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Have More Fun with these 9 Funny Bluetooth Speakers

Funny Bluetooth Speakers

Do you love listening to music? Do you have a smartphone, tablet, iPod or iPhone to play your favorite tunes? You must be aware that by connecting a Bluetooth speaker (Did you know that some speakers are now powered by solar energy?) to your portable device, you are able to listen to your favorite bands anywhere: at the beach, by the pool, outdoors, when hiking, even in your shower

So why not make it a funny and pleasant moment? This selection of funny Bluetooth speakers will bring a little happiness to start your day…

Aomais Emoji Funny Bluetooth Speakers

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Already responsible for the excellent Aomais Ball speaker, this time Aomais presents a whole series of fun portable speakers in various shapes and colors. You can easily take it anywhere and hang it anywhere with its clip.

This small device looks like nothing like that but it is a concentrate of technology: it is equipped with Bluetooth 4.2, which guarantees a trouble-free connection up to 10 meters and even has the TWS feature to further simplify the connection and to be able to connect 2 speakers together in order to double the sound power and have a real stereo sound. You can also connect these cool and funny Bluetooth speakers by wire with a 3.5mm jack cable.

Let’s talk about power: this small box has a 10W amplification, which is quite exceptional for a device of this size.

Of course, it has an integrated microphone, so you can make hands-free phone calls (with a funny voice if you like!).

Its IPX4 certification will not make it afraid of water splashes. You can take it with you everywhere, whether it’s to the beach, the pool or camping!

By the way, here you will find another cool IPX4-certified Bluetooth shower speaker: the Victsing SoundHot C6.

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Zoo Tunes Funny Animals Portable Bluetooth Speaker

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Talking of funny Bluetooth speakers, these are some of the best!

Do you love animals as much as music? Adopt a bear, an owl or a panda!

The rechargeable battery will provide you with up to 10 hours of music. You can also connect the speaker via a USB cable.

Bluetooth is obviously present. If you do not wish to use it, an AUX port is provided for connecting a cable.

These small funny Bluetooth speakers only offer 2W of power: you won’t end up deaf!

The control buttons, on the other hand, are reduced to the strict minimum: on/off and volume control. A charging indicator is also present.

The Zoo Tunes cool speakers are available in 6 funny animals: panda, owl, rabbit, kitten, tiger, and bear.

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Jamoji Kiss Wireless Funny Bluetooth Speakers

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The Jamoji funny Bluetooth speakers and their funny heads will delight children (and their parents). Add a touch of fun to your morning shower!

The sound they offer is not unpleasant at all, even if you will never get a hi-fi quality sound with this kind of small speaker…

The Jamoji speakers are of course Bluetooth for wireless connection with your smartphone or tablet, and this over a range of 10 meters. An auxiliary port is provided if you do not want to use Bluetooth to connect to your music source.

You can also make phone calls without hands thanks to their built-in microphone.

Once recharged, the Jamoji funny Bluetooth speakers will give you an autonomy of 6 hours.

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My Audio Pet Mini Fun Bluetooth Animal Speaker

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Why bother with a boring Bluetooth speaker when you can have funny Bluetooth speakers? This is what the My Audio Pet speaker range of products offers.

Available in 14 different cute models (unicorn, frog, cat, bee, chick, monkey, goldfish, cow, blue owl, brown owl, pig, panda, dog, baby seal), they will make you crack!

The sound is really good quality (3W of power), especially considering the very small size of that cool device, which is barely bigger than a golf ball.

They are equipped with the latest version of Bluetooth (4.2) and offer TWS functionality to connect 2 My Audio Pets together and enjoy true stereo sound.

The 500mAh rechargeable battery will provide you with several hours of uninterrupted music.

To prolong the fun, an interactive app is also available to play with your Audio Pets.

Accessories are also included: the speakers are delivered with a charging cable and a carrying strap.

And to top it all off, these little funny Bluetooth speakers in the shape of animals have been rewarded with the best design and functionality by the National Association of Parenting Products!

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Rittle Whale Shark Cute Mini Bluetooth Speaker

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What could be more normal than having a shark whale shaped speaker in your bathroom? In addition to being very cute, this whale (or shark?) still has an output power of 3W, enough to sound your shower or bathroom with a pleasant and precise sound.

You can, of course, connect it in Bluetooth to your smartphone or tablet and take pictures remotely with its selfie function.

Its rechargeable battery gives it an autonomy of approximately 3 hours: that’s much more than you’ll need for your bath! Note that the USB cable is provided. The complete charging time is about 1 hour. A small light on the bottom of the unit indicates the charging status.

Its compact size (3.5 X 2.5 X 3.5 X 3.5 inches) and lightweight (approx. 40gr.) will allow you to place it anywhere, or even hang it up with its supplied strap.

Of course, like almost all Bluetooth speakers, you will have an integrated microphone so you can make phone calls without your hands.

This little funny whale is definitely very cute and offers a very complete range of features!

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SoundBot SB510 Cool Shower Speaker

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They are round, funny, and exist in 4 different colors: blue, white, yellow and black.

Their unique cavity structure provides HD sound with noise reduction technology that allows it to deliver very precise sound in high and medium frequencies, as well as rich and deep bass.

Its IPX4 certification makes it splashproof. Ideal for use in the bathroom! The cool SoundBot SB510 is supplied with a detachable suction cup to attach it to the wall or any flat surface.

Its battery gives it an autonomy of 6 hours of continuous play. An integrated microphone will also allow you to make or receive phone calls in hands-free mode.

It communicates via Bluetooth with your mobile devices over a distance of 10 meters. What a great funny Bluetooth speakers!

And if you’re looking for a more high-end version of this product, look at the SoundBot SB517.

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XmanxNew Mini Water Resistant Wireless Shower Speaker

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This one, we would believe it came from another planet! Its crackled design and flashing multicolored LEDs will add ambiance to your bathroom! It has a microphone for hands-free calls and its loudspeaker delivers a full stereo sound.

It’s a different style, but still so cool and funny! Real funny Bluetooth speakers are there!

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Shower-Mate S4 Water Resistant Funny Bluetooth Speakers

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The ShowerMate will add a little fun to your shower with its 7 different colors (personally, I love the cute zebra version …). It delivers a sound of fairly good quality, even at high volume. It resists water but is not completely waterproof.

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Hromen Cool Bluetooth Shower Speaker

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Its design is inspired by a legend of Northern Europe: a light of hope in the night… It is not only beautiful but very practical with its backlit LCD screen that will allow you to see the clock, the radio stations or the volume level.

Its 5W output power allows it to deliver a sound of very good quality, with strong bass. And you can even make it fall into your bath, it will still work perfectly after!

Want more details about the Hromen speaker? Look here.

Another little great shower speaker with colorful led lights: Basspal IPX7.

To sum up, a great funny Bluetooth speakers!

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Tips to Buy the Perfect Funny Bluetooth Speaker!

As an ever increasing number of individuals are understanding the advantages of performing various tasks, fun shower speakers makes it feasible for people to get up to speed with their most loved digital broadcasts or radio shows before anything else.

To make the most out of your buy, here are two or three components you should remember while putting resources into a cool Bluetooth speaker:

A Fun Style

While picking the correct cool and funny Bluetooth speakers, one key part to remember is guaranteeing it matches with your restroom’s general style. Might sound banality (and in the event that you are a person you probably won’t mind at everything except) the correct tasteful matching can truly support your temperament. Even if you look for a fun speaker, it should go with your overall bathroom decor.

In the event that you’ll just be utilizing your funny Bluetooth speakers in the washroom, put resources into a model you can undoubtedly join to the shower dividers yet elegantly coordinates your shower tile. Likewise consider your accessible shower moving space since a massive shower speaker could always hold you up and conceivably ruin the general music-listening experience.

Nonetheless, in case you’re looking for a flexible cool Bluetooth gadget that you can likewise use during your open air trips, consider putting resources into a convenient model that will suit every situation.

Shower speakers are accessible in an enormous assortment of shapes and sizes so it shouldn’t be an issue to discover one that best suits your own special cool and funny style!

Connectivity of your Funny Bluetooth Speakers

At the point when it boils down to remote speakers, Bluetooth is presumably the most widely recognized association convention on account of its usability and comfort.

Throughout the years, Bluetooth innovation has made some amazing progress and can essentially be found in most work area PCs, cell phones and vehicle radios. You can without much of a stretch pair your cell phone with the speaker in merely seconds and effectively keep up the network over a separation of 30 – 50 feet.

Be that as it may, it is exhorted not to move the speaker with a cool design excessively far away from the cell phone its combined as the sound quality can truly crumble.

Likewise, watch out for battery limit. Bluetooth empowered gadgets are notable for rapidly depleting batteries.

Rittle Whale Funny Bluetooth Speaker – Source:

Mounting Options (to Place your Funny Bluetooth Speakers Everywhere)

In the event that you plan on conveying your cute little speaker to the entirety of your outdoors undertakings and pool parties then it is basic you put resources into a lightweight model. A reduced and compact model makes it simpler for clients to haul it around anyplace they go.

A few funny Bluetooth speakers can even fit serenely in the palm of your hands making significantly simpler to ship here and there.

Be that as it may, in the event that you expect on mounting the speaker inside the shower work space, guarantee it accompanies a solid suction cup or a simple to utilize mounting section. While most mounting sections ought to be anything but difficult to introduce, some may expect you to bore an opening in the divider.

A little-known technique is to put two portions of covering tape onto the tile in a X design directly above where you plan on boring. The tape will help abstain from breaking the tile.

As you drill through the tape you should feel the boring tool pound as it experiences the coating.

On the other hand, you can utilize carabiner cuts and additionally some string to hang your funny Bluetooth speakers from the shower pole. A low tech yet effective arrangement.

A Great Battery Life Is Better!

How long do you plan on utilizing the speakers consistently? Charging any gadget can appear to be an errand if the battery depletes rapidly.

This is essentially why you ought to consider the battery life of your cool Bluetooth speaker and in particular, the sort of battery it employments.

Pay special mind to speakers that idea at any rate between 6 to 12 hours of playback time. This will effectively get you through the whole week in the event that you hold the volume level in line.

Also, picking a fun gadget that offers quick charging will result in much more noteworthy accommodation.

Volume: Not Cool If There’s Not Enough of It!

You ought to pick your funny Bluetooth speakers cautiously relying upon the volume that you anticipate from it.

On the off chance that you essentially need to utilize the speaker in the shower, at that point a 3-5 watt speaker ought to be adequate.

Assuming, notwithstanding, you might likewise want to utilize the cool speaker when you’re engaging at home or even outside, you may require the sound yield to have somewhat more power.

There are some waterproof funny speakers that offer something other than one coordinated speaker to guarantee that increasingly solid can be heard.

A Cool Price Is always Fun!

With regards to cool and cute speakers, as with everything else, you get what you pay for. In the event that you just have a constrained spending plan, you might have the option to get a lower-controlled speaker, which may have the option to yield lower volumes.

It is improbable that a lower-valued funny speaker will have the option to offer a long battery life either.

Waterproof speakers will in general fluctuate from $10 to $100 in cost. You should attempt to purchase the best funny Bluetooth speakers for your cash to guarantee that it will be tough, sound great and have the option to furnish you with greatest usefulness and battery control.

Other Funny Bluetooth Speakers

Funny Bluetooth Speakers with Cool Light Effects

For instance, in the event that you need a cool speaker for your next party, at that point it is worth to check those ones which make them light impacts to flavor up the fun party.

You can discover such speakers in the Sony’s Extra Bass line-up, similar to the No products found., No products found. or the No products found. can even do blazing strobe impact.

The Sony SRS-XB41 is unmistakably intended to be a great fun party speaker since it even got some music-production highlights, which means tapping the speaker from five unique headings will make the speaker play different sounds over the highest point of the tune you’re tuning in to.

From the JBL speakers, the No products found. has a decent lighting impact.

On the off chance that the light isn’t sufficient and you need to take it to the following level, at that point the Fireside Audiobox even gives you genuine blazes which are moving as indicated by your played music.

Probably the coolest speaker of it all!

On the off chance that you discover the fire a piece excessively steep, at that point you can discover funny Bluetooth speakers with water impacts like the No products found. or the No products found..

Remaining at the lights there are even light speakers which are standard lights stretched out with Bluetooth speaker functionalities like the No products found..

SoundSOUL Water Fountain – Source:

Levitating Cool and Funny Bluetooth Speakers

Another intriguing class is the suspending funny speakers, in the event that you need something eye-getting, cutting edge in your front room then you unquestionably need to check these speakers.

What basic in these cool gadgets that a few pieces of them can glide attractively noticeable all around making a dazzling varying media experience.

Such suspending speaker is, for instance, the No products found. or the No products found..

Retro Style Speakers: Cool Speakers Like in the Good Ol’ Times!

You can likewise discover a few cool choices in the event that you need a cutting edge gadget with a retro look.

Chiefly the guitar intensifier makers speak to this plan line like the No products found. or the No products found..

They produce extraordinary retro funny Bluetooth speakers with a vintage look for the most part in the greater bookshelf speaker classification, in any case, you can likewise locate some littler models like the Fender Newport.

In the event that you need something significantly increasingly credible, at that point check the Vintage Vinyl Bluetooth Speaker which is really produced using utilized vinyl records. So cool!

And the Coolest Part of All: The Conclusion of this Funny Bluetooth Speakers Review

Bluetooth funny shower speakers are the best arrangement with regards to tuning in to music in your shower or washing zone. As these best Bluetooth cool shower speaker surveys appear, you can get an extraordinary scope of styles, sizes, and shades of funny Bluetooth speakers so you can coordinate it flawlessly with your washroom stylistic layout.

The purchasing guide features the significance of a portion of the fundamental highlights that are offered by cute and funny Bluetooth speakers.

You should consider the degree of waterproofing that the speaker can give, the battery life, sound yield and versatility in addition to other things to guarantee that you get the best cool speaker for your cash.

Make sure to look at whatever number changed items as could be expected under the circumstances to guarantee that you are not simply picking the first that you take a gander at and recollect that a higher spending will normally show signs of improvement quality speaker with longer battery life and better quality parts.

I hope you liked this review of funny Bluetooth speakers and that you’ll soon purchase one! Don’t hesitate to leave a comment using the form below. Have fun!

Funny Bluetooth Speaker Image: Chinavasion

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