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Best Portable Bluetooth Speakers for Outdoors

Outdoor Party

Let me guess… You spend your life outdoors, you are a fan of sports, hiking, picnics, you can’t stop yourself from going outside as soon as you see a few rays of sunshine on the horizon…

At the same time, you are an avid music fan and you can’t imagine living without having your favorite songs at hand…

You’re lucky: you’ve just found the right post to help you choose your next Bluetooth speaker with full knowledge of the facts and according to your needs.

Indeed, outdoor activities are many and varied. You will not choose the same Bluetooth speaker depending on the activity you want to engage in. Some features will be more or less important depending on the intended use of your speaker.

But let’s stop talking and get right to the point…

Things to Consider when Buying a Bluetooth Speaker for Outdoor Activities

In our opinion, there are a few important points to consider before making a decision:


This may seem obvious, but don’t choose a speaker that you can’t easily put in your backpack or even your pocket.

Pay close attention to the dimensions and weight of the device, especially if you buy via a website: photos do not necessarily allow you to fully appreciate the dimensions of the speaker.

Sound Quality

This is, of course, important, especially if you are a true music lover like me! Do not choose a speaker that has less than 5w of power (avoid all small Bluetooth speakers that only offer 3W, sometimes less).

The ideal is also to have a stereo sound: for this, the device must include 2 separate speakers, which is not yet very frequent. And if it also offers a subwoofer, then you are sure to get a very good sound quality. The lack of bass is indeed one of the weak points of Bluetooth speakers.

Battery Pack

It is essential to choose a Bluetooth speaker with good battery life. Indeed, what could be more annoying than having to constantly recharge your device! And then if you are outdoors, you probably won’t be able to, which will leave you angry and without music…

Water Resistance

If you practice outdoor activities, it is likely that they take place near a water source (swimming pool, lake, sea…). Be careful with the water resistance of your Bluetooth speaker.

This must be indicated: it must be marked beginning with “IP” followed by one or more digits. This indicates the resistance to solids (first digit) and water (second digit). Sometimes, the first digit is replaced by an “X”: this means that only the water resistance has been tested. For a full explanation of the IP rating system, you can read our article here.

The important thing to remember is that a device is said to be waterproof from IPX4 and that it is completely submersible in water from IPX7. It is, therefore, preferable to choose a speaker that is at least IPX4 rated.


Your speaker must not only be waterproof, but it must also be shock-resistant, especially against accidental drops.

Therefore, make sure that it is made of metallic materials such as aluminum and that the plastic used in its design is of good quality, with rubber protection around it if possible.

You can use some of the information that is often indicated by the manufacturer as shockproof, crashproof…


Finally, make sure that your device has a quality Bluetooth connection. Indeed, a loss of Bluetooth signal leads to a deterioration in sound quality and then a total loss of the signal.

Check that the speaker is equipped with one of the latest versions of the Bluetooth protocol (4.1 or even better 4.2). This way, you will have optimum sound quality and a long range (10 meters or even much more on some models).

Our Top 10 Best Bluetooth Speakers for Outdoors

Oontz Angle 3 Bluetooth Speaker

Read our Complete Review of the OontZ Angle 3 Speaker Here

Oontz Bluetooth Speaker | Portable Bluetooth Speakers | Small But Powerful | 100 Foot Wireless Bluetooth Range | 14 Hours Battery Life | Water Resistant (IPX5)
  • 🎶 HIGHER QUALITY CRYSTAL CLEAR STEREO SOUND - The OontZ Angle 3 is Designed and Engineered by Cambridge Sound Works in the USA, using the highest quality components
  • 🔊 LOUDER VOLUME WITH ZERO DISTORTION – Surprisingly loud with no distortion, even at maximum volume
  • 🔋 Powerful battery with play time of UP TO 14 HOURS

Oontz is an American company established in 1988. They only manufacture speakers. Angle 3 is their most popular product.

The black speaker comes with a very complete set of equipment: the manual of course, but also a charging cable and an audio cable in 3.5mm jack format.

It is really very portable: its dimensions are 5.25 X 2.6 X 2.8 inches and it weighs only 9 ounces.

It is very easy to use because all its control buttons are located on the right side: volume and play/pause control. On the same side, you will find the charging port as well as a 3.5mm jack port, for those who do not want to use Bluetooth. The Bluetooth button and its blue LED are located on the top of the device.

Inside are 2 speakers with a total power of 10W, as well as a passive bass radiator. All speakers are protected by a metal grille.

We Like

Water Resistant

The Oontz Angle 3  is IPX5 certified, which means it is splashproof. However, it is not completely waterproof: do not immerse it in your bath!


The battery life is comfortable, but not extraordinary: count about 12 hours at moderate volume and about 5 hours at full power. The recharging time is quite short: about 3 hours.

Sound Power

Its 10W power allows it to deliver an exceptionally loud sound that remains of good quality.

Integrated Microphone

The Oontz Angle 3  has an integrated microphone that allows you to answer phone calls in hands-free mode. A very common feature but very practical!


Its triangular design is very original and does not go unnoticed! There is only one color, black, but you can choose the color of the protection grid: black, pink and blue.


A rubber-based material covers the speaker, protecting it from shocks and the ports are protected by a rubber flap.


The Bluetooth connection is of good quality and remains stable up to about 10 meters, which is more than sufficient for most uses.

We Like Less

Not Enough Bass

The quality of the sound is, as we have said above, in a way of very good quality, especially in terms of power. On the other hand, the sound is singularly lacking bass, which in the long run becomes problematic, especially if you are a bit audiophile at heart! The sound thus lacks depth, which is a pity compared to the power offered by this speaker.

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Vava Voom 22 Bluetooth Speaker

No products found.

Vava is a young company founded in 2015. The Vava Voom 22 is one of the first product marketed by the company. Nevertheless, it is an excellent Bluetooth speaker, especially considering its price.

The speaker is supplied with a charging cable, AC adapter, 3.5mm jack audio cable and of course an instruction manual.

The speaker has good dimensions: 3.4 X 3.9 X 2.1 inches for a weight of almost 2 pounds. It remains portable, although it is a little bulkier than most Bluetooth speakers on the market.

An aluminum grille protects the 5 drivers housed inside the speaker.

On the top are the 7 control buttons: power, Bluetooth, hands-free, EQ (3 modes are available: party, classic and surround), play/pause and volume. On the rear panel are 4 ports: AUX (to connect an audio cable if you do not want to use Bluetooth), USB (to charge a mobile device), a micro USB port and an AC port for mains charging.

Inside are 5 drivers: this number is unprecedented for a Bluetooth speaker! There are 2 tweeters (5W each), a subwoofer (10w) and 2 passive radiators.

We Like

Sound Quality

With 5 drivers, the sound quality is there: the mid and high frequencies are very well defined, the basses have plenty of punch and the whole thing can be pushed at high volume without hearing any distortion. The drivers are designed to provide 360° sound: perfect for outdoor use!


The No products found. uses Bluetooth 4.0. Although this is not the most recent version of the protocol, it is sufficient to avoid pairing difficulties with most mobile devices on the market. In addition, the NFC functionality has been integrated, making pairing even easier, which becomes instantaneous. 2 mobile devices can be paired simultaneously.

Durability and Design

The construction is solid and you can see it at first glance. In addition, the speaker is very elegant and its oval shape is a hit every time!


Its 6700 mAh battery provides it with an autonomy of about 10 hours of listening at moderate volume. Its charging time is 3 hours using the AC adapter and 8 hours via the micro USB port.

EQ Modes

You can choose from 3 pre-programmed EQ modes. It’s always a little extra, even if we would have liked to be able to adjust each frequency band separately.

Phone Charging

It is surely the functionality that will make you choose the Vava Voom 22! It is very convenient to be able to charge your phone or tablet directly from the Bluetooth speaker. A must for outdoor use!

We Like Less

Keep It Away from Water!

The Vava Voom 22 has no IPX certification. Its water resistance has therefore not been tested. As a precaution, keep it away from any humid environment. Outdoor yes, pool no!

No products found.

JBL Flip 4 Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

JBL Flip 4, Black - Waterproof, Portable & Durable Bluetooth Speaker - Up to 12 Hours of Wireless Streaming - Includes Noise-Cancelling Speakerphone, Voice Assistant & JBL Connect+
  • All-Purpose Bluetooth Speaker -Take the party everywhere with Flip 4, a portable Bluetooth speaker that delivers powerful stereo sound. With durable, waterproof fabric, this speaker features up to 12...
  • Wireless & Noise Cancelling - Wirelessly connect up to 2 smartphones or tablets to the speaker & take turns playing impressive stereo sound. Plus, take crystal-clear calls from your speaker, thanks to...
  • Waterproof & Durable - No more worrying about rain or spills: Flip 4 is completely waterproof—you can even submerge it in water. Plus, the improved, durable fabric material and rugged rubber housing...
  • Extra Features - Link over 100 JBL Connect+ enabled speakers together to amplify the party. Plus, access Siri or Google Now from your speaker with a simple button press.
  • Includes Bass Radiator - Hear the bass, feel the bass, see the bass: Dual external passive radiators demonstrate how powerful your speaker is.

JBL is an American audio equipment company founded in 1946 by James Lansing. It specializes in the production of high-quality loudspeakers for the general public.

The Bluetooth Flip 4 speaker range is one of JBL‘s flagship products and is a great success with the public.

The speaker is presented in a nice box, which also contains a USB charging cable and a user manual. It should be noted that the speaker comes with a 2-year warranty.

Flip 4 is available in 7 different colors: black, white, blue, gray, red, teal and camouflage.

With a cylindrical shape, it is not very bulky, which makes it transportable everywhere.

On the back of the speaker are the 4 control buttons: play/pause (which is also used to answer phone calls), volume and the Bluetooth button to pair a mobile device. Above these buttons are two other buttons: on/off and a Connect Plus button, so that you can connect more than 100 Flip 4s to an audio system.

There is also a rubber flap that protects the USB microphone port (for charging) and an AUX port if you prefer to use a cable instead of Bluetooth to connect the Flip 4 to a music source.

We Like

Sound Quality

With 2 drivers combining a power of 16W, the JBL Flip 4 is not to be outdone in terms of sound quality. It produces a sound with very pure highs and very deep lows, thanks to its 2 passive radiators located at the top and bottom of the speaker. You can even turn the volume up loud enough, you won’t notice any sound deterioration.

Waterproof IPX7

The Flip 4  is truly waterproof, unlike its predecessor the Flip 3, which was only splashproof. Its IPX7 certification means that you can immerse it in water for half an hour at a depth of 1m without damaging it. But, don’t go scuba diving with the Flip 4!


The design of the Flip 4 is simple and functional and its cylindrical shape makes its little effect! In addition, it is available in a wide variety of colours. You will undoubtedly find the one of your dreams!


The speaker is equipped with one of the latest versions of the Bluetooth protocol, the 4.2. You will therefore have no difficulty connecting it to all your mobile devices and will be able to enjoy a range of 33 feet without interruption or loss of sound quality.

In addition, the Connect Plus button allows you to connect the Flip 4  to more than 100 other little brothers (you are granted, what is the point of connecting so many?).


The 3000 mAh battery gives the speaker 12 hours of autonomy at a moderate volume or 5 hours at high volume. The complete recharging time is 3 hours.

JBL Connect App

This application can be used to program the play/pause button: you can choose between the play/pause function or to answer/end a phone call or communicate with voice assistants like Siri or Google Now.

The application also allows you to choose between Party or Stereo modes, if you have 2 Flip 4.

We Like Less

The Connect Plus Button

Even if you can connect a large number of Flip 4 speakers together, you cannot connect 2 JBL speakers of different models, such as a Flip 4 and an Xtreme for example. It’s a real shame, especially since the Flip 3 allowed it (even if only one other speaker could be connected).

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Aomais GO Bluetooth Speaker

No products found.

Aomais is a company specialized in marketing Bluetooth speakers at low prices, without sacrificing product quality.

The device comes with a fairly complete set of equipment: a 3.5mm audio jack cable, a micro USB to USB cable to recharge it, a power adapter, a carrying bag, and a user manual. The speaker is guaranteed for 1 year.

Its design is inspired by the Boomboxes of the 80s. It measures 13.5 X 7.5 X 3.8 inches and weighs 4.2 pounds.

The body of the device is covered with a rubber layer to protect it from shocks. Its main and rear sides are protected by a black aluminum grille with the manufacturer’s logo on it.

On the top, an integrated handle will allow you to carry it easily, and small rubber feet will give it stability.

The controls buttons are located on the main side, above the aluminum grille. You will find the power button, 2 – and + buttons to adjust the volume (short press) or select the song (long press) and the play/pause button.

On the left side is a rubber valve protecting the microphone port and a microphone volume control knob. On the right side, another rubber flap hides the AUX port, the micro-USB port for charging your phone, as well as the port for the AC adapter.

We Like


The boomboesque design is very nice and will delight those who are nostalgic of the 80s (or even the youngest). Its rubber-based finish gives it a dynamic and sporty look. In addition, the speaker is available in 3 different colours: black, red and blue (the grille remains black). You won’t be afraid to use it outdoors.

Sound Quality

With 2 drivers and 2 passive radiators, the Aomais GO produces a very well defined and especially powerful sound: no less than 30W of sound power is hidden in the belly of the beast! It will therefore be ideal for small outdoor parties. If you need more power, you can connect 2 Aomais GO together, bringing the total power to 60W.

If you like big, snoring bass, you’ll be served! The bass is really the strong point of this speaker, to the detriment of the mid and high frequencies, which is a bit of a pity.

Another strong point is the very low distortion of the sound, even at high volume.


The manufacturer announces an autonomy of 30 hours at medium volume (50%). In practice, it turns out to be much less than that: count more like a dozen hours offered by the 7200mAh Li-Ion battery.

IPX7 Rating

The Aomais GO is IPX7 certified, which makes it totally waterproof. It can even be completely submerged in water. It will therefore be ideal for all your outings to the beach or swimming pool.


The speaker benefits from one of the latest versions of Bluetooth (4.2). This ensures very good connectivity without loss of signal or sound quality within a 33-foot radius.

Mic-in Port

This is a feature that few portable Bluetooth speakers have, so we report it. You will be able to enhance your evenings in the open air with wild karaoke!

We Like Less

Problems with the Buttons

Some customers have complained about problems with the buttons, which sometimes do not respond well. This is the only defect we can find in this speaker which is otherwise almost perfect.

No products found.

Doss Touch Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth Speaker, DOSS SoundBox Touch Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with 12W HD Sound and Bass, IPX5 Waterproof, 20H Playtime,Touch Control, Handsfree, Speaker for Home,Outdoor,Travel-Black
  • Superior Sound Quality: Enjoy your music in 12W full-bodied stereo realized through dual high-performance drivers and unique enhanced bass.
  • Capacitive Touch Control: Easy-to-use touch controls allow you to amplify the mood and energy of the party. Change tracks, volume and pair effortlessly with just a simple touch.
  • Water-resistant Protection: With IPX5 waterproof, DOSS Soundbox Touch speaker can against water and other liquids gentle splash. A good choice for summer days, poolside or beach party, keep the music...
  • Portable and Versatile: Enjoy high definition stereo sound with impressive volume whether you're lounging, partying, camping, hiking or biking.
  • Extended Playtime: Built-in Li-Ion rechargeable battery powers up to 20 hours of playtime at 50% volume. Recharge in 3-4 hours with the included micro USB cable.

Doss is a Chinese manufacturer established in 1999. They started by producing speakers for iPhone, then released their own range of Bluetooth speakers.

Doss is a very popular brand because of the very moderate price of its products, without sacrificing quality.

First surprise: the Doss is packed in a pretty box, not like some cheap Chinese products. It is of course equipped with its user manual, but also with a charging cable (USB to Micro USB), an audio cable in 3.5mm jack format, a user manual and a small carrying bag.

It is really a portable speaker: It measures only 6.6 X 2.7 X 2.9 inches and weighs 1.1 lb. The front and rear panels are completely covered with aluminum mesh. On top are located the control buttons: the Mode button (to switch from Bluetooth mode to AUX or Micro SD mode), forward/rewind and play/pause, which can also be used to accept or terminate a phone call. On the back are the power button, Micro SD port, AUX port and Micro USB port for charging the camera.

We Like


The design is simple, even minimalist, but effective. No frills, you know at first glance that you are dealing with a serious device! The Doss Touch Speaker  is available in 4 colours: black, white, red and blue.


The Doss is equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 and the pairing process is relatively simple. Simply press the Mode button to select Bluetooth mode, then hold the playback/pause button until the LED starts flashing. Then, simply choose the Doss on your mobile device from the list of mobile devices that appears. There you go! The process takes only a few seconds and you have a reliable Bluetooth connection within a 33-foot radius.

Sound Quality

For less than $30, the Doss offers an acceptable sound, with well-defined highs and midranges and quite present bass. This is due to the 2 drivers as well as the passive radiators that are located in the belly of the device. However, do not push the volume too high or you will notice some distortion in the sound. The Doss is not really suited for big outdoor parties!


The battery that equips the Bluetooth Doss speaker is 2200mAh, which is not bad for a speaker of this size. Its lifetime is about 12 hours at 75% of the volume. If you listen to your music with the volume at maximum, count on 4-5 hours instead. The recharging time is about 3 hours.

Built-in Microphone

You will be able to answer your phone calls thanks to the integrated microphone. This is convenient, but if you use the Doss outdoors, you may have trouble making yourself heard because the microphone recovers all the surrounding noise.

We Like Less


We have noticed distortion when the sound of the speaker is pushed to the limit, which can be annoying. On the other hand, background noise is heard when listening to music from the SD card. The noise is very light, but it can also disturb the listening.


The buttons are sensitive to touch, which is a good idea. The problem is that they are a little too sensitive and that it can happen to make a false manipulation without wanting to.

Not Waterproof

The Doss can be used outdoors, but it is not waterproof at all. It is therefore not recommended to bring it with you to the pool or beach.

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Marshall Kilburn Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Marshall Kilburn Portable Bluetooth Speaker, Black
  • Unrestrained and portable active Stereo speaker
  • Free from the confines of wires and Chords.Channel frequency response: 62 - 20000 Hz
  • Maximum sound pressure level is 100 dB at 1 meter
  • 20 hours of portable capabilities
  • Cabinet principle: bass reflex

Marshall is a well-known brand for musicians: they have been specializing in the marketing of guitar amplifiers for several decades. Quite recently, Marshall started producing Bluetooth speakers. The Kilburn was the first model they marketed. You can tell at first glance that it is a Marshall!

Everything has been done to make this speaker visually appealing: the design is in the style of Marshall amplifiers, in order to get the most out of the brand’s image. The speaker comes with a user manual as well as a gold-plated 3.5mm jack audio cable (reminiscent of guitar cables) and a power cord to recharge it.

The speaker is covered with vinyl on its left and right sides and a rounded aluminium grille on its main side. Its dimensions are important, even if it remains portable: 242 X 140 X 140 X 140mm and its weight is 6.6 pounds. In order to transport it easily, it is supplied with a carrying strap that reminds of a guitar strap, only smaller.

The control buttons are all on top: volume, bass and treble control, source button to switch from Bluetooth to AUX, pairing button and power button. You will also find the AUX port (to use an audio cable instead of Bluetooth) as well as 3 LEDs indicating the source and battery level. At the rear are a bass-reflex port and the charging port. The speaker is mounted on 4 rubber feet to give it better stability.

Inside the unit are 2 tweeters of 5W each and a 15W woofer. Each driver has its own class D amplifier. The total power is therefore 25W, which is higher than most Bluetooth speakers on the market.

We Like


This is one of the Kilburn’s big strengths: if you like the retro design, you will fall in love with this speaker! The buttons, the Marshall logo clearly visible on the front panel and the general appearance of the machine will make you crack! Marshall Kilburn is available in cream or black.

Sound Quality

The Kilburn offers good sound quality, logical with 25W of power! The basses are punchy, the midrange frequencies are well rendered and the high frequencies are very clear. We still noticed a low distortion at full volume, but nothing very annoying. In addition, Marshall had the good idea to equip the Kilburn with bass and treble control knobs.


The Kilburn  has a 2200mAh Li-Ion battery, which gives it an announced range of about 20 hours at moderate volume. If you are a fan of loud music, the battery life will drop to about 10 hours.


The Kilburn is equipped with Bluetooth 4.0, which is not the latest version of the Bluetooth protocol but still provides a stable connection within a 33-feet radius. The pairing process is very simple: press the source button to select Bluetooth, then press the pairing button. The Kilburn should appear in the list of Bluetooth devices on your mobile device.

We Like Less

Not Waterproof

It is very beautiful, but if you want to enjoy it for a long time, don’t take it to the pool or even to your bathroom! It is not designed to withstand splashing water. On the other hand, you can always show off in front of your friends at your next barbecue!


We would have liked an NFC function to make Bluetooth pairing even easier.

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Apie IPX6 Outdoor Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

APIE Portable Wireless Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker IPX6 Waterproof Dual 10W Driversf, Enhanced Bass, Built in Mic,Water Resistant,Beach, Shower & Home
  • Wireless portable bluetooth speaker: Enjoy a High Definition stereo sound with a impressive volume whether you're lounging around the house,or partying,walking out,camping,hiking,biking.
  • QUICK & EASY TO PAIR Our Bluetooth shower & outdoor speaker uses Bluetooth 4.1 technology, so it pairs with portable devices much more quickly than other Bluetooth speakers. Our range is 33 feet, so...
  • Full, High-Definition Sound - Enjoy an impressively crystal clear sound quality and robust bass realized through dual high-performance drivers and passive subwoofer.
  • High capacity rechargeable 2200mAh battery for up to 10 hours of playtime based on music volume
  • Built-In Mic Hands-Free Speakerphone: pick up a call conveniently by this mini speaker anywhere when it is connected to your Smartphone

The Apie IPX6 speaker will accompany you during all your outdoor activities thanks to its rugged construction and very good water resistance. With a power of 10W, it will provide you with good quality sound under any conditions.

We Like


Even if it has only 10W of power, the Apie IPX6 offers good quality sound, which you can even push relatively hard without suffering any distortion. The bass is present, thanks to a passive radiator that reinforces the low frequencies. You can play both rock and electronic music and enjoy a well-defined sound with a lot of depth.

The Apie IPX6 is equipped with 2 separate drivers: you can enjoy real stereo sound, with the left and right channels clearly separated.


The Apie IPX6 is built as if it had to survive the end of the world! It is covered with a TPU material that makes it shock resistant. The buttons are easily accessible because they are all located in the same place on top of the unit. In addition, they are covered with a rubbery material so as not to damage them when you are outside. The speaker is equipped with a carabiner clip so that it can be attached to your backpack. Practical!

IPX6 Certification

Its IPX6 certification makes it invulnerable to water splashes: it will therefore be perfect for your excursions to the beach or swimming pool. However, do not immerse it in water: it is not designed for this purpose and is therefore not totally waterproof (for the record, we say that a device is waterproof from IPX7 certification: see this page for more explanations).


The speaker is equipped with a 2200mAh battery, which gives it a 10-hour battery life with a single charge.

Built-in Microphone

An integrated microphone will allow you to receive and make phone calls directly from the speaker. Practical during a beach volleyball game…


Bluetooth pairing works like a charm. The speaker is immediately recognized by the smartphone and can be connected without any problem.

We Like Less

Not Enough Power

Even if the sound delivered by the Apie IPX6 is of good quality, the power of only 10W is a little low for outdoor use, especially if you are a dozen friends partying. The surrounding noise may cover the music…

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Vtin Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker

No products found.

The Vtin Bluetooth speaker is one of the most powerful in this comparison. With its 20W of power, it can easily bring your favourite music to life at your next garden party or during a summer outing to the beach.

It is built to withstand conditions of use outdoors, in the rain or in a humid environment with its IPX5 certification.

The control buttons are all located on the top of the device: + and – buttons to change the volume or select the track you are listening to, button to take phone calls and on/off button.

We Like

Sonic Power

The Vtin is equipped with 2 drivers delivering a total power of 20W. This gives it a very good sound quality, even at high volume. The sound is well detailed, both in high and medium frequencies. The only criticism we can make is that it lacks a little depth in the bass. This is due to the fact that it does not have a subwoofer for perfect low frequency reproduction. But this does not interfere with the listening experience because the sound is still of very good quality.


The No products found. contains a giant 4400mAh battery, twice as much as most portable speakers on the market! This allows the manufacturer to announce a record 30 hours of battery life, or 500 songs! In practice, it will be a little less: rely instead on 25 hours at 70% of the volume. At full power, it will probably be much less than that.

Water Resistance

The Vtin is certified to IPX5 level, i.e. it can withstand water splashes directly projected on it. On the other hand, it is not totally waterproof. Do not immerse it in water completely (only devices certified IPX7 and above can withstand total immersion in water).


The Bluetooth connection is seamless. The device is immediately recognized by the smartphone and once connected, it stores the Vtin in its device list for easy future connection. The range is 33 feet, which is the standard for this type of equipment.


The Vtin offers many advantages, certainly if you consider its incredibly low price. It could easily cost twice as much as it would still be a good deal!

We Like Less

Lack of Bass

The only small criticism that can be made of the Vtin Bluetooth speaker is the lack of bass in the sound reproduction. A subwoofer would have been welcome, even if it would have raised the price a little.

No products found.

Fugoo Sport Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker

FUGOO Sport 2.0 - Portable Bluetooth Speaker Waterproof for Outdoor/Indoor Use - Wireless Stereo Pairing, Rich Loud Sound & Deep Bass, Speakerphone, for Home, Camping, Hiking, Tailgate, Travel
  • 100% WATERPROOF BLUETOOTH SPEAKER - The Rugged Fugoo Sport 2.0 is IP67 waterproof, snow proof, mud proof, and sand proof. Stringently tested and verified at 3 feet for 30 minutes, this compact...
  • BUILT IN MICROPHONE - Equipped with an omnidirectional microphone sporting echo cancellation and background noise reduction; this portable Bluetooth speaker allows for full-duplex speakerphone calling...
  • MULTI-SPEAKER PAIRING - Twice the speakers for twice the fun. Amplify your sound by pairing any two Fugoo speakers together for the ultimate sound experience. Works with any 2nd generation Fugoo...
  • UPGRADED LOUDER VOLUME - Now capable of a maximum 105db SPL-A volume level. The two 40mm drivers in the front and 100x28mm passive radiator in the rear, produce crystal clear stereo sound making it...
  • LONG BATTERY LIFE – Continuous play for up to 10 hours with the built in rechargeable battery; all packed into a portable form factor that’s stylish and easy to take with you everywhere. Charge...

The Fugoo Sport outdoor Bluetooth speaker is really designed for all possible outdoor uses: its construction is solid, it is waterproof, shockproof and has one of the batteries with the most autonomy we have been given to test: 40 hours! In addition, its 6 drivers provide an incredibly powerful sound.

We Like

Sonic Power!

The Fugoo Sport simply has the most drivers inside the same device: 6 drivers. 2 28mm neodymium drivers, 2 39mm neodymium aluminum domed mid/woofers, and 2 43 X 54mm passive radiators. All these drivers produce an immersive 360° sound. Your outdoor parties will never sound the same again!

Sound Quality

Not only does the Fugoo Sport  offer great sound power, but the sound is also of incredible quality. The basses are well present without being artificially enhanced as it is too often the case on Bluetooth speakers and the overall musical rendering is very accurate. The Fugoo will, therefore, delight both lovers of outdoor parties and the most demanding audiophiles!

Battery Life

With 40 hours of autonomy, the Fugoo Sport has one of the highest autonomy we have ever tested. Of course, to achieve this longevity, it will not be necessary to use the speaker with the volume fully mounted! You will get these 40 hours with the volume at 50%. But given the power of the Fugoo, that will be more than enough!

Built to Withstand All Elements!

The Fugoo Sport has an IP67 rating. This means that it is both protected from water intrusions (you can even completely immerse it in water to a depth of 1 meter for half an hour) and dust. In fact, it is protected from almost all external aggressions: it is waterproof, shockproof, mudproof, snowproof… You can use it anywhere, whether you are a surfer, snowboarder, or simply want to laze around the pool.

A Multi-Purpose Speaker

The Fugoo Sport is truly designed for all possible outdoor uses: it is highly shock-resistant and has multiple mounting options. You can attach it to your bike, around a tree, on a climbing rope, on a tripod, on your backpack… You can even control it remotely with the optional remote control, which is also waterproof!

Siri and Google Now Compatible

Not only will you be able to answer or make hands-free phone calls, but you can also use Siri and Google Now voice assistants to ask for the weather or find someone in your address book.

We Like Less

The Price

Of course, all this comes at a price: At almost $200, the Fugoo Sport is one of the most expensive Bluetooth speakers we have ever tested. At the same time, it offers more than other speakers in the same price range, Like those of brands like Bose or Beats… And unlike those speakers, the Fugoo is designed to be used absolutely anywhere and under any conditions. So, why not?

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Photo by Eric Nopanen on Unsplash

Last update on 2022-04-20 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

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IPX Rating Explained

Thanks to Bluetooth technology, more and more devices are becoming mobile and can support us in all our outdoor activities. Thus, speakers, which previously had to stay quietly at home, can now be taken to the beach, the pool, camping, even the shower… Listening to music is nowadays a lot[…]

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