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How to Charge a Shower Speaker

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Shower Speakers are usually IPX rated, which means you can use them for wet and bumpy conditions. They are easy to charge and have a long battery life rated for 8-12 hours of use with about three hours recharge time.

USB charging with an outlet charging is usually provided. Shower speakers also come with a 600mAH to 1500mAh Lithium Ion battery.


We have come a long way since the old days when we wanted to enjoy music, we had to tune into our big sound systems. Nowadays, everything is going portable. In the past, listening to music from your shower meant turning up the volume in your room. Nowadays, we have shower speakers.

Wireless technology is heaven sent, especially for tech users of this current day and age. Unfortunately, not everything runs on magic. This means that occasionally, you would still have to charge your shower speakers.

How do you actually charge shower speakers? To put it simply, just plug your speakers into any outlet, using the charger that comes with the device. Just wait for the battery indicator to show that the speakers are fully charged.

Battery Life

When you are in the shower, you don’t exactly want to have charge your speakers since you want to focus on listening to music. As such, you should be wary of your shower speakers’ battery life.

Current shower speakers can last for 8-12 hours on one full charge. For instance, the Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker IPX7 Grade by Tech Acoustics can hold a charge for 13 hours when using 30% volume.


Charging your speakers should be easy, but of course, you must know some certain precautions. Lithium Ion batteries, the ones we are currently using for our phones, speakers, and other mobile/modular devices, react poorly to warm conditions.

Some experts suggest that batteries should be charged between 50-80% to function. In newer models, especially in smartphones, they have a way of sensing if the batteries are already full. It is best to ask the current manufacturer of your shower speaker if they come with an anti-overcharging function.

There can also be some dangers with using your shower speakers, especially because they have electricity running through them, albeit as batteries. You may unintentionally damage your device. Avoid using your device when charging.

Charge Cycles

Our current batteries have a limited number of charge cycles, regardless of the maker. That is to say, charge cycles can be defined as the number of times we charge our device from zero to full.

Maybe someday we will have an infinite number of charge cycles or a battery that can last a decade, but until then we have to take proper care of our devices, especially shower speakers.

  • Charger

Make sure to use the charger that comes with your device as it is best rated for its charging functionalities. In the event that you lose or damage your charging device, consider replacing it immediately.

Be sure to pick a reliable provider and check the specifications. For example, there are fast chargers and normal chargers. Fast chargers tend to charge devices faster since they output more wattage, but not all devices are compatible with this.

Contacting your manufacturer/supplier may give you better knowledge on how to replace your chargers, and they may even provide you with a replacement if it is still under warranty.

  • Lifespan

If you are like everybody else, you have probably owned many electronic devices with Lithium Ion Batteries. As discussed earlier. For instance, Apple’s iPhones have a GUI to see how many charge cycles your devices have been through.

Most shower speakers do not come with this functionality. In the event that you feel that your shower speakers are frequently need charging, the problem may be that your batteries are dying.

You should start considering replacing the batteries if they are not embedded in your speakers. But if the batteries are embedded or soldered into your device, changing your shower speakers are your only option.

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