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BassPal IPX7 Waterproof Shower Speaker

Enceinte de douche BassPal IPX7
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No, the BassPal IPX7 is not a toy! It looks funny like that with its round shape, big buttons and multicolored LEDs, but make no mistake about it, it’s a very powerful little speaker that you won’t be able to do without.

If you are on this site, it is because you can’t take your shower or bath without listening to some good (hopefully!) music. Good, that’s exactly what the BassPal IPX7 will allow you to do.

BassPal IPX7
1,023 Reviews
BassPal IPX7
  • IPX7 rating: Completely waterproof
  • Bluetooth 4.1
  • 5W output power
  • FM radio
  • Colorful leds
  • Scratchproof, dustproof, shockproof

Unpacking The BassPal IPX7

The box has a simple but effective design: black, with a drawing of the top of the device. The mention “IPX7” is indicated in large print: indeed, it is one of the strong points of the product, we will come back to this later.

But what do we find in this famous box? The BassPal IPX7  of course, with a USB cable and user manual. The unit is attached to a suction cup to place it anywhere in your shower.

Turning The BassPal IPX7 On

Once connected to a power source via the USB cable, the BassPal emits a red light, which means that it is charging. This light goes out once the charging is complete. A complete charging cycle takes 3 hours. The manufacturer announces an autonomy of 6 hours.

Bluetooth Connection

As you may have guessed, to have music to listen to, you have to pair the BassPal with a Bluetooth device. As the Bluetooth version is 4.1, it is immediately recognized by a smartphone or tablet once the Bluetooth function is activated thanks to the dedicated button on top (one of the 5 large buttons).

Normally, you should see the mention “F013” displayed on your mobile device (at least that’s what’s going on with me). Once selected, the BassPal  is immediately ready to play your music. The manufacturer announces a connection distance of 33 feet, which seems a little short if you want to use the speaker elsewhere than in the shower (at the pool, on the beach, or more simply to sound out a room in the house or apartment).

Small Size, Big Sound

The first thing that jumps to your ears is the quality of the sound: it is very present, and above all, the bass is there. To convince me, what could be better than listening to a good old funk song? The bass of Ladies Night by Kool & The Gang makes the little speaker vibrate. What a joy!

The “secret” of the BassPal IPX7 is simply that it uses an internal loudspeaker with a power of 5W, whereas most of its competitors are satisfied with 3W. As a result, the sound is really of good quality and you can even push the volume a little bit without distorting the sound too much. You won’t turn your bathroom into a concert hall, but you can still listen to your favorite metal tracks, even at high volume!

The BassPal IPX7 Fears Nothing!

We saw it when we unpacked: the box proudly displays the words “IPX7”. This barbaric acronym indicates the degree of protection of the device against aggression by a liquid element (water, so to speak…). The number 7 indicates that you can immerse the speaker in water to a depth of 1 meter for 30 minutes (don’t leave it at the bottom of your bath during the day either!). So you can splash it largely with the water from your shower, it will proudly continue to work! You can also let it float on the surface of your bath without any problem. Yes, yes, I also tried that!

But the BassPal IPX7 does not stop there: it is also dust and shock resistant! And its soft plastic design also makes it resistant to scratches. In short, it is almost invulnerable! On the other hand, it is not likely to fall to the ground: its suction cup keeps it firmly attached to the shower wall.

In this regard, if you would like to know more about IP certification, you can read the article on it on this page.

Very Easy To Use

All functions are accessible through the 5 buttons located on top of the BassPal: on/off, volume or previous/next track (a short press changes the track, a long press adjusts the volume), Bluetooth or radio mode, play/pause/stop. The playback button is also used to answer phone calls (thanks to the built-in microphone) with a short press, or to reject a call (long press) or to call back the last number dialed (by double pressing).

FM Radio

The BassPal also allows you to listen to the radio: to activate it, simply press the Bluetooth/radio button as described above. You can automatically search for stations: convenient because the BassPal IPX7  does not have a display!

To be perfectly honest, the radio is not the strong point of this shower speaker: the reception is not very good, many parasites disturb the listening. I guess it must depend a lot on where you are, but I realized when I went to check out the customer reviews on Amazon that many people were having the same problem. If you absolutely want to listen to the radio, it is better to invest in a dedicated device, equipped with a digital display.

A Nightclub In Your Shower!

Finally, a last specification that many will consider as a gadget: the BassPal IPX7 can emit pretty colors thanks to small LEDs located in the device. A long press on the ignition button allows you to choose the emitted color: blue, white, green or red. You can also alternate all the colors or simply turn everything off. Very useful if you shower at night during a power failure 🙂

The BassPal IPX7 : Waterproof - Scratchproof - Dustproof - Shockproof
The BassPal IPX7 : Waterproof – Scratchproof – Dustproof – Shockproof

Final Verdict

Very simple: in this price range (less than $30), it’s simply the best shower speaker I’ve ever tried. It has a very good price-quality ratio, a very good sound quality given its small size, a rather nice look and above all a solidity to all tests! The only downside is the FM radio, which is not of very good quality, but frankly, it’s more of a minor detail (at least for me, who only rarely listens to the radio, especially in the shower).

So I can only recommend the BassPal IPX7, especially since Amazon currently offers a very significant discount of 51% on it! To convince yourself of the quality of this speaker, you can read the many customer comments (more than 700) on the site. The BassPal has an overall rating of 3.8 out of 5 stars (40% are 5 stars).

Are you convinced? Feel free to leave me a little comment if you have any questions or to share your experience with the BassPal. I’d be happy to answer it!

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