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Best Cat Ear Headphones to Meow with Pleasure

iClever Cat Ear Headphones

Cat ear headphones are a fun way to listen to music, especially for girls!

Let me guess… You have a cute little girl who likes to listen to music in her room and you don’t know what to get her?

Let yourself be tempted by these headphones in the shape of cat ears, which will not only amuse your lovely offspring, but will also allow her to listen to the latest hits by Katy Perry or Ariana Grande quietly without disturbing you.

Here is a small selection of the main products on the market.

Padmate MongDa Wireless Cat Ear Headphones

Wired Cat Ear Bluetooth Headphones with Mic,CVC6.0 Noise Cancellation, LED Glowing Light 3.5mm Audio Jack Headset for Adults Girls Children(Pink)
  • Amazing Sound Quality: Grasp every notes of a song with deep bass & clear mids/highs high sound qualit. Let music melt in ears. 3.5mm plug compatible with 3.5mm audio in
  • Nice Gifts for Your Girls: The cute ears and cool flashing light design must be a gorgeous gifts for your kids on Birthday, Christmas or School graduation, and a nice companion when they're on car or...
  • Long Battery Life: Fully charged headphone delivers 6h music time/ 7h talking time, 150h standby time. Top Quality: Environment-friendly material for maximum durability, strength and with CVC6.0 noise...
  • Foldable & Portable: Foldable into little compact box, easy to carry with you. Weighing 36g, you just don't feel bulky even wearing whole day long. Magnetic design attracts earbuds at both side from...
  • Top Quality: Kids bluetooth headphones is made of health and saft material, environmentally friendly. Do no harm to your girls.

​If you are searching for smooth, sharp feline ear earphones that have that neko anime style, the MongDa remote Bluetooth hairband earphones from Padmate may be the ideal earphones for you.

In the first place, they are a lot littler than different models of earphones I investigated on this page.

These earphones are increasingly similar to the size of a standard hairband.

They are light, foldable, and simple to store.

Second, these earphones don’t have ear cups that fit over the ears. Or maybe, these cat ear headphones have earbuds (otherwise known as headphones), which fit inside your ears.

When not utilizing the earbuds, they sit on the hairband, held into place attractively. It’s a virtuoso plan!

Third, these in-ear earphones are remote with Bluetooth innovation, and they have a worked in mouthpiece.

At last, the feline ears light up! It’s hard to believe, but it’s true – this hairband contains “breathing” LED lights! In the event that you are searching for LED earphones that are lightweight and simple to store or convey, these earphones are for you.

Padmate Mongda Cat Ear Headphones – Source:

Currently, the MongDa earphones are just accessible in the pink and white shading mix. I think Padmate will in the end make extra shading choices, however for the present they just offer these earphones in the pink/white shading choice.

Generally speaking, these earphones resemble a blend between the Censi earphones with removable feline ears and the Brookstone/Axent Wear earphones with LED lights.

You get the style of the shining feline ears, yet you can likewise get the separable feline ears choice.

It’s an extraordinary blend of highlights, particularly on the off chance that you are not burrowing the size of the Axent Wear over-ear earphones recorded on this page.

The sound of these cat ear headphones will be somewhat unique in relation to the next over-ear earphones I audited on this page, basically on the grounds that these earphones are really earbuds that fit in your ear.

They have the CVC6.0 commotion decrease innovation, so you get the advantages of clear solid, regardless of whether you are utilizing them for music or telephone discussions.

These earphones are additionally outfitted with the ATP-X Lossless Sound Quality innovation.

Probably the coolest component of these earphones is the defensive conveying case.

It’s a 3-in-1 case that includes a defensive stockpiling compartment, a mirror, and a USB power bank. It’s a lot of like a cosmetics reduced with a mirror – and you can charge it!

It is a powerbank, so you can utilize it to recharge your earphones if the battery runs out. What a good thought! Having extra power is consistently something worth being thankful for to have.

I travel frequently, and I will in general need extra power for my PC and my earphones.

I have a powerbank that I use explicitly for my telephone. Having a powerbank for my earphones would be too useful for me.

These are the main earphones on this page include a carrying case that serves as a powerbank.

Talking about power, the battery life on these earphones is somewhere in the range of 5-6 hours. It can shift, in the event that you’re tuning in to music or chatting on the telephone and on the off chance that you have the lights on or off, at the end of the day you ought to hope to get 5-6 hours of utilization for each charge.

That is inline with what we are finding in the LED earphones showcase. Earphones that are controlling speakers and LED lights will in general have a large portion of the battery life of non-LED earphones.

Censi Music Creative Cat Ear Headphones

Censi Music Headset Headphone Creative Cat Ear Stereo Over-Ear Game Gaming Bass Headset Noise Canceling Headband Earphone for ipad, PC, iPhone and Android Smartphones (White, Wired)
  • The Concept of the Replaced Headset Accessories is the Most New Design,Comparing With the Traditional. Two Grooves Design to Achieve the Removal and Replacement of Accessories, Free to Switch and...
  • Korea protein soft leather, 3D Cut and Crystal with Memory Foam Ear Blasting Technology Design can Combine the Two Functions of Reducting noise and Comfort to wear, Can be Isolated from the Hustle and...
  • Using market common 3.5mm headphone plug, 40mm big moving coil, low impedance 32 ohms, less than 0.5 ohm wire, it exudes a beautiful pleasant voice, can be an ideal life partner.
  • Enjoy melodious music while you work on the computer or play PC games
  • You will get a premium carrying case with molded foam inside to ensure your headphone safe when it not in using

The Bluetooth feline ear earphones from Censi Moecen are so charming.

While they don’t have the showiness of the shining, shading changing LED lights, these cat ear headphones fit significantly more into the catgirl style of neko/nekomimi/manga/anime.

Since they don’t have any lights, these earphones are considerably more unobtrusive, while as yet offering a solid elaborate expression.

Neko fans will totally adore these earphones.

One of the most fascinating parts of these feline ear earphones’ plan is that the feline ears are flexible and removable. What?! Censi really protected the plan of the removable feline ears.

In the event that you are in a spot where you would prefer not to wear the cat ears, you can drop them without any problem.

The feline ears feel like they are very much made and strong.

I question they will break in the wake of including and evacuating them a few times. For me, this is an incredible component in light of the fact that there are certainly a few events (like when I’m busy working) when I can’t wear neko earphones with this much character.

Also, these Censi over-ear earphones are accessible in two shading choices: 1) white/pink and 2) dark/red.

Since these earphones are remote with Bluetooth, you can utilize them without a wire. There is a worked in receiver situated under the left earcup.

Likewise, these Censi over-ear earphones are clamor dropping earphones, and I figure they do an awesome activity at sifting through different kinds of foundation commotion.

Another truly cool component of the Censi cat ear headphones is that they have been appraised waterproof level IPX4, which implies they are shielded from sprinkling water, regardless of the heading. What this truly implies is that these are sweat safe – so you can wear them while working and that you shouldn’t stress over getting sweat on them.

By and by, I would not suggest lowering these earphones in water, however it’s ideal to realize that they have a waterproof rating sufficiently high to protect them from water sprinkling.

As I would see it, the Censi Moecen feline ear earphones are the most polished anime/neko/manga earphones that I have explored. The detachable cat ears make them ideal for those occasions where you need an increasingly standard look, and the nonattendance of LED lights implies that you will get a more drawn out battery life (10hrs) than some of different earphones on this page.

Brookstone Limited Edition Ariana Grande Wireless Cat Ear Headphones

Brookstone Limited Edition Ariana Grande Wireless Cat Ear Headphones with External Speaker, Bluetooth Microphone, and Color Changing Accents
  • LISTEN IN STYLE - These limited edition Ariana Grande wireless headphones are sure to turn heads wherever you go and make you the envy of all your friends
  • OFFICIALLY ENDORSED BY ARIANA GRANDE - Ariana Grande officially endorses these Brookstone headphones which feature her signature on the left earcup
  • FEATURES - Crystal clear headphone sound, external cat ear speakers, and a built in microphone for answering calls
  • COMPLETELY WIRELESS - These headphones are completely hands-free and are compatible with all Bluetooth enabled devices
  • RECHARGES VIA USB - Removable batteries are not needed for these headphones which have a 5 hour play time

In the wake of Wenqing Yan (a.k.a Yuumei) at Axent Wear raised over $3 million on when she developed her first model of cat ear headphones, it wouldn’t have been long until a brand like Brookstone collaborated with her to deliver a mark model of her feline ear earphones for an acclaimed craftsman in the realm of music.

An association with Ariana Grande seemed well and good, as Ariana Grande has been a trailblazer in feline ear style marvel in the course of the most recent quite a while.

In a meeting from 2014, she asserted that she went as a feline for Halloween one year, and she simply continued wearing the feline ears since she enjoyed them to such an extent. Gracious btw – there is a debossed Ariana Grande signature on the earcups.

Out of the considerable number of models of feline ear earphones accessible at this moment, these are our #1 pick for a few reasons. These over-ear earphones are one of just a couple of earphone models that are remote with Bluetooth availability. They likewise have a worked in receiver, outer speakers in the feline ears, and sparkling LED lights.

The LED lights can be turned on or off contingent upon inclination, and there extra presets that permit you to set the lights to beat with the music, change hues at regular intervals, or blaze on/off ceaselessly.

With respect to shading choice, there are a few alternatives: Light Blue, Green, Orange, Ice, Lavender, Pink, Hot Pink, and Purple.These earphones additionally contain outside speakers in the feline ears.

In the wake of Wenqing Yan (a.k.a Yuumei) at Axent Wear raised over $3 million on when she created her first model of cat ear headphones, it wouldn’t have been long until a brand like Brookstone collaborated with her to deliver a mark model of her feline ear earphones for a popular craftsman in the realm of music.

An organization with Ariana Grande appeared well and good, as Ariana Grande has been a trailblazer in feline ear style marvel in the course of the most recent quite a while.

Brookstone Limited Edition Ariana Grande Wireless Cat Ear Headphones – Source:

In a meeting from 2014, she guaranteed that she went as a feline for Halloween one year, and she simply continued wearing the feline ears since she loved them to such an extent. Gracious btw – there is a debossed Ariana Grande signature on the earcups.

Out of the considerable number of models of feline ear earphones accessible at the present time, these are our #1 pick for a few reasons. These over-ear earphones are one of just a couple of earphone models that are remote with Bluetooth availability.

They likewise have a worked in mouthpiece, outer speakers in the feline ears, and gleaming LED lights.

The LED lights can be turned on or off contingent upon inclination, and there are extra presets that permit you to set the lights to beat with the music, change hues at regular intervals, or blaze on/off consistently.

With respect to shading determination, there are a few alternatives: Light Blue, Green, Orange, Ice, Lavender, Pink, Hot Pink, and Purple.

These earphones additionally contain outside speakers in the feline ears.

These outer speakers permit you have your music heard in the close by region, which is a pleasant element to have, particularly when you need to remove your earphones and still tune in to music.

Moreover, these outer speakers work autonomously of the speakers in the earcups on the earphones, so you can tune in to the outside speakers and earcups independently or together.

With regards to comfort, these earphones feel phenomenal. The earpads fit over the ear, and the headband is customizable.

Since these remote earphones have Bluetooth innovation, you can combine them with Apple gadgets, for example, the iPhone, iPad, MacBook, and iMac, just as Bluetooth-empowered Android gadgets.

One of my preferred highlights is the worked in amplifier. I hate playing with wires any more, so the inherent mic was something that truly made these earphones champion.

Concerning battery life, these cat ear headphones are battery-powered by means of USB link, and you ought to expect as long as 5 hours of battery life per charge.

At last, how about we talk about what comes in the container.

To begin with, the unpacking procedure with these earphones was awesome. The container contains a constrained release conveying case with Ariana Grande’s mark scratched outwardly.

The conveying case is an extremely decent expansion. It lets you keep these earphones sheltered and ensured when they are not on your head.

The chrome configuration is additionally extremely cool. Inside the case, you will likewise locate a 4′ separable earphone link and a USB link for reviving the earphones.

Those are genuinely standard things. I was happy they included them, so I don’t need to scan for different links to utilize.

iClever Boostcare Kids Cat Ear Headphones

iClever HS01 Kids Headphones with Mic, Food Grade Safe Volume Limited 85/94dB, Cat Ear Headphones for Kids Girls Boys, Wired Children Headphones for Online Learning/School/Travel/Tablet (Pink)
  • 【The Safest Option】: iClever kids headphones are highly recommended to protect sensitive ears with adjustable 85dB/94dB volume limiting, adopts food-grade materials. It won't cause any negative...
  • 【Perfect for Online Courses】: These Kids headphones wired work with the In-line microphone which are perfect for Online Courses and Voice calls. Just a touch of the multifunctional button, play,...
  • 【Adjustable Headband With Toughness】: iClever toddler headphones survive the hard treatment of little kids. The headband is adjustable, making them accommodate a wide range of head sizes. Soft...
  • 【Playful Cat-Inspired Design】: iClever children headphones are finished with two cat ears on the top of the headband. No matter your kids are a cat person or not, the impressive shape will catch...
  • 【Compatibility & Satisfying Service】: With the standard 3.5mm headphone jack, works with Smartphones, Chromebook, Kindle Fire, Switch, iPad, Tablets and more. You are entitled to enjoy 24-hour...

If you are planning a trip with the kids, headphones are a must, especially for long car rides and plane flights.

Whether you are going on a family trip or simply looking for a gift your kids will love, finding headphones for kids can be a challenge.

Finding stylish, cool headphones for kids can be even more difficult.

The BoostCare cat ear headphones from iClever were specifically designed with kids in mind.

When I first saw these headphones, it was clear that safety, durability, and comfort were primary factors in their design.

Most adult-sized headphones are simply too big for kids.

iClever created the BoostCare cat ear headphones for kids 3-years-old and up, so they fit very comfortably on kids’ heads.

The headband and ear cups are extremely soft, and they will not cause any harm to your child’s ear.

Finally, the headphones are lightweight and the adjustable headband allows you to custom fit them for maximum comfort, safety, and enjoyment.

Along with comfort and durability, safety was a critical design element​.

The BoostCare headphones are built with volume-limiting technology that keeps the volume in the headphones less than 85dB.

What I love about these headphones is that the volume-limiting circuitry is built into the headphones. You will not have to worry about clever kids disabling the circuitry or removing an external adapter.

Having the technology built into the headphones is a game-changer because you will know that the sound will never go above 85dB.

To give you a reference point, the decibel level of a hairdryer is in the range of 90dB. Lawnmowers are closer to 100dB, and standard headphones operate in the range of 110-120dB.

By using headphones that max out at 85dB, you are helping to protect your child’s hearing.

​Additionally, the BoostCare earphones consent to the United States Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act, and the earphones are additionally FCC consistent.

The guideline consistence stretches out into the EU, as the BoostCare earphones likewise consent to the EU’s RoHS Directive and the EN 71 wellbeing rules.

The strength of these earphones is additionally a key component. You can contort, twist, and stretch these cat ear headphones. They will hold up to the mileage that joins kids utilizing them, dropping them on the ground, and tossing them into rucksacks.

Besides, these iClever earphones are made with an ecologically cordial, food-grade material, and the feline ears are made with delicate silicon.

Out of the considerable number of earphones I have looked into, these earphones had the most essential bundling.

The case is durable and all around manufactured, however there are no nonsense to the unpacking procedure with these earphones.

You open the crate, and you will see the earphones and the sound link, which is appended to the earphones, and there isn’t a lot of whatever else.

By and by, I appreciate the unpacking procedure, yet I totally comprehend the fundamental bundling with these earphones. They are for kids. My children will in general tear things out of the case and afterward totally disregard the bundling.

On the off chance that the bundling was more pleasant, I’m certain these earphones would cost more. So I can comprehend the straightforward methodology on the bundling.

On the off chance that you are in the market for cat ear earphones for kids, the BoostCare earphones from iClever are a strong decision.

They join the security of volume-restricting innovation, the solace of incredibly delicate material and a customizable headband, and the toughness of an item that can be stretch, curved, and bowed.

For me, the volume-constraining hardware is the most significant component of these earphones.

iClever planned these earphones explicitly for kids ages 3-12, and it truly shows.

MindKoo Bluetooth Over Ear Cat Ear Headphones

MindKoo Cat Ear Bluetooth Headphones with Microphone, LED Light Up Over Ear Headphones, Volume Control and Foldable Headset for Tablet/PC/iPad/Cell Phones, Gift for Kids Boys & Girls
  • Cute Cat Ear & Shining LED Flashing Light: The cute NEKO/ Kitty Bluetooth headphones features with a lovely cat ear design and fancy 7 colors LED lights. Cool LED lights with 4 different LED settings...
  • Wired/Wireless Mode & Long Duration: The wireless headphones built-in 900mah rechargeable lithium battery. In Wireless Mode, battery play to 70-hr music time/ talking time in a single charge; Even...
  • Professional Soft Earpads & Convenient Foldable Design: The super soft earpads can give you the maximum comfort regardless even wear for a long time. The headphones can stretchable length that fit for...
  • Stereo HD Sound & Built-in Mic: The Over-Ear headphones provides stereo Hi-fi level sound quality and strong bass. Superior sound quality helps you enjoy your music better. With the Bluetooth 5.0...
  • Wide Compatibility & Warranty: The cat headphones works with virtually all smartphones, tablets, computers, such as iPad, iPod, iPhone, android cell phone etc. You are entitled to enjoy 12 month...

These feline ear earphones look incredible. They likewise have some amazing highlights, considering the value point.

Some feline ear earphones disregard crucial highlights as they’re viewed as a knick knack. The Unicat earphones may not win numerous honors for sound clearness, yet they’re adequate for a great many people.

Blazing LED lights add to the fun of these earphones. They look extraordinary.

The remote availability is genuinely dependable. Battery life of as long as 10 hours is additionally good, and you can utilize the earphones wired on the off chance that you need. The plan is additionally foldable for comfort.

You may locate these somewhat enormous for kids’ heads. It might have been exceptional to offer numerous sizes.

The plastic structure could likewise be more grounded in a perfect world, however this isn’t a major issue for the vast majority.

The estimation of these cat ear headphones is their adorable plan and Bluetooth execution, with the sound as an expansion. Not for requesting clients, however it has a lot of clearness for gaming and easygoing tuning in.

For feline ear earphones that perform over their cost, consider the Mindkoo Unicat.

Riwbox Bluetooth Cat Ear Headphones

Riwbox CT-7 Cat Ear Bluetooth Headphones, LED Light Up Bluetooth Wireless Over Ear Headphones with Microphone and Volume Control for iPhone/iPad/Smartphones/Laptop/PC/TV (Pink&Green)
  • Riwbox CT-7 is a kids wireless bluetooth headphones with a lighting theme. We wish to bring joy into every family, to add a touch of fun in our daily life. This kids headphone combines elements of...
  • Bluetooth 4.2: Powerful 40mm speaker with the bluetooth 4.2 technology, providing you the needs for quality natural sound and strong bass while keeping convenient. Once you done the matching, you can...
  • ON/OFF LED Light : Press and hold the M button for 3 seconds to turn the LED on or off. When you are using the kids headphone in bluetooth mode, you can choose to turn off the LED blinking effect so...
  • Wire/Wireless mode : Switches are located at both sides of the headphone, you can easily have your control : go to next song, previous song, volume control when using bluetooth mode. Even when your...
  • Riwbox bluetooth wireless kid headphones,It has bluetooth wireless design and foldable design.The headphone is suitable for wearing in various places, headphones for school/travel...

Picking the most ideal choice for kids is hard. The Riwbox are extraordinary, they fit consummately on littler heads and even cutoff the volume.

Riwbox earphones give another incredible plan. The lights can streak alongside the music, ideal for engaging the youths. You can kill this on the off chance that you have to.

You can’t utilize the volume at more than 85 decibels. This secures the touchy knowing about kids. It’s an extraordinary security highlight that is an unquestionable requirement for kids.

They are remote yet work wired, as well.

The remote abilities are somewhat restricted. You may battle when the gadget is in excess of several feet away.

Additionally, the battery can deplete rapidly because of the lights.

Sound clearness in these earphones is tolerable. Most children are upbeat just to hear their game or most loved show, with the goal that’s not so much a worry. Safe listening is a need above sonic constancy, which bodes well given the class.

The Riwbox Kids Headphones are a decent arrangement of security cognizant jars for kids.

Lux Accessories Rose Gold Cat Ear Headphones

Lux Accessories Rose Gold Cat Ear Headphones Wire Frame Headset w Microphone
  • ANIFONES— Perfect gift choice for this holiday season! Present your kids and loved ones with a unique Christmas gift. Our new lightweight headset designs feature Bear, Cat, and a classic Spooky...
  • PERFECT GIFT FOR CHRISTMAS— Compatible with all 3.5MM audio jack smartphones and other devices, including full range of iPhones, iPads, iPods, Samsung Galaxy, Android devices, smartphones, MP3 and...
  • WIRED CAPABILITY— Great for iPhone 7, 7plus, 6, 6s, 6 plus, 6s plus, 5s, 5, iPod, iPad, compatible with Galaxy s7 7 edge, s6 6 edge, Huawei Mate 10, and Moto Nexus,LG Nokia,Blackberry phones
  • 30mm/47

A charming and increasingly unpretentious structure. These wire outline earphones look somewhat changed and moderate.

The structure of these earphones isn’t as ludicrous as of the other feline ear jars on this rundown. A wireframe gives a layout of the feline ear structure.

You can utilize these over-ear earphones in remote mode, with a Bluetooth 5.0 association.

An inbuilt receiver makes these useful for visiting and gaming. The sticker price is alluring, as well.

On the off chance that you aren’t cautious, the wire edge can twist when you are putting away them. No pad on the headband.

Blazing LEDs are excluded from the structure as these earphones have an increasingly essential look.

Sound lucidity is alright, particularly at the cost, however the amplifier and battery aren’t incredible. You may battle to address individuals through these jars.

The sound is a lot of what you ought to expect at the cost. It’s perhaps a little more clear than the modest cost proposes. In spite of the fact that not ultra high constancy, and coming up short on a piece in recurrence reaction and force, they’re fair enough for easygoing tuning in.

For an unobtrusive however adorable feline look, you can evaluate the Lux Accessories Cat Ear Headphones.


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