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Best Bluetooth Speaker for Poolside


Listening to good music from a quality speaker is a luxury everyone enjoys. The manufacturers of the Photive Hydra 2 portable waterproof Bluetooth speaker have yet again met our endless requirement by manufacturing yet another masterpiece Bluetooth speaker both in shell build and sound quality.

Whether you are travelling for a holiday or going out to a hot spot, packing up this speaker has been made easy due to its portable nature. This speaker can fit into a hand bag.

But is it really the best Bluetooth speaker for poolside? Let’s find out…

Design Of The Photive Hydra 2 Bluetooth Speaker

With a nice crisp sound filter to improve customer experience, this speaker has a sleek, unique design that sees it earn a 5-star campaign in online stores. Protected by a strong metal grill, the shell of this speaker is wrapped in a smooth grippy rubber making it soft on all sides with its assessor ports protected with a flexible round pop off cap.

The pop off cap is well fitted to protect the accessory ports in case this speaker is to be submerged in water. Its current IPX7 rating means it can withstand being exposed to water (it can be fully submerged in water without spoiling). This feature makes it one of the best bluetooth speakers for poolside (this little one from BassPal is great, too), especially regarding its price (not everybody can’t afford the JBL Flip 5!).

Unlike the last Photive Hydra product, this one houses two passive subwoofers that improves the bass sound in this speaker. This speaker pairs well with all Bluetooth devices and is very easy to use.

Still doubting over the integrity of this Bluetooth speaker? Here are the specifications as well as the features of this speaker.

Features of The Photive Hydra 2 Portable Waterproof  Bluetooth Speaker

Fully Waterproof (IPX7)

This speaker has been designed to give a good sound quality even when submerged in water making it one of the best portable Bluetooth speakers for poolside. Rated IP 66, this rating is given due to the waterproof, dustproof or shockproof nature of a speaker. Being built with this rating means it can withstand harsh conditions of dust and can fully be submerged in water without it getting spoilt. The build of this speaker ensures that such is well taken care of. No wonder most owners take them to beaches, pool sides and even showers. Magnificent right!

Good Sound With 10w Of Output Power

A loud speaker with an awesome sound quality is what you will get with this portable Bluetooth speaker. The presence of the two passive subwoofers improves the bass and sound quality. With a magnificent sound output power of 10 watts, this speaker produces louder sounds compared to other speakers. Most people are blown away by the loud quality sound with deep bass by this speakers giving its portable size.

Stylish Design

Like the sound quality of this device, the overall design does not fall short of expectation.

This waterproof device has an overall black colored rubber fabric is used to cover this speaker on all sides. This Bluetooth waterproof speaker despite its quality sound and other features is light and portable, measuring 8.3×4.2×4.1 inches. The Photive Hydra 2 portable waterproof Bluetooth speaker is designed to fit into every environment.

Rechargeable Batteries

Once fully charged, owners can enjoy up to 8 hours music time. Equipped with a lithium ion battery, these speakers can hold charge for long without a drop in sound quality.

Bluetooth Technology

Embedded in this magnificent speaker is Bluetooth 4.0 with a range of up to 34 feets away from the speaker.

This Bluetooth was designed to consume less power and is well compatible with all mobile devices. Just simply pair it with your device, and you are ready to hear music of good sound quality.

Pros and Cons

This product well obeys the rule of nature which states “for every advantage, there is a disadvantage.” Nevertheless, the pros outweigh the cons. This is a major focus on this design, so users enjoy their experience with these speakers:


  • Rubberized exteriors for strong grip
  • Lithium rechargeable batteries with up to 8 hours active time
  • Waterproof housing
  • Highly portable
  • Good sound quality with two passive subwoofers for bass


  • Due to the size of this speaker, the bass may often at times be also at the maximum volume, there may be sound distortion from the speakers (a common problem with portable bluetooth speakers)

The Photive Hydra 2 portable Bluetooth waterproof speaker is inarguably one of the best Bluetooth speaker for poolside and also one of the best Bluetooth speakers currently in the market.

This speaker is commonly known for its dark, sleek rubber designs and portable nature.

Regardless of its size, its packs a punch when it comes to quality sound and loudness.

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