My Shower Speakers

My Shower Speakers

Have More Fun in Your Shower with these 10 Funny Bluetooth Shower Speakers


Taking a shower is part of our daily routine (well, I hope so…). Why not make it a funny and pleasant moment? This selection of 10 funny Bluetooth shower speakers will bring a little happiness to start your day…

SoundBot SB510 Shower Speaker

They are round, funny, and exist in 5 different colors. The SoundBot Bluetooth speakers nevertheless deliver a good quality sound thanks to a cavity structure that delivers very good highs and mediums. An integrated microphone will allow you to make hands-free calls. They are water resistant and have a good autonomy of 6 hours.

And if you’re looking for a more high-end version of this product, look at the SoundBot SB517.

OnHand Creature Bluetooth Shower Speaker

Launched through crowdfunding, the Speaker Creatures are surely the cutest shower speakers on the market! These adorable animals exist in 6 different models: “Aretha”, the blue octopus, “Beyonce”, the blue snail, “Biggie Snails”, the black snail, “Elvis”, the green snail, “Kesha”, the black turtle and “Miley”, the blue turtle. They are of course Bluetooth and have an integrated microphone for hands-free calls. Their suction cups will hold them on all surfaces.

XmanxNew Mini Water Resistant Wireless Shower Speaker

This one, we would believe it came from another planet! Its crackled design and flashing multicolored LEDs will add ambiance to your bathroom! It has a microphone for hands-free calls and its loudspeaker delivers a full stereo sound.

TopYart Portable Super Bass Mini Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

No, it’s not a golf ball or a little robot, it’s a loudspeaker! Its resolutely futuristic look will surely go well in your bathroom… Available in 5 colors: black, white, yellow, blue and red.

Aduro AquaSound WSP20 Shower Speaker

This small speaker is available in many different colors and designs: siren, marine anchors, zebra, octopus… It is water resistant (IPX4 certified), and has a suction cup to keep it fixed on any surface.

Shower-Mate S4 Water Resistant Wireless Bluetooth Portable Shower Speaker

The ShowerMate will add a little fun to your shower with its 7 different colors (personally, I love the zebra version …). It delivers a sound of fairly good quality, even at high volume. It resists water but is not completely waterproof.

Bilifun Portable Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Its very original shape and its yellow color will not go unnoticed in your bathroom! Its 5W output power delivers a sound of good quality, and its battery gives it a very good autonomy of 8 hours. Moreover, It is completely waterproof (IP66 certification).

Splash Tunes Pro Shower Speaker

In addition to its very nice colors, the Splash Tunes Pro has many qualities: very large keys to have easy access to the different functions, a battery that lasts for more than 12 hours, an IPX7 certification that will not make him fear water (you can even completely submerge it) and a Bluetooth 4.0 chip that makes it perfectly communicate with any device.

Hrome Bluetooth Shower Speaker

Its design is inspired by a legend of Northern Europe: a light of hope in the night… It is not only beautiful but very practical with its backlit LCD screen that will allow you to see the clock, the radio stations or the volume level. Its 5W output power allows it to deliver a sound of very good quality, with strong bass. And you can even make it fall into your bath, it will still work perfectly after!

Maythank Magic Flower Shower Speaker

It is surely the most original speaker of our selection. Not only will it give you a great sound in your shower, but it can also be used as a mood light or night light in your children’s room. Even more: you can place a real plant inside! Touching the plant will trigger a small music on the piano and will vary the color emitted by the device. It also works without plants thanks to an integrated sensor.

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  1. This is GOOD STUFF.
    I owned one of these and recommended them to my friends. Most of them has one now! We love to sing so much and I am sure all ShowerSingers out there agree that the bathroom is a great place to practise your vocals. However, playing music via the phone has two big disadvantages. Firstly, the phone might get wet. So let’s place it further. But as we do that, the volume is way too low to be heard – which is the second big disadvantage. And this waterproof speaker solves all problems! I only knew about the other cuter versions of this speaker at your site. Thanks for sharing!! A great Xmas gift 🙂

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