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The iPod Touch is awesome for listening to music and having an excellent Bluetooth speaker to enjoy the tunes of yours allows you to switch up the volume to each party. Regardless of whether you are searching for a speaker for the home of yours, by the swimming pool, or perhaps for a camping trip, the following are the very best Bluetooth speakers you are able to purchase to complement the iPod touch of yours.

What can be more sublime than listening to the music of yours without the tangles of cables, or perhaps charging the beloved iPod of yours while listening to your fave band’s song that is brand new? What about taking the music of yours with one to the beach or perhaps maybe even in the shower? Because of a docking station, you’ll don’t have to sweat it out joining those limitless cables. And since they’re wireless, they’re lightweight. These speakers are lightweight and compact, which means you are able to get them along with you wherever. Wireless speakers might be minuscule in size compared to with the colossal and wired speakers set, though they also can deliver a terrific sound quality.

Docking stations speakers are designed with a myrias of handy features: the batteries are actually rechargeable so you are able to get them anywhere, some even have built in carry handles and could be folded nicely, because the travels of yours. They are safe for outdoor use as many of them are actually waterproof and built to resist some weather type, you are able to get them in the bathtub along with you.

Sony SRS-XB41 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

With regards to rocking the party, the Sony SRS XB41 Bluetooth speaker has little competition. This particular party in a tiny program is loaded with lots of options to rival other Bluetooth speakers, including is it dustproof and waterproof (meaning you are able to get it almost anyplace like the pool) and that it’s flashing strobe lights (so you are able to turn any kind of room into an enjoyable scene). The exterior design makes it clear this speaker is actually intended to bring to a party also from the playful color schemes of its, with all 4 designs featuring a minimum of 3 colors.

Battery life is great and also you are able to get as much as twenty four hours of good without lights on or even as much as fourteen hours with additional bass as well as lights on. Probably The coolest thing that the Sony SRS XB41 allows you to do is actually hook it to up to hundred additional speakers of the identical design which means you are able to produce an immersive club anywhere via the speakers of yours.

Bose Home Speaker 500 with Alexa Voice Control Built-In

Probably the most high end choice on the list of ours is actually the Bose Home Speaker 500, one of the very best home speakers you are able to purchase nowadays. Bose has been making high quality cd solutions after 1964 as well as the Home Speaker 500 follows in this tradition. It fills the kitchen with wall-to-wall stereo audio, in spite of it to be a single speaker. It is able to link seamlessly with iPods or iPhones by Bluetooth or maybe it is able to alternately play music straight from a lot of music as well as radio services like Spotify, Amazon Prime Music, iHeartRadio, TuneIn, Pandora, and other things.

Furthermore, it’s Amazon’s Alexa service built in, and that means you are able to ask Alexa to play millions of songs from several streaming services. Lastly, you are able to link the unit to the iPhone of yours by downloading the Bose Music app, in which you are able to sort as well as handle all of the music in the daily life of yours.

Ultimate Ears Boom 3

Ultimate Ears Boom 3
1,246 Reviews

To take the Boom 3 to the next pool party of yours is not a problem. It’s a high water resistant rating, allowing it to be immersed in three feet of water for thirty minutes. It is likewise shielded against mud and dirt, though you are able to hand wash the speaker with warm, soapy water only in case it gets messy. In addition, in case you genuinely want the Boom three to live up to the onomatopoeic brand of its, you are able to create yet another one (or up to 150 Boom speakers) to create a stereo pair and truly increase the roof!

Aomais GO

Aomais GO
5,742 Reviews

While the AOMAIS GO might not be your normal common Bluetooth speaker, it is a total beast to take along with you to a project web site or even camping. It is 30 hour battery life is going to allow you to pour the tunes of yours through all day then and long a number of. It actually has a built in 8,800mAh battery for charging the other products of yours by USB. It’s an IPX7 rating, indicating it is able to get wet no problem, and its 30W speaker device is lots loud enough for cooking by the campfire.

AeroBull HD Classic Bulldog Bluetooth Speaker

The AeroBull is an exotic looking speaker system obviously targeted at fashion conscious music lovers, produced by Jarre Technologies. It need to take an additional dollop of courage as well as an eighties synth pop electronica wizard (Jean Michel Jarre) to come up with such a concept: a shades wearing bulldog shaped 2.1 speaker system (two stereo speakers along with a sub), capable of 240 Watts of clean power. The speakers, by the way, are actually in the sunglasses, as well as the remote is actually bone shaped. Of course. By the way, do not mistake the appearance of its for a gimmick – very well, they’re a gimmick, though it may sound good adequate to warrant a high placement here.

Beginning with the docking station, that is positioned on the head of its, it is very good to realize that this completely supports all present model iDevices with the super connection of its. And also this means that in case the device of yours utilizes the older 30 pin protocol you may need to have a good adapter. Alternative wired sound junctions (for TV, DVD and so on) are actually simple with the integrated 3.5mm mini jack aux feedback, however the AeroBull’s rap hints at wireless talents, as this’s in fact one great wireless Bluetooth speaker – an altogether different subject perhaps.. Though it is really worth noting that the same as the bodily inputs of its, the AeroBull’s Bluetooth spec is actually a present model, which means assistance of the high-res aptX (wireless audio codec) streaming – up to CD quality in fact. The sound information is actually mighty fine and particularly then when positioned dealing with the kitchen and with the rear of its (think sub) towards a corner. The AeroDog proves it is far much more than simply a contemporary art piece and might indeed very easily become your iPhone/iPad’s best friend. Be warned: it is often difficult to find, though we still believe it is a high pick.

JBL OnBeat Venue

Best does not usually mean newest, as well as the situation with JBL’s OnBeat Venue or perhaps numerous other speaker docks on this list. Nevertheless, in the present era of wireless only speakers, in case you would like to dock the 30 pin iOS device of yours, the OnBeat Venue is probably the greatest speaker dock in phrases of value. After almost 5 years since peaking as a firm sector favourite, the OnBeat Venue still manages to wow with the sound quality of its. Rated at thirty watts, it is able to get loud with a lot of headroom. Even from a lower volume it provides clarity and constant low end – which, because the size of its, is just matched by something including the Bose SoundDock III at number 5 on this list.

Needless to say, you can pick up a 30 pin to super port adapter for a couple of bucks. This, as well as the reality that JBL have included not merely a 3.5mm Aux feedback but also Bluetooth connectivity, justifies investing into this old timer. There’s no hand held remote control as well as, in all honesty, JBL’s MusicFlow app isn’t by far the most straight forward we have used, but that aside this particular speaker dock is actually a breeze to get set up and pumping. We would say JBL OnBeat Venue is actually ideal for anybody searching for an excellent sounding technique, whether they are making use of a docking unit or perhaps not.

Earthquake Sound IQ52B

If perhaps bookshelf speakers might walk, talk, and invest all the money of theirs at an imaginary tech supermarket, they will come back looking as the Earthquake Sound IQ52B. This particular setup is actually an over engineered marvel of the docking speaker idea, featuring a wide range of outputs and inputs – out of a 30 pin dock to a S Video port, as well as a subwoofer paper. What is a lot better is the point that this wealth of connections is actually a consequence of suitable spec preparation, allowing for the many products to be incorporated into an extensive audio visual fix. Earthquake Sound have created the ca as one energetic speaker – containing a 200W Class A/B power amp – powering an additional passive speaker through the included speaker cable.

The energetic speaker is actually the one featuring all of the sound inputs & outputs, like the 30 pin dock positioned on top. The setup allows for a number of ways of expansion, particularly in case you think about adding an energetic subwoofer, through the sub out. You’ll have the choice to merely take the powered speaker and make use of it by itself. This may be a somewhat much more lightweight alternative for dance rehearsals, etc., small parties, so long as you do not care about being summed down to monophonic sound. The included remote is great and the sound quality is exceptional. The Earthquake Sound IQ52B deserves the best spot. In an era of usually flimsy sounding, plasticky speakers, it appears proud and loud.

iHome iBTW38

iHome iBTW38
105 Reviews

The iHome brand continues to be rather prolific lately, even with the prior dismissal of theirs. The iBTW38 is just one of their a few profitable Bluetooth speakers which includes a Qi charging dock. Of course, it is more or less a glorified alarm clock, but is as able as the vast majority of portable bluetooth speakers on the industry. The Qi dock of its provides quick charging, compatible with iPhone eight or even greater, and also selected Samsung eight models. Other Qi suitable products can continue to be charged at regular speed. Apart from the functionality of its as a Qi dock, the iBTW38 is actually a standard Bluetooth speaker and all the unit of its pairing efficiency as well as features are actually standard.

The iHome iBTW38 is able to serve as a speakerphone and the digital voice of its echo cancellation attribute is pretty useful. Nevertheless, there aren’t any vocal command functions as well as outside unit connectivity is held to a minimum with only an extra USB port for unit charging. The buttons are as well very fundamental & self explanatory, since most playback associated menus & controls are mostly delegated to the Bluetooth paired device. iHome provide almost no info on the unit’s sound playback specifications but it suffices to suggest that the iBTW38 is actually ideal for the kitchen or bedside table. It might not be obnoxious, but it provides all as promised at an inexpensive value.

JE Hi-Fly

JE Hi-Fly
20 Reviews

So far as Qi wireless speakers go, the JE Hi Fly should be one of probably the simplest designs out there. Simply put the Qi compatible unit of yours on top and you are docked. The Hi Fly is properly sized for the present crop of Apple and Android Qi enabled units. The wood like veneer has a touch of marmite divisiveness about it – you will either love it or perhaps hate it. Overall, this’s a wise layout, wearing an obvious display in the slightly offset corner.

The extra USB port – used for powering non Qi products – as well as 3.5mm Aux input are actually positioned on the complete opposite end. What stands out about this particular unit is the fact that there is actually an incorporated TF card reader – a great use for the sound guide library of yours or even saved music. No matter the loveable characteristics as well as design, we’ve to include that we would like better playback at this cost. We are not saying that the noise is actually atrocious – the speaker simply lacks definition & bass at greater volumes. Although it may not be perfect for music, the JE Hi Fly is ideal for podcasts, vlogs, the like and YT content.

Cavalier Air

Cavalier Air
14 Reviews

Qi charging and docking is actually turning into a favorite element with speaker docks. The Cavalier Air is actually an ideal example, echoing the ethos of the traditional docking speakers of yesteryear but with the inclusion of contemporary wireless functionality. Fairly bigger compared to an average alarm clock radio, the Cavalier’s design reminds us of older classics, similar to the JBL On Beat at number 5 on this list. The mahogany veneer of its and deep grey speaker cloth are a common looking combination which would match any kind of contemporary living room. The Qi charging dock works with any suitable iOs or maybe Android device, as well as suits actually the largest smartphones still offered. Management functionality LEDs are actually presented on a strip at the roof of the dock, but since this’s predominantly a voice command gadget, there are just a few of actual physical buttons.

Many features may be called out using Alexa’s speech control or perhaps via outside Bluetooth connection, it is good that there is an addition of a multi feature button. This could activate various modes and can certainly possibly be personalized making use of the Cavalier App. Targeted at informal music enjoyment, the app has Pandora, Spotify, and Amazon Music now dialled in. The Cavalier will be able to also access a near infinite number of radio & streaming platforms, as a part of a Wi Fi home network, and the combined Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity allow for pairing of up to fifteen products. Sound-wise, you will not look for loud volume or award winning lucidity, but the Cavalier is actually ideal as a casual bookshelf speaker. Its twenty watts of energy allow for a lot of characterization and also low end, considering the size of its. Mixed with the sensible features of its as well as Alexa features, this will make the Cavalier Air among the best picks of this particular season.


This particular naming scheme actually should be some kind of inner joke for Sony’s R&D department, as here we’ve the smaller (and much cheaper) version called RDP T50IPN which might have a relatively similar cd character but without its sibling’s power and punch. This small speaker’s main objective is actually living a place in the kitchen of yours, ideal for when you’re relaxing, cooking for friends and impressing them with a few great mellow experience music – nothing weighty, loud or intrusive. In the event that this’s one thing you’re searching for, healthy you have discovered it.It is actually lightweight, it has a remote (which tucks behind the device – we like that) and apart from charging as well as playing sound from the iOS device of yours with the lightning port, it is able to take outside sound by way of a a mini jack. There is no AirPlay or Bluetooth wireless choice here but while docked, the iOS device of yours might still work the wi fi magic of its and convert it into huge DAB radio stations or maybe streaming services. The quality of the sound is not much more than what you are able to anticipate from a device this particular size though nothing actually under Sony’s usual high standards. Recommended!

Castle James Retro Station

Castle James are not a household name, but their Retro Tech Multi Station speaker has proven quite prominent on account of the contemporary functionality of its as well as retro stylings. The latter stay ever popular, whether or not the Retro Station pays nothing much more than a visual homage to the tube radios of the past. Having a length as well as depth almost completely matching an iPhone eight Plus, this particular Castle James speaker is really very compact. The 2 multi function controls on the front side have self explanatory symbols representing volume control, track selection, and playback, even though the middle display is merely an easy clock display.

The Retro Station utilizes a rechargeable battery (charged through a USB connection), making the Qi dock a great traveling companion. The Bluetooth performs of its and pairing are actually hassle-free and straightforward as well as the addition of an FM receiver as well as an SD memory card slot fulfill the promise of its of it being a thing of a’ multi station’. These extra extra features undoubtedly open up options, particularly in case you’ve a sizable library of podcast or maybe music MP3s. The sound quality is typical, although the product is amazingly noisy for the size of its. In case you are once a basic Qi dock, the Retro Station is certainly an interesting choice. Little but completely formed; it does not guarantee a lot but it provides.

Bose SoundDock III

Bose SoundDock III
1,366 Reviews

Bose Corporation‘s presence in the hi fi business is actually as Coca-Cola’s to the food market and also the SoundDock III is actually a deservingly often used docking speaker – regardless of what some audiophiles might think. This’s a small package created for casual listening and this’s most likely the very definition of Bose’s ethos. With numerous successful’ mini’ models, it likely took the design team simple minutes to’ retrofit’ an electric Bose speaker with a lightning port (a 30 pin dock model is still on Amazon).

What we mean of course is the fact that you in case ever owned or even paid attention to a Bose, you are going to know the signature sound that is present right here – much more than somewhat emphasized good frequencies, scooped mids and large but at times boomy bass. This’s not really a criticism (unless you are looking for audiophile frequency response) – it truly works, and also for the SoundDock III’s size, the sound is actually sound, though we would still select the Earthquake Sound IQ52B because of its somewhat more faithful representation of middle and treble frequencies. In case the company’s famed digital signal as well as acoustic processing could provide the SoundDock a small edge with several of the prior picks, the absence of any wireless ability is actually a small let down for the cost – unless obviously you begin talking about extra wireless adapters. Non-lightning port (and legacy) products could be hooked up through the auxiliary 3.5mm input at the back, along with everything is actually managed by the provided RF Bose remote. A near classic.

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