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For most people, the time they spend in the shower is a time of maximum relaxation, as it allows them to pamper their body in the tranquility of the bathroom, without interruptions of any kind, being able to spend the time they want under the shower.

Now think of a device that allows you to enjoy your favorite music at home, while also relaxing underwater. This is exactly what a shower speaker will allow you to do!

Shower speakers come in a variety of shapes: they can be a perfect match for your interior, or they can add a touch of fun to it.

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Shower Speakers Reviews

Of course, it’s our bread and butter. Among the tests we have carried out, we have chosen these shower speakers in particular:

We also made a complete buying guide for shower speakers, as well as a selection of the best models.

Bluetooth Speakers and Bluetooth Headphones Reviews

We also publish selections of Bluetooth speakers and headphones for different uses:

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You will also find more general information articles on issues related to Bluetooth speakers:

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  1. I did not know that these were an actual thing. Till my daughter mentioned it to me the other day. She wants me to buy her one. So I like any good parent should. I went and got on the internet and started looking and reading reviews for a shower speaker. I’m so glad I did and my daughter is too. She says thank you because without this review she may not have gotten her shower speaker any time soon.

    1. I’m glad that my site was helpful to you James! I hope your daughter will be very pleased with her new shower speaker!

  2. Very Precise and Detailed information and I can tell you that I thought of my brother right away. Even though he’s in his 50’s I can remember him as a teen singing and singing in the shower, talking in the shower, etc. I might have to get him one for the holidays. Thanks for sharing your site with the world.

  3. Music is an essential part of our lives. We love it so much that we want to bring it anywhere even in the shower. That’s the good thing about portable speakers. Whether you try one listed on this article or not, just make sure it’ll satisfy you. And most importing thing is a good wireless audio performance.

  4. Hi David!

    Great resource you’ve put together here. I bought two sets of Bluetooth speakers a while back – one for the shower and one for my office and they’re extremely convenient. Especially as I’m constantly switching from playing music from my phone and computer.

    Wish I would have found this website back then, as now I’m wondering if I could’ve gotten something better for the price I paid. I’ll definitely return in the future in any case!

    1. Thanks James for your kind comment. Indeed, shower speakers are must-have devices for those like us who want to enjoy music everywhere!

  5. So I got the Hromen speaker, the second in the list and I am loving it. I used to carry my phone in the shower and it’s nothing close to this speaker since it’s also waterproof, so no risk at all. Thanks for your well researched recommendations.