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Best Solar Powered Bluetooth Speakers

To change the way we live into a far more alternative model has been just about the most crucial jobs we have undertaken during the last couple of years. Non-renewable fuels both pollute and will not last forever. You will find easy ways we are able to fix the issue[…]

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Marshall Speaker

Best Retro Bluetooth Speakers

In this review we are going over several of the very best retro Bluetooth speaker devices available. Nowadays it appears as sound engineering developments each day, but type that is fresh never gets old. There is no question the retro Bluetooth speaker trend is actually picking up steam. But remember,[…]

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Pretty Woman Taking a Shower

Kinps SoundCircular Bluetooth Speaker

Kinps is a small company specializing in audio cables and powerbanks. They have recently produced a small Bluetooth speaker with many qualities. Of course you can use it as a shower speaker, but it is much more than that… Unboxing the SoundCircular The box is really great-looking, which makes a[…]

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Woman Singing

Tikaton Musician Noise Reduction Ear Plugs Review

If you are a musician or like to go to concerts, you probably like music when it is played at full volume! I can’t blame you, I’m in the same situation! Be careful though: listening to music too loud for a long time can cause irreversible damage to your ears.[…]

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Water Splash

IPX4 Rating Explained

If you’re reading this page, it’s because you want to know which shower speaker is best for you, right? Of all the criteria to be taken into account, one of the most important is the protection against water. This seems logical for a device intended for use in a wet[…]

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Water Splashes

IP68 Rating Explained

More and more gadgets are IP67 or IP68 affirmed. In any case, what this rating truly implies? Simply read on to discover… The IP Certification System IP is the name of the standard that was drawn up by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) to decide how safe an electrical gadget[…]

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How to Charge Shower Speaker

Why Listening to Music While Showering Is Good for You

Listening to music is a completely pleasurable activity that relaxes our body and transmits enormous pleasure to our brain. One of the best moments to devote to listening to music, whatever the style of your liking, is during the shower, since at that moment we are completely dedicated to pampering[…]

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AYL Portable Outdoor and Shower Bluetooth Speaker Review

AYL SoundFit Portable Outdoor and Shower Speaker Review

AYL is a company that makes a variety of products including water resistant lanterns, tactical torches, Bluetooth headphones, and now portable waterproof shower speakers. The is a commendable little speaker that can hold its own. It lacks a bit on the bass but is sufficient for the purpose of portability.[…]

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Have More Fun in Your Shower with these 9 Funny Bluetooth Speakers

Taking a shower is part of our daily routine (well, I hope so…). Why not make it a funny and pleasant moment? This selection of funny Bluetooth speakers will bring a little happiness to start your day… Aomais Emoji Fun Bluetooth Speaker Already responsible for the excellent Aomais Ball speaker,[…]

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AOWOTO Ultrathin Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Review

The Best Shower Speakers for 2020 [October 2019 Update]

Don’t be ashamed, everyone sings in the shower! In addition, studies have shown that this is good for your health… Here is a selection of the best shower speakers, so that this morning routine becomes unforgettable. You can also read our complete guide to help you choose your next shower[…]

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