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Can You Use Bluetooth Headphones on Airplanes?

Can You Use Bluetooth Headphones On a Plane

Bluetooth headsets, which have grown to be increasingly more well known within the last several years, have banished the cables that once attached the heads of ours to the products of ours.

But great as they might seem, there is one small snag. Bluetooth isn’t, theoretically, compatible with planes. Will you really make use of Bluetooth headphones on a flight, in order to enjoy your music or your favorite audiobooks? What exactly are the rules?

As of today, there continues to be a brand new electronics ban in place, limiting the usage of several bigger Bluetooth headsets, along with many other things, on flights.

For example, it’s commercially enforced on all UK flights, although in fact most airlines say you are able to make use of the headset throughout the flight itself. Simply do not use them throughout taxi, landing as well as take off.

The General Rule: No You Can’t Use Your Bluetooth Headset on a Plane

The recognized worldwide principle is actually you can’t make use of some wifi or maybe Bluetooth products which are actually bigger than a smartphone, and which can’t perform on’ flight mode’, while flying. When there is a flight mode and you have got it switched on, then the unit itself is actually acceptable. Short-range bluetooth products as headset & keyboards are actually okay also throughout the flight, it seems.

It is believed that use of Bluetooth as well as wifi interferes with the plane’s devices of interaction along with other complex material, along with distracting passengers in a potentially risky situation. Several airlines do not even allow passengers to go with noise cancelling headset, as they’re bigger than a smartphone, although a few do not make use of Bluetooth.

Let’s just remember that by default Bluetooth is forbidden on most companies. If you wish to travel with your Bluetooth headset, it is better to check with the onboard staff before take-off.

Even if it seems less comfortable, you can in any case fall back on a wired headset, most Bluetooth headsets are supplied with a cable for this purpose. And if you’re using a smartphone without a jack plug, the adapter is very tolerable for a few hours. And then why not take advantage of those few hours of travel time to take your smartphone off your hands and dive into reading?

Can You Use Bluetooth Headphones with In-Flight Entertainment?

Unfortunately, most in-flight entertainment systems do not have a Bluetooth connection. Some airlines use Wi-Fi to stream their multimedia content to the passengers’ portable devices.

Recently, however, a new device has appeared on the market that allows you to use your headphones wirelessly with any non-Bluetooth system: the AirFly. Just plug the AirFly into your music source and then pair it with your headphones via Bluetooth.

Available at a very reasonable price, the AirFly is the ideal solution to overcome the lack of Bluetooth on airplanes. You can have more information about it on Amazon by clicking on the following link: AirFly Wireless Transmitter .

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