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How Do Bluetooth Shower Speakers Work?

How Do Bluetooth Shower Speakers Work

Before, speakers were used to send messages to people on a larger scale. Then they were used to listen to music. With the modern era, speakers are now used inside bathrooms and even outdoors. One of the most typical speakers that has this kind of capacity is the Bluetooth shower speaker.

How does a Bluetooth shower speaker work? This article talks about Bluetooth shower speakers, their advantages over a Wi-Fi shower speaker, how they work, criteria of the best Bluetooth shower speakers, and more.

What Is a Shower Speaker?

Simply put, a shower speaker is a Bluetooth speaker designed to be used… in the shower! More generally, this type of device can be used in a humid environment such as a bathroom.

It has a degree of water resistance, which varies depending on the model (more information on this page), which allows it to be exposed to splashes, and even, for some models, to be completely immersed under water without being damaged.

The shower spekaer is generally small in size, which allows it to be easily moved and installed wherever you want. The shower speaker is usually equipped with a system that allows it to remain attached to the shower wall, such as a suction cup.

How Do Bluetooth Shower Speakers Work?

Bluetooth shower speakers are wireless speakers that rely on Bluetooth technology. They are paired with mobile devices to play music and receive phone calls or video calls in loudspeaker mode. They receive audio signals utilizing radio frequency waves (RFI) rather than using audio cables.

Bluetooth shower speakers provide great sound quality and crisp, clear sound. They also provide stereo sound. To understand more about how they work, let us take a look at Bluetooth technology.

How Do I Turn a Shower Speaker On?

To turn on your shower speaker, simply press the power button usually located on the top. This button is easily recognised by its logo:

A LED will usually light up. A short sound can also be heard.

How Do I Connect My Phone to My shower Speaker?

First, you must first pair your shower speaker to your phone. To do this, you must press the pairing button (see your shower speaker’s manual to find it) for a few seconds to put the shower speaker into pairing mode. A beep will sound to alert you that the shower speaker is in pairing mode. Often, a light will start flashing.

Then, you need to verify that your smartphone has detected the shower speaker. Check the Bluetooth menu on your device and make sure the name of the shower speaker appears. For a more detailed explanation, you can read this article if you have an Android device, or this article for Apple devices.

A message will tell you that the two devices are properly connected together.

Are Shower Speakers Safe?

As long as you follow the manufacturer’s instructions, the use of a shower speaker will not be a problem.

In particular, make sure that you comply with the degree of water protection specified by the manufacturer: for example, do not immerse a shower speaker in water if its degree of protection is rated “IPX4“. It will not resist. Instead, prefer a shower speaker with an IPX7 rating.

Here’s what you should remember: From IPX7, you can immerse the shower speaker under water. At lower degrees, no.

As far as electrical problems are concerned, as long as you do not leave it plugged in during use, there will be no problem, as the batteries used do not have a very high voltage.

What is Bluetooth?

Bluetooth is a wireless technology used to transfer data among different devices over short distances. It uses short wavelength UHF radio waves from mobile devices to create personal area networks or PANs.

It was invented as an alternative to RS-232 data cables. It can connect up to seven devices. It has been success in solving the problem of connecting more than two devices. It was invented by the telecom company, Ericsson, in 1994.

Specifications of Bluetooth

When you scout for Bluetooth shower speakers, you might see shower speakers featuring Bluetooth 3.0, 4.0, 4.1, or lower. What do each of these figures mean? These are the specifications of Bluetooth technology. Shower speakers come in different specifications of Bluetooth technology.

The Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) formalized Bluetooth specifications and formally announced them in May 1998.

Bluetooth 1.0 and 1.0B, 1.1, and 1.2 were the first versions of Bluetooth which had many errors. Then came Bluetooth 2.0 onwards until the latest versions used today that are more stable than the older ones.

These are the latest specifications of Bluetooth which are used by Bluetooth shower speakers:

  • Bluetooth 3.0 + HS

This version was adopted by the Bluetooth SIG on April 2009. It delivers theoretical data transfer speeds up to 24 Mbit/s. Its main feature is the Alternative MAC/PHY (AMP) which adds to the 802.11 to make a high speed transport. Other new features of this specification are unicast connectionless data, enhanced power control, and ultra wideband.

  • Bluetooth 4.0 + LE

Adopted in June 2010, Bluetooth 4.0 + LE is the latest Bluetooth technology used in shower speakers. It features Bluetooth high speed, Bluetooth low energy protocols, classic Bluetooth, classic Bluetooth with Bluetooth protocols, and Bluetooth high speed based on Wi-Fi.

Bluetooth 4.1 is a variation. It has more advanced features than Bluetooth 4.0. Its features include LE link layer topology, dual mode and topology, mobile wireless service coexistence signalling, train nudging and generalized interlaced scanning, and more.

Bluetooth shower speaker buying guide

The latest Bluetooth shower speaker has the latest specification of Bluetooth technology. It usually has the better audio quality, farther range and more. It is one of the major factors to consider when purchasing a Bluetooth shower speaker.

Here are other criteria to check when looking for the best Bluetooth shower speaker:


Bluetooth shower speakers should be small and lightweight enough to carry them anywhere. They are intended to provide sound and connect to mobile devices anywhere you go – pools, shower, mountains, camps, etc.

Sound quality

The portability of the Bluetooth shower speaker should not compromise the quality of sound it provides. The audio should be loud enough, clear and crisp. Some models come with a built in mic. Make sure that it is a good quality that delivers clear voice audio.


The controls should be enough for you to adjust the different functions of the Bluetooth shower speaker. Usually, the controls include the power, volume, answer phone calls, talk to Siri and more. The more control it has, the better functionality the Bluetooth shower speaker has.

Now that you understand how a Bluetooth shower speaker work, it is no longer a mystery. Wireless technology has truly made life better and more fun.

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