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My Shower Speakers

AYL Portable Outdoor and Shower Bluetooth Speaker Review

AYL Portable Outdoor and Shower Bluetooth Speaker Review

AYL is a company that makes a variety of products including water resistant lanterns, tactical torches, Bluetooth headphones, and now portable waterproof shower speakers.

The AYL Portable Outdoor and Shower Bluetooth Speaker is a commendable little speaker that can hold its own. It lacks a bit on the bass but is sufficient for the purpose of portability.


  • 5-watt audio compared to competitions’ 3-watt drivers
  • Roughly measuring 3.5 by 3.75 by 1.93 inches
  • Bluetooth 4.0 technology for universal compatibility
  • 10-33 ft. range
  • 12 hours of continuous music, at 80% volume
  • 3 hours charging time
  • IPX5


  • IPX Rating

An IPX5 rating means that the device can withstand a water volume of 12.5 liters per minute and a pressure of 30kPa at a distance of three meters.

This should be a standard for any waterproof speaker that would be used for the shower. The speaker can be accidentally dropped in a five feet pool and still survive.

  • Sound

Wherever you are, be it in the shower, the beach, or the mountain, this speaker will serve you well. This speaker price may be cheap, but it doesn’t cheap out on its sound. It promises to deliver crisp and good sounding bass anywhere and everywhere.

  • Battery Life

A light in the color of blue flashes when turning on the device. Plugging your speakers to the wall, outlet or USB port will show up a red light indicating that the device is charging. A green light will indicate the device is already full and should be removed from the outlet or USB port.

The battery is one of its selling points. For just three hours of charging time, you can enjoy music continuously at 80% volume for up to 12 hours. On testing, it lasts for about 8-10 hours, which is not bad considering that you are playing music at a high setting.

  • Pairing

This speaker comes with Bluetooth 4.0 technology. As such, connecting to a variety of devices, such as an iPhone, Android or any Bluetooth enabled device is very easy. Pairing is a no brainer. Just turn on the Bluetooth on your smartphone, tablet or computer and connect with SoundFit.

  • Special Features

Hear the bass, the piano, the guitar and all the other goodies that you can only hear from a good speaker. Not many speakers can boast to you that you can hear the most hidden, soft and silent music in the background of a song.

Even though it is a budget speaker, its 5W audio is enough for you to hear the minute details of a song, the way it was meant to be heard.

There is a little bag included with the speaker. A strap is also available so you can attach or use it on other things such as your bike. It can also be considered as a 3 in 1 speaker because it can do hands-free calling while being connected to two others.

Buttons and switches all have a lifespan. It is good to know that this speaker has separate buttons for the play/pause and volumes up/down, preventing the fast wear and tear that some other speakers and gadgets experience.

  • Warranty

It comes with a three year warranty from date of purchase from the seller. Although, if you read the specifications, the manufacturer seems to be providing a lifetime warranty which is a good sign of trust.


This speaker is very good for audio but pretty bad for audiobooks. So if you love audiobooks, then this is a bad product for you.

As usual, it has a range problem. Even though it says it is rated for 33 ft. of operation, it is usually best to operate your device and the speaker in closer proximity. Turning on the device also creates a huge noise, which can get annoying really fast.


Getting 4.5 out of 5 stars with about 2,051 positive Amazon reviews out of a total of 2,268 reviews is a great feat. It shows how many users have actually purchased the product, and how many users actually loved it.

Although primarily marketed as a shower Bluetooth, it can also function as a portable outdoor speaker because of its durable build and IPX5 rating.

AYL Portable Outdoor and Shower Bluetooth Speaker is worth more than its asking price, but no one really should complain since you get a good shower speaker that functions as a portable speaker while not costing that much.

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