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Best Projectors Under 500

Best Projectors Under 500
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Projectors are quickly getting typical fixtures in facilities and businesses. No matter whether it’s business meeting or a convention, a classroom for training or even for entertainment, the projectors are popular nowadays. When you desire to make your presentation experience better, then you definitely need to invest in the very best projector that provides top-quality photographs. Nevertheless, finding the perfect projector below $500 may be a challenging undertaking sometimes. In order to make it simple for one to pick out the ideal spending budget projector we’ve put together a summary of best projectors beneath 500 dollars to purchase in 2020.

In order to produce this list, we have gone from all house projectors obtainable in the marketplace and narrow down a few best projectors which will deliver the very best value for the hard earned cash of yours.

InFocus Corporation IN119HDx

IN119HDx is yet another excellent projector below 500 money with top specs. It’s a remarkably inexpensive projector you are able to utilize for classroom as well as business presentations. It includes compact layout and lightweight make it very easy to take with you as it to set up. It’s a 3D ready projector which supports Blu Ray, 3D broadcasting, online games as well as PC connectivity with fascinating 3D expertise.

For connectivity, this particular projector comes with HDMI, VGA, Composite, S video, and USB Type B ports. In addition, it’s 3200 lumens style brightness for vivid and accurate colors despite the lights on. With just 5.4 lbs, this particular projector is a breeze to move from room to room. The lamp life of the projector is actually up to 10,000 hours.

BenQ HT2050A CineHome Theater Projector

BenQ HT2050A is actually a DLP projector which offers lots of top capabilities beneath $500 price range. The projector has a lightweight and sleek style which makes it very easy to move around. It provides 1080p full HD picture quality with the brightness level of 2200 ANSI lumens.

By creating the contrast ratio of 15000:1, the HT2050A creates fine details in bright and dark scenes with no washout. With this particular projector, you are able to maximize big screen thrills in minimum room as it takes mere 9.8 foot to estimate beautiful 100″ pictures.

ViewSonic PA503X 3600

Lots of people run into projectors which fail to satisfy the expectations of theirs and wind up replacing till they become tired. The issue couldn’t make the projector, though you’re uncertain the characteristics they feature. Let us take a look at the features the View sonic PA503X 3600 and know in case the characteristics satisfy you just before you get right down to deciding.

The ViewSonic 3600 projectors have been created as well as enhanced to meet the regular the clients are actually searching for in a projector. They’ve been made better and experienced concerning visual capabilities which makes it much better for training as well as business environment. Which this projector, you’re certain to show the articles of up to much more than 120″ with amazing pictures on screen. The brightness doesn’t allow you to down also since it’s 3600 lumens enough to work nicely in an area filled with ambient light.

Because several projectors are actually impacted by lighting in an area when working with, the ViewSonic has catered for that element, and also you don’t have to block out the lighting within the room. The user friendly style is excellent particularly to the individuals with projectors for the very first time you won’t have troubles making use of them. The great color technology continues to be utilized here to provide the ideal color gamut pictures, and the planet doesn’t any time interfere with the display of the photographs on the display screen. The thing that makes it pleasant once more is the way it’s simple to set up. Additionally before you decide to think of changing the lamp of yours, you can have experienced over 15000 hours of lamp life.

Acer H5382BD 720P 3D DLP Home Theater

The Acer H5382BD house theatre projector is but one which brings the very best entertainment expertise right in the home of yours. It improves the quality of the films as well as sports in the rich details of every singled content it displays. The color brightness is amazing because it’s natural and bright. The style might be said to be improved on the outside because of the technology utilized the color Boost 3D as well as color safe also prevents the color decay of the wall as a result of excessive make use of the projector on the wall.

The projectors include an excellent resolution of 720p and a brightness of 3300 lumens which resonate best in any area atmosphere which includes an area filled with ambient light. The difference is actually outstanding bringing out the rich details one would have to experience on the articles.

Something more remarkable about the projector is actually that’s it built with an ambient light sensor which can identify the quantity of ambient light state and alter the content to install based on the problem of the lighting in an area. Aside from the sensor, the projector is designed with a content ware technological innovation which makes it examine the content and then change to the necessary fitness level.

With regards to connectivity, you are able to pay attention to the favorite films of yours as well as sound songs at the comfort of yours with the MHL connectivity. That is not all that you are able to additionally use the phone of yours straight to the projector of yours by hooking up to the HDMI port. Along with this, you are able to discover it so easy to utilize with any device because they’re agreeable with nearly all of the equipment.

Epson EX5260 XGA 3,600 Lumens Projector

Get the experience as well as performance which will love and worth of your money and time with the Epson EX5260. It’ll just make you a couple of mins to assemble as well as set up the projector of yours and without realizing you’re seeing the preferred system of yours in the home of yours. In case you’re considering going out with friends camping, you won’t be anxious about being weary when the projector has been created to be portable and light.

The makers had regarded as the buyers that are on the move and created a thing they can carry around readily and don’t need an additional bag for transportation. To deliver a brightness of 3600 lumens of white brightness and both color, the projector pictures are actually vibrant and bold even in rooms which are perfectly lit. The projector may be utilized in offices, conferences, homes, classroom and numerous other areas and still provide the very best with no influences on the contents.

Featuring 3lcd technology, the Epson EX5260 provides excellent color accuracy and up the three x higher color brightness as well as wider color gamut. It’s amazing connectivity as it supports HDMI along with wireless connectivity which allow it to be possible to connect from phones, laptop computers and tablets to the projector.

Epson Home Cinema 1060 HD

Have you at any time thought of getting something which may resonate perfectly with the environment of yours regardless of in which you go? Effectively have had very similar ideas before and while I stamped on the Epson Home Cinema 1060, it was simply ideal for me. This might not be the case for you, though you won’t be dissatisfied with the functions this projector comes with along with other benefits. For example, you don’t have to be concerned about holding the projector as it is able to fit right in your briefcase or handbag.

You are able to enjoy a bigger compared to life entertainment on Full HD right in the home of yours. That is not all that you are going to enjoy content as well as pictures of up to widescreen of 360″ that’s much more than twenty five % of the 60″ flat panel which nearly all of us used to in the houses of ours. The resolution is too not disappointing at all with its 1080 pixels ability. Several of the other great features include the point that you are able to work with some other streaming devices as Blu ray, gaming consoles as well as MHL products.

With regards to brightness, you won’t be dissatisfied with the way it displays because it’s 3100 lumens. Pictures delivered by the Epson Home Cinema projector is simply vibrant & catching way too many because it’s been created with the 2LCD technology and just what it provides is simply amazing in comparison with other competitive projectors. The distinctions of the projector causes it to be possible to comprehensive viewing on the content material because it’s a 15000:1 contrast ratio. With anything this projector provides in home entertainment, you’re up for huge entertainment and experience.

Optoma ML550 WXGA 500 Lumen 3D

If you’re thinking of a buying replacement for your present projector which has bee disturbing you for some time, the Optoma ML550 WXGA is actually the best one in your case. Let us get a glimpse at several of the wonderful features the projector creates as well as find out in case it’ll the greatest replacement for you.

The functions that the projector has been created with are actually awesome and great from creating, lighting, connectivity, lamp life things are perfectly created to satisfy the requirements of the buyers. When speaking of connectivity the ML550 projector continues to be created with a wireless mirroring hat can link links to the gadgets of yours and see the contents from the projector screen. Which not all, you’re able to enjoy films, documents photos to the projector from the USB drive of yours.

Furthermore, the Bluetooth sound out of the projector is actually incredible as you’re in a position to link the projector of yours to any audio system products which are agreeable with the Bluetooth and enjoy the music of yours. The lamp life of the LED and 3D projector is actually astonishing as it is going to serve you as much as ten years before you can alter the projector lamp. The brightness is additionally fantastic, as well as the pictures tend to be remarkable in all of locations.

ViewSonic PJD5255 3300 Lumens

The high performance View sonic gentle stream PJD5255 projector is among the very best one might have for entertainment. The projectors feature 3600 lumens of brightness along with a resolution of 1024 x 768 making it outstand the majority of the competitive projectors on the market. The user friendly style of the projector is additionally a thing to comment about. With regards to the audio system of the projector, you won’t be dissatisfied because they’re increased to make the finest to the buyers.

In addition, you’re certain to enjoy a far more extensive color range real life reputation projection just like you’d love it. The connectivity of the projector is usually as good since it’s HDMI ports, composite video,s video, sound input as well as output,2 x VGA,1 X VGA. Other important features include the energy saving DynamicEco functions that can bring down the usage of energy for as much as seventy % as well as lengthen the lamp life of the projector to 10000 hours. Although this particular projector may be utilized for home entertainment, it’s primarily used at a company environment and education. With regards to creating the projector, you don’t bother about a factor because it’s simple to do it within a couple of minutes.

Sony MP-CD1 Portable Pico Projector

When speaking of simplicity and pocket friendly, the Sony Portable Pico Projector is simply best for you. The projector is quite, and light is actually making any individual to fall in love with it coming from the second it’s seen. The projector is good for company, gamers as well as movie fans. It really works effectively in all of environments. The lightweight projector is effective along with other products as smartphones, gaming consoles as well as laptops. Although the projector is a pocket size gadget, the performance it provides is wonderful won’t disappoint you.

You’re not restricted when making use of this projector at any stage because you are able to make use of it at home for home entertainment, parties with buddies and in addition running a business presentations. The MP CD1 is the very best for anybody on the move today then since you do not need to be concerned about carrying it all around.

It might seem strange that a projector with ANSI hundred five lumens might work nicely in all planet, well that could be true, but this particular projector has been especially created with DLP intel brilliant technology to control the brightness as well as power usage as well as has been made to take proper care of heat buildup in the projector.

Connectivity hasn’t been left out often because you are able to attach HDMI dongle and connect wirelessly to laptops along with other smart devices and appreciate almost everything you want on the projector of yours.

Because the projector has been created with crucial correction characteristics, you are able to very easily utilize it at any school within the room without the usage of a tripod and certainly will right the role of the pictures on the display to no time.

Projector Buying Guide

Projector Type

However, there are various kinds of projectors on the market based on the technology utilized to design them. The thing that makes each projector special will be the way it’s been created to work as well as the attributes they’ve. Allow me to share several of the kinds of projectors.


DLP projectors are best in versions that are different as three chip as well as single chip. The majority of the projectors which are under $1000 are mainly of the single chip variant as the people of over $10000 are the ones that make use of the 3 chip model.

The projectors for home entertainment typically of the single chip and present the sharp images. The DLP projectors which make use of the 3 chip model doesn’t suffer from rainbow consequences and therefore are great for everybody searching for the smooth running of the pictures. The three chip projector is mainly for movie theatres as they’re able to creating more often prominent as well as pictures that are clear compared to various other technologies projectors and therefore are made in resolutions of up to 4K and create a lot more styles. If you wish to view 3D films, the DLP projectors are actually the very best for you.


The liquid crystal display projectors aren’t as excellent as the DLP projectors, though they provide high quality pictures also. The LCD projectors are created to be flexible and light and could effortlessly be taken around. The activity on the LCD projectors is clear and quickly and ideal for gaming as well. You might view 3D films with the LCD projectors though the picture quality of the 3D content create the LCD isn’t being as great as that of the DLP projectors.

The thing that makes the LCD projector good is the power of its to create brilliant pictures and inexpensive to many individuals.

Screen Size

When searching for the projector of yours display, you’ve to check out the size which is effective with your projector. It is very good to check out the aspect ratio of the projector of yours prior to settling on just any screen size. This’s since the matching screen size depends mostly on the projector you’re using. Furthermore, one more thing to take into account just before choosing the display screen size you would like, the content material you’ll be making use of in the projector of yours.

Thus, when you choose to select the screen size to think about the overall market who’ll be associated with the projector. When for home entertainment you are going to need’t get yourself a widescreen color for this to accommodate the individuals within the room and it’ll call for an alternative setup than those you’ll utilize for business pursuits.


Projector brightness is vitally important to the user with respect to the earth they’re likely to be worn. The brightness of the projector is primarily rated in lumens or maybe ANSI. The more lumens the projector has, the more the pictures start to be brighter.

Additionally, one thing numerous individuals disregard is actually the surrounding in which the projector can be used when choosing the projector check which environment you’ll be making use of it and as for the projector that actually works nicely in possibly well-lit or darker setting. Smaller areas might make use of a projector with 1500 lumens and get probably the very best outcome, but that couldn’t be the exact same in bigger rooms with increased market.


The contrast ratio is actually the ratio of the light reflected from an all white picture and all black colored photographs. The contrast ratio is going to determine the manner the picture will show up on the display screen. The bigger the contrast ratio, the more detailed the pictures on the screen will be. If the black and white brightness amount is nicely balanced, you are going to enjoy the view as the photographs texts and numerous other contents will be viewed nicely and clear.


Resolution is actually made up of the amount of dots which were utilized to display pictures. The greater number of pixels or perhaps dots you’ve, the greater number of resolution you’ve, the crisper the pictures. In case you’re going for projectors to make use of in displaying charts and graphs, get a projector with good resolution to obtain the best and appealing results

Projectors include a fixed resolution, and this might be transformed at any time, as well as the content will be shown based on the resolution of its. Although a bit of projector can update or maybe downgrade the content to show as per the resolution, they won’t show beyond their resolution capability

Throw Distance

Throw distance is actually the distance from the place that the projector is situated to the display screen or the wall. Some projector has been created with brief throw distance while others are actually of the long distance throw. The short throw distance projectors are utilized in addition to a table or perhaps on the ceiling advert the pictures are excellent. The long distance projectors are additionally placed on the wall or the ceiling for best picture quality. Consequently the distance between the wall as well as the projector will figure out the picture quality and sitting job.

Bulb Life

The greater number of lamp hours you’ve got for the projector of yours, the greater. Often to get the projector to serve you for very long to manage the time spent making use of the projector and additionally the power saving, mode. Some projector takes up to ten years before you replace them while others are actually under ten years.


Since nearly all of the projector works with the most recent products, it’s simple to link as well as work straight on the projector of yours. With many of them having HDMI connectivity you’re in a position to link your work as well as telephone straight to the projector of yours. Several projectors likewise come with wireless connectivity ability, and also you don’t have to link cables.


With regards to compatibility of the projectors, each one of them is actually different. Because nearly all of the projectors are agreeable with the newest media players & laptops, you won’t be disadvantaged. With compatibility, you’re competent to do the delivering presentations of yours from your laptop computers or smartphones to the projector of yours the proper way. It gets easy to listen to music from the phone of yours readily also.


It might have been hard to select the proper projector below $500 bucks for you, these days with the insight on the various projectors provided with incredible characteristics, you’re certain to get the best one. Because everybody has his or maybe the personal requirements of her and desires on projectors, each one can get what they need to have with the proper characteristics and enjoy.

It doesn’t matter what you need because you get it out of the proper brightness, contrast, picture quality, a lot others and sound quality. Look out for projectors which go best along with other units for the convenience of yours as it is going to help you work nicely anytime you’re simple.


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