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How to Use Bluetooth Shower Speakers

How to Use Bluetooth Shower Speakers
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If you enjoy listening to music and singing in the shower, you might take your phone with you in the bathroom. Unfortunately, your phone is prone to splashes of water. Well, we all know that phones are not water resistant; they can even be damaged with water.

There are times that your phone rings but you answer it with wet hands. This can also damage your phone because water might get into it. This is a problem that should not be a hinder to a good lifestyle. What should be the solution?

This article describes shower speakers, how to use a Bluetooth shower speaker, and features that different brands of shower speakers have.

How to use Bluetooth shower speakers?

The user manual that comes in the package shows you how to use Bluetooth shower speakers. In case you want to learn first before buying, here are simple steps:

On placing a Bluetooth shower speaker inside a shower.

You can place it either on the wall of the bathroom or in a shower cubicle. Some shower speakers replace shower heads. Shower speakers with adhesive on the back can be fixed on cubicle glass.

Some shower speakers are intended to be hung on any surface. It does not matter if water splashes on it because Bluetooth shower speakers are waterproof.

On adjusting controls depending on your preference.

Bluetooth shower speakers are equipped with controls that allow you to turn the power on or off, volume down or high, and track, pause or play. They also allow you to answer or hang up the phone.

Even though your hand is wet or you are in the shower, water is not a problem with a waterproof shower speaker.

On pairing its Bluetooth connectivity with mobile gadgets.

Using Bluetooth shower speakers is very easy especially when it comes to pairing them with mobile devices. There is a piece of paper on the device where the specification is indicated. In order to pair it, you have to turn on the device by pushing the turn on button and holding it for seconds.

Turn on your mobile Bluetooth and it will automatically find it as long as your device is already actively searching for objects. Then, just click and pair with it.  After connecting, all you have to do now is to place the speaker thing in the shower and enjoy some music.

On installing it.

Installation it fairly simple. Just find a good smooth spot and push the suction cup on. If you have a slate wall, you just have to hook the carabineer to the shower curtain. After the device is settled, you can now start and play some music on your phone. Any time you can adjust, just press any button from it.

If someone is calling, just press for it and you can pick up the phone. A Bluetooth speaker usually has FM radio as well. Push and pull and play the button and a plus button and it will switch from Bluetooth audio receive to AM FM; you can also switch back the same line.  Audio quality is tested.

Bluetooth shower speakers are available in different variations and manufactured by different companies. In general, for safety precautions, note the following:

  1. Do not let the device be exposed to heat or sunlight.
  2. Keep it away from any metal object to avoid short circuits.
  3. Charge only when it is dry.
  4. Do not submerge in water.

There are also some criteria to consider when purchasing a Bluetooth shower speaker. They are important to be a wise buyer and be able to choose the best product among hundreds of choices.

  • Portability
  • Sound quality
  • Durability
  • Cost
  • Water resistance
  • Functionality

Bluetooth shower speakers are intended to be small and lightweight. But this portability should not affect the quality of sound they provide. Also, do not be fooled by inexpensive Bluetooth shower speakers because they might break easily.

Always look for the products that are made of durable materials and made by a trusted brand. For Bluetooth shower speakers, always check on the above mentioned criteria.

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