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How to Listen to Free Music Online

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As we said before, singing in the shower brings many benefits.

In order to be accompanied during your morning serenades, you need to find a source of quality music. What would you say if this music was free?

The legal music offer continues to diversify on the web. Today radios, streaming, podcasts, allow you to listen for free and legally the music of your choice without necessarily go through the download box.

There are many opportunities to listen to music on the Internet legally and for free, whether streaming, stream listening, or even downloading. Commercial music is available free on the Internet through many channels.


Spotify works much like a radio that would be set according to your musical tastes: you can choose a specific artist, a genre, a mood…

Spotify can also make recommendations based on the music you have already listened to.

You can listen to music from your Internet browser or from the dedicated application, available on all platforms.


Soundcloud is a little like YouTube for musicians: they use this platform to upload their creations. It is therefore the ideal service to discover new artists. Some confirmed artists are also present on Soundcloud: you will find their music there, but it will rather be extracts of songs rather than whole pieces.

The music is completely free: no interruption by advertising!

You can browse the site without interrupting the music you are listening to: the player will always be visible at the bottom of the screen of your computer or mobile device.


On Pandora, you will find both the music of your favorite artists and that of lesser known bands.

Fill in your favorite genres and artists and Pandora will create a personalized playlist to suit your musical tastes. As you listen, the platform will offer you artists related to those you already love. If you do not like the proposed ones, you can tell Pandora to offer you something else.

You can create up to 100 custom radio stations.

In the free version, your listening experience will be interrupted by ads. You do not have this inconvenience if you subscribe to the paid option, which will allow you to have access to additional features. is both a webradio and a website offering a system for collecting statistics and recommending music.

In order to supply the site with tapping statistics, it is necessary to install a plugin named AudioScrobbler which retransmits to the list of songs that the user has listened to with his multimedia player or his digital music player. It is also possible to use a media player that integrates this plugin, such as Rhythmbox, Audacious Media Player, Amarok, foobar2000 or Spotify. This allows the system to provide a detailed analysis of the music being listened to by each user, for example showing their favorite artists or tracks on their personalized page (but accessible to everyone).

The system generates music recommendations for each user providing statistics. He also proposes to listen to artists he would appreciate, thanks to a system of collective intelligence.

There are two ways to create a music profile on The first is to listen to music through a media player equipped with AudioScrobbler. The second is to listen to one of the many webradios that offers


Bandcamp is an online music store that focuses primarily to independent artists.

On the site, users have a space that they personalize with the albums they download. All tracks of albums can be listened to for free online and some artists choose to offer free downloads of their music.

It is an excellent way to discover new artists, with the possibility to buy their music in digital or physical format. Bands can also sell their merchandise directly from the site.

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