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You Won’t Run out of Power with these Bluetooth Speakers without Battery

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Bluetooth speakers without battery… what a strange concept…

The Bluetooth speakers you can usually find on the market all have a battery. This is logical because they are intended to be carried everywhere with you.

However, in some cases, it may be more appropriate to install Bluetooth speakers without any battery, and thus not bother to constantly recharge a battery that has, for the best models, an autonomy of about ten hours.

Indeed, if you use your speaker only to sound your house or apartment, why buy a portable device?

These speakers will be powered from a standard power outlet, just like any other household appliance.

There are not many of these devices on the market today, but recently a well-known furniture brand has entered the market. This is the Swedish brand Ikea.

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A Bluetooth Speaker by Ikea

It had been known since the announcement of a partnership between Ikea and Sonos, that the Swedish furniture giant intended to make its mark in the world of wireless speakers. It did not take so long to see the first audio products with the Ikea logo.

There are of course No products found. for these devices, whether they are wall mounted or directly compatible with the speakers so that they become real decorations and a plus for your home.

Small precision for great relief: unlike everything found at Ikea, this time nothing to assemble yourself!

The smaller speakers include an integrated handle (larger ones can use their bass port for this role), and it is possible to add No products found. to the compact model to make it portable for 10 hours. Both models are compatible with a wire cable.

Two Models of Eneby Bluetooth Speakers without Battery

The No products found. is offered in two different versions. One big and stationary: the Eneby 30. A smaller and portable one: the Eneby 20.

Although they have the same name, the two Eneby models are not identical from a functional point of view. Because if one of them, with its very generous dimensions (30 x 30 x 11 cm, for a weight of 4.3 kg), is a purely sedentary model that can only operate connected to the mains, the second one is less cumbersome (20 x 20 x 8 x 8 cm, 2.1 kg) and can be equipped with an optional battery that makes it a portable speaker, with an autonomy announced between 8 and 10 hours.

Despite the rather large dimensions of the speakers, they are both capable of reproducing only a mono sound. The small model of Eneby Bluetooth speakers without battery has an 8 cm woofer and a 2.5 cm tweeter on board. As for the large model, it keeps the same tweeter, but switches to a 10 cm double woofer. Apart from Bluetooth connectivity, connectivity is a single analog input on a stereo mini-jack.

The Design of these Ikea Bluetooth Speakers

The first personal touch of the Swedish franchise: design. These new gadgets are large, fairly minimalist squares, but rather generic at first glance, although it is possible to remove the fabric plate to have a more traditional look.

As for the Bluetooth side, if it is functional and seems to synchronize easily and quickly, the sound quality takes a hit, and we end up with a sound that is sometimes quite messy.

For the small model and its $49 price, we can afford not to be too fussy, but when it comes to the biggest at $89, we quickly realize that the competition offers better for less expensive, and will, therefore, be tough. This is all the more unfortunate as these problems seem to disappear as soon as you plug in the device with the jack.

The smallest model is supplied with a handle that can make it a portable accessory, however, it should be noted that the battery pack that allows you to use it without having to connect it to the mains is sold separately.

But this handle, and this is what brings the Ikea concept of the Bluetooth speakers without battery, also allows you to attach it yourself to the walls, or even to the manufacturer’s furniture, which is particularly well suited to this use. This modular aspect is a good reminder of the company’s spirit and is certainly one of the aircraft’s biggest arguments.

Using the Eneby Bluetooth Speakers

The No products found. are equipped with Bluetooth 4.2, which gives them a range of 8 to 10 meters.

They also have 3.5mm format jack inputs for those who do not want or cannot use Bluetooth.

All controls are grouped in a single button: on, pairing, volume and equalization settings. Unfortunately, it is not possible to select songs from the speaker. An indicator light lets you know which function you are adjusting.

For example, to adjust the bass, you must hold the button down for 3 seconds. The indicator light then flashes slowly. Press it again and you will switch to the high-frequency setting. The indicator light will then start flashing quickly.

Both speakers are powered by an electrical cable (not a transformer). The small model of Bluetooth speakers without battery, the Eneby 20, accepts a removable battery, but you will have to buy it separately.

Sound Quality of the Eneby Speakers

Given their price, the Eneby speakers have a rather satisfactory sound quality.

The two versions have a different sound but share some similarities. They offer a powerful sound and you won’t be afraid to push the volume: the sound will always be clear and undistorted. They will be perfect for home parties.

They deliver sound with real bass, which makes sense for the larger model, equipped with two woofers, but also for the smaller model. A nice surprise! This can be explained by the fact that Ikea has opted for quite large dimensions, much larger than traditional Bluetooth speakers. This size helps to provide deep, good quality bass.

These speakers are mono, like most Bluetooth speakers without battery in this price range. So don’t expect sound from all directions!

What is unfortunate, however, is that it is impossible to pair two speakers together to obtain stereo sound, as is the case with more and more models.

Further Explanations

The rear has a bass-reflex aperture. This implies that the range to the wall behind the Eneby 30 has some audio effects. When placed directly on a wall, the sound of the speaker can be very low, we suggest a distance between the front arms or free installation.

As an accessory, one and one are available.

The electrical connector is a connecting cable for small devices (“Euro plug” / “Achterkabel”).

A jack (3.5 mm) for external drives is also available.

For example, if you want to work with a PDA, you can connect an Amazon Echo Dot with Bluetooth – the first time via the Alexa application. Alexa then listens via the Echo mic and can play music or weather reports on the Ikea No products found.. This connection can be deleted or resumed at any time using a voice command (“Alexa connect you with Ikea Eneby 30”).

Final Thoughts

But even if it is unlikely that these speakers will upset the market, they mark Ikea’s entry into the sector, and this is only the beginning.

We know that the teams are currently working on a new speaker concept with Teenage Engineering, an audio company, as well as a new gadget (probably speakers or headphones) should be released next year in collaboration with Sonos.

These companies should give the boost that seems to be lacking to make the Swedish giant a real player in high-tech and gadgetry because even if this first project will not be the biggest success, there is no shortage of good ideas.

Pros and Cons of the Ikea Eneby Bluetooth Speakers without Battery


  • High volume: With 29.9 × 29.9 × 29.9 × 29.9 × 10.6 centimeters, the Eneby 30 has a capacity to offer, which has a beneficial impact in combination with the three integrated speakers. The volume can be set at a very high level, as many compact speakers are unable to follow. At the festive level, the sound stays free of treble in the treble, at best, the bass will become blurred and duller.
  • Design: Yes, it’s a matter of taste – but this rectangular façade and the minimalistic design, it’s an achievement. Anyone who loves Ikea’s design approach can enjoy the Eneby 30, as it integrates well with other furniture components of this brand.
  • It has a good power reserve: it can easily sound the whole of your apartment or living room if you have a house.
  • The sound provided by the Eneby speakers is rich in bass. Very important for any self-respecting music lover (and not only for electronic music fans!).
  • The 3.5mm jack is always a plus if you don’t want (or can’t) use Bluetooth functionality.
    You can adjust the equalization, which is not often the case in the Bluetooth speaker range.


  • It’s a little rough: The round and powerful sound creates the atmosphere but shows little sensibility in the treatment of sophisticated musical material. Who desires neutral audio or who the spatial rendering is important in music, we advise a low-cost pair of monitor drivers from the retailer.
  • Controls are limited: you won’t be able to switch from one song to another or even pause playback with the control button on the speaker. You will need to use your smartphone or tablet to do this.
  • The rechargeable battery is sold separately and is only available with the smallest model (Eneby 20).
  • Awkward operation: bass and treble can be adjusted – sadly, it’s awkward and disconcerting.
  • The quality of the work: Overall, everything is solid, but only the important rotary knob is a little trembling.
No products found.

Questions and Answers

Can we add a rechargeable battery to the speakers?

You can buy a rechargeable battery separately for the smallest model, the Eneby 20.

How long is the rechargeable battery life?

The battery lasts 10 to 12 hours.

What is the power of the speakers?

The Eneby Bluetooth speakers without battery 20 offers 20W of power (1X15W + 1X5W) and the Eneby 30 offers 40W (2X15W + 1X10W).

Can we hang the Eneby speakers on the wall?

Yes, with No products found. sold as an option.

Can we set up the Eneby speakers on a stand?

Quite so. There is also No products found. available.

Do we have to use Bluetooth?

No, you can connect the Eneby speakers to your music source with a 3.5mm jack cable.

Can the speakers be easily placed on a shelf?

Yes, the Eneby are designed to be housed in Ikea’s Kallax range of shelves.

Can the Eneby speakers be easily moved?

Yes: the smallest model (Eneby 20) has a handle to be carried everywhere.

Can the protective grille be removed from the speaker?

Yes, the grid is removable.

Is the sound produced by the Eneby speakers stereo?

No, the Enebys only produce mono sound.

Can we pair 2 speakers to get stereo sound?

Unfortunately no, this feature is not available.

How many devices can be paired with the Eneby speakers?

The Enebys support up to 8 devices connected simultaneously.

Can I connect my iPhone to the Eneby speakers?

Yes, absolutely. The Enebys Bluetooth speakers without battery use the Bluetooth protocol, compatible with the iPhone.

Ikea/Sonos Partnership

Ikea already offers lamps and tables equipped with wireless charging stations, but in the future, the brand wants to offer a range of connected furniture that allows users to enjoy a touch of home automation at home.

It is a market that is expected to explode in the coming years: the drop in component prices, the democratization of smartphones and Internet connections and an increasing demand mean that home automation should really break through, provided that truly useful solutions are proposed.

Ikea is, therefore, moving closer to Sonos, without further developing ongoing projects. We simply know that both brands should be offering products soon, but no date is announced.

Logically, these will be systems that allow music to be played “anywhere in the house” as indicated in part of the release. It is thus possible to imagine speakers connected directly integrated into furniture or lighting whose activation could be done room by room or automatically by following the user’s movements in his home. Ikea could even go even further by proposing to transplant an AI and a vocal assistant, a system that is also very popular, into its speakers…

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