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iFox iF012 Bluetooth Shower Speaker Review

iFox iF012 Bluetooth Shower Speaker Review

iFox is a family run business that sells home and personal audio products such as Bluetooth speakers, earphones, earbuds, headsets, and charging cables.

The company was created from the idea that some people are just that hard to purchase gifts for because they already have everything. The No products found. is a direct result of that idea.

No products found.


  • Outstanding speaker quality
  • Built to last
  • 2016 models now have white filled buttons making it easier to see the buttons in the shower
  • CE, FCC and ROHS certifications
  • Fully waterproof
  • Comes with suction for wall, shower or car music
  • Bluetooth connection in 6 seconds or less
  • Speakerphone functionality
  • Range
  • 100% Money-Back guarantee for 1 whole year


  • IPX Rating

Waterproofing is pretty good. Although it is not currently IP rated, they are probably going to apply for it in the future.

  • Sound

The 3W output speaker should be enough to drown out the shower sound.

  • Battery Life

The speaker boasts a 600mAh Lithium ion battery that takes 2-3 hours to charge to get from zero to full. The battery can last for hours but avoid using it too much so that it becomes too low or you’ll be facing some annoying problems.

The charger that this speaker uses is non-proprietary. A reviewer mentioned that he has already used 3 different USB chargers and they have all worked pretty well.

  • Pairing

If you are someone who owns an iPhone, Android, or any devices that can utilize Bluetooth, then pairing is made easy. You should be able to play music through apps such as Spotify and Pandora without any problem.

  • Special Features

It also comes with a hands-free calling feature that allows you to answer calls at the push of a button. iFox also seems to have mastered the suction cup technology. Their suction cups tend to stick everywhere with a smooth surface.

One reviewer had a teenage son with autism who loves music. The child also loves toys and electronics but somehow gets everything in the shower with him so they are pretty much destroyed instantly, especially if they run on batteries.

For his 16th birthday, his dad bought him an No products found.. Now his son brings it everywhere. Using a Google Play Account on a Chromebook, he paired it to the speaker. It now allows his dad to track his sons locations especially if he chooses to sleep somewhere other than his room.

With a click of a button, he paired it with his son’s iPhone so he could ring his son’s location. Because of its long battery life, they have managed to keep track of his son wherever he goes, making sure that he is not somewhere dangerous. His son has also matured more and no longer plays with toddler music toys.

In lieu of iFox’s mantra, this Bluetooth water speaker can be considered one of the best gifts for the person who has everything.


The sound quality may be on the low side especially from a review stated that it sounds like an old AM radio. The product is also pretty disruptive when your battery is low.

The control buttons can wear out fast because of the same button design for both volume and previous/next track. Hard/fast pressing a button may, unfortunately, skip a song unintentionally especially if you are just adjusting the volume. Again, it comes down to the design.

The speaker also seems to be on the quiet side when listening to quiet music such as blues and jazz, even at a distance of eight inches from the face.


Out of 1,324 Amazon Reviews, iFox has garnered 4.5 out 5 stars, with only 169 bad reviews, and the rest are positives.

Because of its price, battery life, durability, and the family oriented customer service style of Michael Shinnick, the owner of iFox, it has been one of the most successful Bluetooth shower speakers.

For a reasonable price, iFox has made a very functional shower speaker, but only for the purpose of a shower speaker. In terms of audio quality, you may need to look for something else. But in terms of reliability, functionality & durability, the No products found. takes the cake.

No products found.

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