-advised move.

iFox Creations, however, proudly labels the iF013  as such, which speaks volumes about the brand’s confidence in the product.

With its superior waterproofing, the iFox iF013 is ideal for those searching for a Bluetooth speaker they can make use of in the shower or the bath.

This speaker is IPX7 certified, which means it can be fully submersed in water up to 3 feet in depth. You will really enjoy your music everywhere!

Another great Bluetooth IPX7-certified Bluetooth speaker is this one from BassPal or the great JBL Flip 5.

A Great Sound

One of the most important characteristics of a Bluetooth speaker is of course the sound quality. The iFox iF013 does not disappoint in this respect with its 5W of power.

Admittedly, it’s not much, but it’s enough to produce a quality sound, better than what comes out of your phone…

And you can get the party started with its colorful LED lights!

Suction Cup

The challenge of most shower speakers is finding a place to put them where they are unlikely to slip or fall while you clean yourself. This is a problem iFox Creations sought to remedy when designing the iF013.

This speaker comes equipped with a highly adhesive suction cup, which allows it to be stuck to shower walls, kitchen counters, and even car radios, so you’ll never have to be without your favorite music.

FM Radio

Because the iFox iF013 tends to retail for a relatively low price, many assume that it works exclusively as a Bluetooth speaker.

However, it also boasts an FM radio function, a feature typically seen on significantly more expensive models. It is this FM radio feature that makes the iF013 arguably the perfect Bluetooth speaker for older people who simply want a speaker that will allow them to listen to the radio news during their morning shower.

A Great Battery Life

Its 650mAh battery gives it a record autonomy of 8 hours, not bad for a device of this size! And the full charge takes only 3 hours.

Pros and Cons of the iFox iF013 Bluetooth Shower Speaker

Given their lack of experience in producing Bluetooth speakers, the iFox Creations design team deserves heaps upon heaps of praise for their work on the iF013.

They have given the audio world a portable Bluetooth speaker that is absolutely loaded with features, many of which rarely appear on speakers in its price range.

These features give the product a wide selection of pros that would justify any purchase of it. That being said, the iFox iF013 is not without its faults and has been linked to a number of cons by unsatisfied iFox Creations customers venting their frustrations online.

In this section, we will be examining both the pros and the cons of this speaker so you’ll know exactly what to expect should you decide to go with it.


One of the major pros of the iF013 is that it connects to virtually every device with Bluetooth capabilities. Audiophiles who purchase it will be able to play music from their tablets and smartphones regardless of their age or manufacturer.

Music requires so much more than a pair of ears to be properly listened to. If you want to experience your music to the fullest, you need to listen to it in the right atmosphere, which is why the iF013  comes fitted with a LED lighting display.

Although that display is optional, when activated it creates the ideal atmosphere for listening to music.

iFox Creations paid careful attention to the iF013 throughout the design process to lower the risk of malfunctions.

That being said, it’s impossible to eradicate errors altogether. Should you run into any problems with your iFox iF013 within a year of purchase, you’ll be able to turn to the brand’s generous 365-day warranty for a repair or a replacement.


Although the iF013 has the ability to connect to an iPhone via Bluetooth, it is not compatible with Siri, so controlling your device hands-free is essentially impossible.

A common complaint about this speaker is that when the LED lighting display is turned on, it is difficult to make out the device’s on/off, play, and pause buttons.


Finding the perfect speaker is almost as challenging as finding the perfect gift for the “hard to buy for” person in your life.

However, with the iF013, you may be able to kill two birds with one stone (metaphorically speaking, of course).

For audiophiles, the iFox iF013 promises crystal-clear audio with enhanced treble and boosted bass so all aspects of a song can be explored and experienced to the fullest.

This almost unparalleled level of sound quality is backed by a long battery life and an even longer warranty for a comfortable listening session every time.

For your “hard to buy for” sibling or parent or partner, the iFox iF013 promises the convenience of being able to listen to music and/or the radio in the shower or at a house party.

With the ability to stick to a car window or a bicycle frame, it’s the ideal gift for somebody who may not necessarily love music but finds it difficult to kill time during long journeys.

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