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Avantree SP950 Mini Bluetooth Shower Speaker

Shower Head

Avantree is a company specializing in Bluetooth adapters, Bluetooth headsets, Bluetooth speakers, Bluetooth car kits, mobile accessories like power chargers and cables. It is owned by Avantronics, a chinese company that manufactures accessories for mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets.

They sell several Bluetooth speakers, but the SP950 Bluetooth Shower Speaker is the only shower speaker in their catalog.

This speaker is not only a good choice for singing in the shower. It is also perfectly suitable for bath or even outdoor use. Listen to music in your bath, shower, pool or even on the beach comes true with this Bluetooth speaker! IPX6 certified and a waterproof design, it will perfectly meet all your outdoor musical activities needs.

Inside the Box

You’ll find the speaker, a user guide and a micro-Usb cable.

To be easily transported and hung everywhere, the Avantree SP950 comes with a strap.

Controls and Connections

On the top of the device are 4 buttons: volume increase/decrease, play/pause and a switch between Bluetooth and SD card, as well as the on/off button.

At the rear, a small hatch hides the connectors: a micro Usb port and a micro SD card slot. You’ll also find a reset button.

Great Sound Despite Its Size

The Avantree SP950 has only 3 watts of power but a quite powerful sound, with some bass and not to much distortion. Don’t push the volume at its maximum though, remember there are only 3W inside this little box!

If you use the SP950 outdoors, do not go too far: the sound can fill a room, but no more. On the other hand, you can use it without any problem while biking: on the handle, you will hear the sound clearly.

IPX6 Certification

This shower speaker is not fully waterproof: it is rated IPX6, which means that it can support strong jets of water from all directions. So we can say that it is water-resistant. For a full explanation of the IPX rating system, read our complete article here.

Portable and Lightweight

Its small size (3.15 x 3.15 x 1.46 inches), its lightness (0.44 lb) and its handle belt make it very easy to carry everywhere.

Good Autonomy and Good Bluetooth Range

Fed up with devices that need to be recharged frequently? No worries ! This speaker has an autonomy of nearly 10 hours (at 60% of the volume), thanks to its 800mAh built-in battery.

The pairing process is very simple: just press and hold the power button for 2 seconds to turn the speaker on. It will emit a brief tone and the blue Led will flash quickly. Just active the Bluetooth on your mobile device and select “Avantree SP950”. The speaker will emit a tone and the blue Led will stay on blue.


  • Small size, lightweight
  • 10 hours playtime
  • SD card
  • Good sound despite its 3W power
  • Handle belt to hang it everywhere


  • Commonplace design
  • Annoying warnings when battery needs to be charged

Final Thoughts

If you consider all the criteria to remember to choose the right speaker, and more generally a Bluetooth speaker, it is clear that the Avantree SP950 fill them all: light, small, a sound more than correct, a very good autonomy…

All these qualities make this shower speaker an ideal companion that you will take everywhere: hiking, swimming, on a boat, on your bike or motorbike …

You do not even need a Bluetooth connection to use it: put your favorite music on a micro SD card and go for a trek on the Himalaya without any problem!

In fact, the only small flaw that can be found in this speaker is its design, very commonplace and without any originality. But is it so important, judging by all its qualities?

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