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How Do Bluetooth Speakers Work with an Android Phone?

Smartphone with Spotify

If you have a Bluetooth speaker, you need a source to connect it to. This source will produce the music that you will then play over the speaker.

Most of the time, this source will be a smartphone or tablet. And most of the time, this device will use the Android operating system to run.

So how do you make your Bluetooth speaker and music source work together in perfect harmony?

Well, read this article and you’ll know everything!

Entering Pairing Mode on Your Bluetooth Speaker

First of all, you must activate the pairing mode on your speaker. If this is not done, the speaker will not be able to detect your source device.

The procedure may differ depending on the model of the speaker, but the solutions described below should be suitable in most cases. If it still doesn’t work, consult your speaker’s user guide. The procedure is surely described there.

Hold Down the Power Button

Often, all you have to do is turn off your speaker and then turn it back on again by holding down the power button. This operation should put the speaker into pairing mode. Often, a small “beep” will be heard or a small light will flash.

Hold Down the Pairing Button

Some Bluetooth speakers have a dedicated Bluetooth button. This one often has the Bluetooth symbol written next to it. Hold it down until you hear the “beep” or the light starts to blink.

Now that your speaker is able to be discovered, you will be able to pair it with your phone or tablet.

Connecting the Speaker to Your Android Phone

You will only have to do this once. The phone will then recognize your speaker each time you turn it on.

  1. First put your Bluetooth speaker in pairing mode, as described above
  2. On your phone or tablet, slide your finger from the top of the screen to display the notification center
  3. Slide your finger again to display the notification center in full view mode
  4. Keep your finger on the Bluetooth symbol to display the Bluetooth settings
  5. Tap on Pair New Device to start searching for your speaker
  6. Once you have found it on the list that appears, tap on its name to connect it

You can also access the Bluetooth settings by going to your device settings and typing Connection or Wireless and Network depending on your device model.

The connection should take a few seconds. A message should appear indicating that the connection has been made.

Connecting Several Speakers at Once

Some speakers can be connected together to the same sound source to obtain a stereo sound or to increase sound power. In this case, you will need to download and install the dedicated app provided by the speaker manufacturer.

Go to Google Play to download the app. How to use it should be described in the speaker manual.

Are you still having problems? Feel free to tell us in comments!

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